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The perfect hairline can be hard to get, and sometimes you need a little help creating one. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best shapes up haircuts, as well as tips on how to edge up (don’t worry if you’re confused right now, all will be explained) and what style will work best for your hair type.

Pompadour Line up Haircut

The pompadour is a popular cut and a staple ‘mod cut’ that’s gone through various transformations over the years. You can easily tailor the pompadour to your liking, shaving the sides to a short buzz or growing them out a little longer, and keeping the top short and sweeping or long and voluminous. With all the variations around, it makes sense that there’s a number of line up pompadours.

The clean edge shaved into the hairline adds a crisp finish to the cut and can easily be blended into a beard lineup, creating a subtle connection that helps define the shape of the face. As you can see below, you don’t have to make the line up particularly strong, and even a simple line can clean up the haircut. Fade haircuts with a line cut automatically provide a less structured look, with the fade helping to soften the overall style.

Crew Cut Line Up Haircut

Probably the most common edge cut hairstyle, and one that shows how customizable a line up can be. Many guys really show off their creativity, adding in simple sharp lines as well as unique shapes like curves that smooth around the back of the head and geometric lines.

If you want something a little different, but you’re not ready for anything too bold, why not try out a double line up haircut? This is basically a second line up that frames the original one, creating a subtle yet unique style that shouldn’t be too hard for your barber to create. If you’re wondering how to line up your beard with this style you might want to opt for a subtle fade out from the hairline then gradually rejoin with the beard further down.

Curly Line-Up Haircut

The striking contrast between thick curls and a clean hairline is something that adds a stylish edge to a look and works with a whole range of hair textures. You can keep the edge simple and let your curls take center stage, or add in added details to create a more vivid style.

For a geometric style, you can go for a three-line haircut design, where, as you might have imagined, your shave in three small lines to complement the sharp edge of your hairline. If you’re unsure how to cut lines in your hair, don’t risk it, or get your friend to do it, just spend the money and go to a barber.

These lines have to be dead straight to look good, and like with trying to fade your own hair, it’s just a better idea to get a professional to do the job. If you’re going for a particularly clean-cut hairline then it’s likely your barber will use a hairline spray to help him get the line sharp. This might leave a temporary white residue along the edge of the line, so don’t be worried if that’s something you see straight after your cut.

Side Parting Line up Haircut

Cool hairstyles for short hair come in many shapes and sizes. You can spike up your hair, smooth it down, slick it back, and add in a side parting. The latter is something that, admittedly, can go both ways, either adding a stylish twist to a haircut or giving it too much of a formal structure. Cutting in a side parting adds a strong definition to the cut, but also works well with a neatly shaped hairline, giving you a creative, geometric style.

You can go for a classic cut with a strong side parting and simple square edge, or add in some double lines or intricate patterns to add a little more interest to the cut. Make it as minimal or striking as you want, creating strong lines or more subtle edges depending on your preference.

Man Bun Fade Line up Haircut

Admittedly not everyone’s favorite cut, and something that requires a certain amount of confidence and style to pull off. The man bun fade is basically a top knot with shaved sides all the way around the head, and whether you go for a soft gradual fade or keep things fairly blunt a lineup hairline is the perfect accompaniment. It’s an

It’s an awesome hairstyle if you’re looking for something a little different that can be customized to your liking. The best hairline up for this cut would be something fairly simple so as not to detract or compete with the striking style. Anything too over the top is just going to create an overly busy finish and make it hard for you to style your hair in a more neutral look.

5 Sleek Clean Line Up Haircuts

  • Pompadour Line Up Haircut – Short, shaped sides with a long top.
  • Crew Cut Line Up Haircut – Short hair with strong geometric edges.
  • Curly Line-Up Haircut – Waves with a contrasting edge.
  • Side Parting Line up Haircut – Shaved in a side parting with a strong edge.
  • Man Bun Fade Line up Haircut – Subtle hair lineup with the bold hairstyle.

On That Note

If you like the idea of getting a lineup cut, just remember that these are barbering hairstyles rather than DIY men’s haircuts, which means you really need a professional doing the job to get the best result. Still, just because these haircuts require a precise hand doesn’t mean you can’t get a subtle, less intense cut, defining your hairline without overdoing it. If you’re thinking of changing up your hair with a lineup cut, focus on the texture and growth of your hair, as well as the overall style you want to go for, before committing to a cut. There are more styles than you might think that can work for you.

If you’re thinking of changing up your hair with a lineup cut, focus on the texture and growth of your hair, as well as the overall style you want to go for, before committing to a cut. There are more styles than you might think that can work for you.

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