50+ Inspiring Staircase Designs for Modern Home Interiors

A staircase plays an essential role in a home’s interior design. A nice layout can become a focal point or poorly designed stairs can completely ruin the interiors. So it is not appropriate to neglect the potential of a good staircase design. With increasing technological advancements, architects can make anything a reality and you will see what we mean as you scroll down into the article.

Whether you want a swirling staircase made of wood or glass or a large contraption done in concrete; anything is possible you just have to decide the material and design to suit your needs and budget. So, instead of repenting on your decision of installing an unpleasant staircase later, spend some time scrolling through our list of modern staircase designs to find inspiration for the one suitable for your dream home.

Wooden staircase with hidden handrail lighting by Fraher Architects

wooden staircase with hidden handrail lighting by fraher architects

Image: Jack Hobhouse/Fraher Architects

Straight space-saving staircase with wall handrail by TBS Schmidt

straight wooden staircase

Image: TBS Schmidt

Mistral wood and structural glass stairs by Siller

mistral wood and structural glass stairs by siller

Image: Siller Stairs

Iconic helical staircase by Oscar Niemeyer without central support and balustrades

30 staircase by emvisual

Image: Paul Clemence/Oscar Niemeyer

Angular steel and wood staircase in The Escher House, Canada renovated by Naturehumaine

angular steel and wood staircase in the escher house, canada renovated by naturehumaine

Image: Ronan Mézière/Beta Ø Architects

Small space saving staircase by Rintal

small space saving staircase by rintal

Image: Rintal

BC.04 self-supporting spiral staircase with treads in tray-shaped sheet metal with wood chip filling by Bonansea Scale

  spiral staircase by bonansea

Image: Bonansea Scale

Unique stairs by Diapo with UV bonded glass treads add transparency and lightness to the space

glass stairs by diapo

Image: Diapo

Concorde staircase in self-bearing wood with spine-like design and glass balustrade

self-bearing concorde staircase by marretti

Image: Marretti

The camouflaged staircase by Craft Design functions as shelving unit

camouflaged staircase

Image: Armando Elias/Craft Design

Wine cellar in staircase by Murray Berrill Constructions

wine cellar in staircase by murray berrill constructions

Image: Murray Berrill Constructions

Modern steel staircase with wall-mount sturdy metal brackets to support steps

modern steel staircase by oyo

Image: Tom Janssens/Open Y Office

Etika helix-shaped architectural staircase by Sandrini Scale

etika metal spiral staircase by sandrini scale

Image: Sandrini Scale

Etika helix-shaped architectural staircase by Sandrini Scale

extravagant staircase by bonansea scale

Image: Bonansea Scale

extravagant staircase by bonansea scale

Image: Bonansea Scale

Spiral staircase lined with bookcases by Manuel Maia Gomes

spiral staircase by manuel maia gomes

Image: Fernando Guerra / Manuel Maia Gomes

Circular staircase with glass railing by Damian Cyryl Kotwicki

spiral staircase by damian cyryl kotwicki

Image: Damian Cyryl Kotwicki

A suspended staircase made from red perforated steel by Diapo

red steel staircase by diapo

Image: Diapo

Curved staircase with digitally cut sheets of MDF and oak by Atmos Studio

curved staircase by atmos studio

Image: Atmos Studio

1m2 staircase with column-and-handrail for small spaces by EeStairs

red wood spiral staircase

Image: EeStairs

Staircase with column wrapped in books by DHD Architecture & Interior Design

staircase with column wrapped in books

Image: David Ayash/DHD Architecture & Interior Design

Folio conceptual spiral staircase design with steps made from folds of fiberglass by Disguincio & Co

folio staircase

Image: Disguincio & Co

The Living Staircase topped with a herb garden by Paul Cocksedge Studio

spiral staircase by paul cocksedge studio

Image: Paul Cocksedge Studio

Spiral helix-shaped staircase with built-in lights by Rizzi Scale

helical staircase by rizzi scale

Image: Rizzi Scale

TSE 510 staircase with LED lighting in glass treads by EeStairs

tse 510 staircase

Image: EeStairs

Aqua staircase features an aquarium-like water channel in the middle. Designed by Siller Stairs

aqua staircase with aquarium

Image: Siller Stairs

Inspired by the spine of a whale, Vertebrae black staircase concept by Andrew McConnell

vertebrae staircase by andrew mcconnell

Image: Andrew McConnell

Floating glass steps with LED lights by Trescalini

floating glass steps with led lights

Image: Trescalini

Cantilevered steel and glass staircase with wing-shaped, folded steel treads by INC Architecture & Design

glass stairs with lighting

Image: INC Architecture & Design/Caliper Fabrications

Wavy staircase in a balanced swirl of rainbow colors by Tetrarc Architects

staircase by tetrarc architects

Image: Tetrarc Architects

Spiral staircase made of wooden blocks by Lucjan Kuc from QC Studio

spiral wooden stair by lucjan kuc, qc architects new pic

Image: QC Studio

Spiral staircase made of fallen cedar tree by Urbana Design Studio

spiral staircase made from fallen cedar tree

Image: Santa Cruz Design + Build

Creative staircase with slide and integrated bookshelf and multiuse storage box by Yestudio

spiral staircase made of fallen cedar tree by yestudio

Image: Clivelan / Yestudio

Farris Architects has integrated an office into a staircase made from stacked wooden beams

staircase by studio farris

Image: Studio Farris

Curvy concrete staircase by Kazunori Fujimoto

concrete staircase by kazunori fujimoto architect & associates

Image: Kazunori Fujimoto

Staircase with circular slide by Rodney Miller

wooden staircase with a slide

Image: Rodney Miller

Twisted staircase with wooden planks and black railings by YYDG Interior

spiral staircase by yydg

Image: YYDG Interior

Contemporary orange stairs leading to three floors by Martin Dulanto

fluorescent orange stairs by martin dulanto

Image: Juan Solano / Martin Dulanto

Stylishly black metal staircase spiraling up to mezzanine by Alan Chu

metal staircase by architect alan chu

Image: Djan Chu/Alan Chu

Wood carved staircase with tree branch railings in Oregon home

wood carved staircase with tree branch railings

Image: Zillow

Stairs made of wood slats in Edificio BIP office building by architect Alberto Mozó

reclaimed wood staircase

Image: Cristobal Palma/Alberto Mozo

Eccentrically-helical stairs by Belzberg Architects

eccentrically-helical stairs by belzberg architects

Image: Bruce Damonte/Belzberg Architects

Bright Yellow Stairs with built-in storage by Spotless Architecture

bright yellow stairs with built-in storage by spotless architecture

Image: Yannick Milpas/Spotless Architecture

Industrial style staircase in wood and metal by Giles Pike Architects

industrial staircase

Image: Giles Pike Architects

Simple and elegant spiral wood staircase by CLB Architects

flowing spiral wood staircase

Image: CLB Architects

3D perforated copper staircase by Arup for Villa Mallorca

three-dimensional, perforated copper staircase by arup

Image: arup

Spiraling staircase with lights by PSLAB and architect Bernard Khoury

piraling staircase with integrated lighting

Image: .PSLAB

Metal stairs mimicking a rippling ribbon by HSH Architects

ribbon staircase by hsh architects

Image: HSH Architects

Cantilevered metal staircase with recessed handrail on the wall by studioata

cantilevered metal staircase with recessed handrail on wall by studioata

Image: studioata

Wrought iron staircase by Guido Ciompi for The Gray Hotel in Milan, Italy

void wrought iron staircase by guido ciompi for the gray hotel in milan, italy

Image: Guido Ciompi

Emmental stairs featuring cheese-inspired handrails by Biljana Jovanovic

emmental stairs featuring cheese-inspired handrails by biljana jovanovic

Image: Gerardo Altemir / Biljana Jovanovic

Iron laced staircase by Gestion Rene Desjardins

iron lace staircase by gestion rene desjardins

Image: Rene Desjardins Management

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