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Hipster haircuts are one of those things that you either hate, or you pretend to hate but secretly kind of like. Despite the occasional contempt for them, hipsters and their haircuts should be recognised for their bold and unique style. In this guide, we’ll go through some of the best hipster hairstyles and haircuts that you can try out, whether you’re a fan of the intellectual coffee drinker look or not.

6 Popular Men’s Hipster Hairstyles

#1: The Man Bun

The man bun haircut, while…technically not a haircut, is something that can’t be separated from hipster guys. Like stylish beards and organic coffee beans, it seems to be part of their identity. While it’s got a decent amount of hate, especially the man bun fade (which is essentially a small top knot with shaved sides), when it’s done right the man bun can actually look pretty good.

Although there aren’t any set rules on how to pull off a man bun, there’s a general idea that anything too neat won’t provide the best result. You want to look like you’ve put no effort into this look, embracing the textured, controlled messy style that still provides the right amount of hold. If you’ve got thin or straight hair, use a light wax to add some dimension, and if you want to create a more striking look, add in a subtle undercut at the back of your head.


#2: Long Tousled Hair

This is both the easiest and the hardest of men’s hipster haircuts to pull off. In terms of styling, you literally just let your hair hang down, but to have it looking its best – there’s still a bit of work required. If you’ve got naturally wavy or straight hair that doesn’t frizz and is fairly well behaved, then you don’t have much to worry about, but if you’re a hipster with curly hair that likes to do its own thing, the right products are vital.


Start with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair hydrated, and after your shower, when your hair is towel dried, add a few drops of hair oil to the ends. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, but if you want the best results, go for something like argan oil, which will help replenish moisture to your hair.  As you’re using a lot of product it’s a good idea to use a good clarifying shampoo every two weeks or so, just to get rid of build up and prevent a flaky or greasy scalp.


#3: Long and Short Dreads

While hipster men clearly didn’t invent dreads, and the hairstyle is popular regardless, it’s something that some hipsters have adopted as one of their own regardless. However, it’s one of those cool hair cuts for men that can look terrible if you get it wrong. There’s the controlled approach, which involves dread wax, a residue free shampoo, a comb and hair ties, and there’s the neglected approach, where you simply leave your hair to fester until it curls itself into dreaded knots…which you then don’t wash.

The latter is what a lot of people think of when dreads come to mind, and dreads like this should always, always be avoided. Hipster dreads are created properly, washed regularly and styled in a variety of ways. You can have them long and coloured, styled with a side part and an undercut fade, or kept short and simple.


#4: The Pompadour

For a classic 1950s haircut that’s got a whole load of modern variations, why not try our much-loved pompadour? This hipster fade haircuts keeps things simple at the sides and adds volume in the middle, leaving you with a cut that’s both sleek and modern. If you’ve got thick hair and prefer simple styling, try a modern pompadour with neat faded sides – want something a little more defined? Opt for an undercut pompadour for sharper definition. This is a great hairstyle for guys with short hair who don’t want to go for anything too extreme but still want a stylish edge to their cut.


If you want to go for a statement look, then let your sides grow out a little and opt for a more traditional style pompadour that’s shaped more with product rather than the cut. A pomade or wax should be enough to keep your hair in place, and a good burst of hairspray will slick down any flyaways. Because of it’s neat, almost tailored look it’s a men’s hairstyle that works great with a full beard, creating a nice little contrast in lengths.


#5: The Stylishly Dishevelled

So we’ve shown you some haircuts that require a fair amount of smoothing, styling, and moisturising. It’s a good thing that not all male hipsters want to spend hours sorting out their hair, and they’ve found a way to make the messy look work. Now, we’d be lying to you if we said that there’s no styling required at all, but compared to most men’s hipster hairstyles, it’s a walk in the park.

If your hair curls when it gets past a certain length, grow it to that length and use something like a mousse to accentuate those curls. If your hair is fairly thin and straight, keep it short, or try out an asymmetrical haircut, using a lightweight wax to give it a messy finish. Have a chat with your barber and see what style you can come up with, using some of these men’s short hairstyles for inspiration.


#6: The Undercut with Fringe

An undercut is a common enough cut, but add in some hipster bangs and you’ve got yourself a hairstyle that’s a little more unique. It’s one of the short hipster haircuts that’s transcended styles, and although it seems fairly rigid, it’s actually a cut that can be personalised a fair amount. You can opt for a straight blunt fringe that contrasts heavily against closely shaved sides, or grow out your fringe and try a textured, messy look.

Whether you’ve got straight or curly hair this is a hipster haircut for guys that can work for all types. On top of that you’ve only got to style a small portion of hair, so as long as your sides are kept shaved and neat, it’s not too hard to manage this cut. This haircut with a beard might not work too well, so have a think about what you’d rather focus on, your head fuzz or your chin fuzz, and decide between the two.


6 Hipster Haircuts

  • The Man Bun – Don’t make it too neat. Embrace the textured look.
  • Long Tousled Hair – Add in a light wax to add dimension to fine hair.
  • Long and Short Dreads – Never create through the neglect method
  • The Pompadour – Smooth out with a good wax.
  • The Stylishly Dishevelled – Use a pomade to keep things messy
  • The Undercut with Fringe – Make the fringe the main focus.

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On That Note

So there you have it, some of the top hairstyles hipster men have perfected over the years. We’ve avoided the ducktail hairstyles and matted dreads, and stuck to the things the stylish men have got right. If you’ve been wondering how to get hipster hair that suits you best, hopefully, some of these styles have given you a few ideas.

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