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When it comes to haircuts, black men have plenty of options to choose from. You can experiment with different lengths and textures, however, some hairstyles are definitely more elaborate than others. Here’s our guide to some of the best haircuts for black men.

Short Men’s Black Hairstyles for Men

Short Buzzcut

If you’re more inclined towards business hairstyles for men, you can always go for a relatively short buzzcut. It’s easy to maintain and it’s probably one of the more put-together styles. It’ll go down well with a nicely tailored suit, plus, there’s the advantage that it’ll always look good regardless of your face shape. The shorter you keep your hair, the less maintenance is required. If you have a busy schedule, this haircut is perfect for you.

short buzzcut
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Short and Wavy

While relatively similar to the buzzcut in length, a short and wavy style differentiates itself with a uniquely texturised look. When it comes to black haircuts for men, you can add a bit of depth to the finish with some waves while still maintaining the polished appearance suitable for a workplace. The natural texture of black hair lends itself well to this style as well as is relatively low maintenance.

short and wavy
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Men’s Flat Top Haircut

Arguably one of the best black guys’ haircuts out there, a flat top haircut on black men has a vintage feel as well as being a recurrent modern hit that’s unlikely to ever go out of fashion. This hairstyle is perfect if you have strong and thick hair that will support the flat top shape, all you need to do is keep your hair flattened and go as high or low as you want.

To personalise the look, you can always customise your haircut by adding shaved designs to the sides. Whether you decide to opt for graphic shaved cuts, like some of the styles below, or you keep things relatively subdued, the flat top haircut for black men is easily one of the most iconic black men’s haircut styles.

men's flat top haircut
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Long Black Hairstyles for Men

Miguel Haircut

This haircut takes its name after American hip-hop and funk artist Miguel Jontel Pimentel, popularly known as Miguel. He famously put a spin on the classic curly pompadour by including buzzed sides and keeping the hair at the back quite short. Here, it’s all about volume and height – that being said, you can also choose to add more definition to your curls and create a more interesting texture.

miguel haircut
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Long Undercut

If you’ve been wanting to grow out your hair for a while, this is the right haircut to experiment with. Let your hair go wild and ask your barber of choice for an undercut with a fade at the bottom and temples if you wish.

That way, you’ll keep the length at the top with your curly locks – while maintaining a predominantly easy-to-maintain finish. Without a doubt, this is one of the best black male haircuts for the guy looking to keep maintenance to a minimum.

long undercut
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Afro-Textured Hair

Also known as kinky hair, this specific type of curly hair needs special care, however, its texture will allow you to play around with different hairstyles. These tight curls can be tricky to maintain but with the right tricks, there isn’t a mane you can’t tame. In this case, your hair strands can be easy to break so it’s crucial that you use a conditioner every time you wash your hair. This is definitely the most natural look no matter what length you choose to go for.

afro-textured hair
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Hair Growth for Black Men

Even though growing hair is quite natural, it can be difficult to achieve the desired length and consistency. For that reason, it’s important to know the essential steps to grow and maintain healthy hair. In this case, there are a few factors to keep an eye on:

  • It all starts with a balanced diet rich in vitamins and even taking supplements to encourage hair growth.
  • The next step is investing in oils that can be applied overnight so that they can penetrate and moisturise your scalp. Oils will balance your hair pH, protect it against the damage of UV rays and prevent it from splitting.
  • Having a consistent haircare routine will definitely help you achieve the results you desire, much like skin, hair doesn’t take well to consistently interchanging products.
haircuts for black men
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Is there a Perfect Hairline for Black Men?

If you’re asking yourself “what hairstyle suits me?”, there are a few things for you to consider. If you’re wondering how to choose a haircut, make sure you pick one that suits your face shape. Also, your hairline will determine how the chosen haircut is going to look on you.

Line-up or shape-up haircuts are extremely popular and they feature a perfectly trimmed and straight hairline. This also means that you can combine this extremely groomed hairline with any specific haircut you want to try out. However, if you have a receding hairline, go for a close cut as it will blend the edges of your hairline. Check out our gallery for a combination of line-up haircuts with a range of hairstyles.

Popular Haircuts for Black Men

  • Short Buzzcut: professional and no-nonsense.
  • Short and Wavy: easy to maintain but with texturised effect.
  • Flat Top: 90s vintage hairstyle gem.
  • Miguel Haircut: curly or wavy pompadour.
  • Long Undercut: grown-out hair with faded undercut at the bottom.
  • Afro-Textured/Kinky Hair: the most natural of hairstyles.

On That Note

Whether you’re looking for classic hairstyles or you wish to go with something more creative, there are plenty of good haircuts for black guys out there. There’s an endless range of men’s professional haircuts for you to choose from whether you have straight or wavy hair. Don’t forget to have a solid haircare routine in place to get the best out of your hair!

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