60 Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs for 2022

Cute And Spooky Halloween Nails


Many look forward to Halloween because it is a fun and expressive celebration. Every year, Oct. 31, is a time for people to express their individuality with their outfits or costumes and enjoy a night of merriment. This year, you can also get into the Halloween spirit with a cute or spooky manicure. There are many options to choose from, whether you prefer detailed Halloween nail art that makes a statement and demands attention or something simple like a tiny pumpkin or a monochromatic color scheme. If you are looking to be inspired, look no further because we have many spooky Halloween nail designs that are easy to copy.


1. Easy Halloween Nails

Halloween is one of the most exciting times because you can transform yourself into whatever you want. For many people, this is a fun and expressive day, but it is not just your choice of costume that can make a statement, but also your nails. Halloween nails can be created in many ways, making it easy to find a style that suits your preference. From detailed artwork to a simple color combination that is easy to create yourself. For an effortlessly chic look this year, why not paint your nails a daring black and orange combination? You can also try color blocking or a modern approach to the French manicure by ditching the classic colors for a more Halloween-approved look.


Easy Halloween Nails


2. Cute Halloween Nails

Cute nail art can be anything that appeals to you but is often created with a combination of adorable spooky-inspired nail art. Friendly ghosts and pumpkins are great choices, or you can opt for witches, bats, stars, moons, and skeletons. The great thing about the Halloween theme is there is so much versatility, whether you want your manicure to be spooky or expressive. You can also stick to the classic color schemes, including whites, oranges, and blacks, or try something different, incorporating your favorite shade of pink or blue into your look. Let your creativity guide you and have fun.


Cute Halloween Nails


3. Simple Halloween Nails

Halloween nails are stylish and fun and can be created in detail or kept simple. The minimalistic approach is great for those who prefer a more laid-back and wearable approach to nail art. You can create this manicure by focusing on solid blocks of color and painting each fingernail a different shade. Or you could keep the artwork on a feature nail so that your manicure is cute but not over the top. Cobwebs, tiny ghosts, and little pumpkins are all great choices to help you achieve the perfect Halloween look. You also want to focus on simple shapes like square or rounded nails. Keep them shorter so that they are low-maintenance.


Simple Halloween Nails


4. Cool Halloween Nails

If you are looking for cool nail art that will stand out or become a conversation starter, look no further. The Halloween theme gives you versatility with how you create your looks, including the colors and artwork you incorporate. Cool designs could be bold and bright, but the more effortless and understated looks are often more appealing. This could include a unique twist on the French manicure by creating ghost or pumpkin artwork on the tip of the nail. Paint the rest of the fingernail with a clear or solid base coat to let the focus be on the nail art.


Cool Halloween Nails


5. Fun Halloween Nails

Fun nail art should let you get creative and think outside the box with the designs for your manicure. Try to combine multiple images and colors to reflect your thoughts and feelings about the spooky season. This could include artwork from your favorite film and quotes that inspire you. Having fun with your manicure means letting your creativity flow and designing something bold and bright that will stand out from the crowd. You may also wish to experiment with interesting nail shapes that will draw attention to your hands. Stilettos and coffin nails are great and are also an excellent choice for nail art as they give you more space.


Fun Halloween Nails


6. Sexy Halloween Nails

For some, Halloween is the perfect time to express yourself, and your costume and accessories can make you feel beautiful and sexy. This can extend to your nail art. Sexy nails can be simple and understated and are more about the colors and the shape. Long nails are ultra-feminine and an excellent choice for drawing attention to your hands. They will also elongate the finger and can be incredibly flattering. An excellent choice is stiletto nails which are bold and will make a statement. Paint them in a combination of dark colors, like black and maroon ombre. You can also mix and match different nail shapes for a unique and eye-catching finish.


Sexy Halloween Nails


7. Subtle Minimal Halloween Nails

Halloween can be a celebration of excess. Too much candy, too much makeup, and costumes that have taken weeks or even months to put together. But your nail art does not have to be bold and bright to be special, and sometimes the simplest designs are the best. Subtle, minimal nail art is appealing because it lets you get into the Halloween spirit without being too in your face about it. This is also an excellent option for every day, letting you enjoy your nail art for longer.


Subtle Minimal Halloween Nails


8. Elegant Halloween Nails

Elegant nails are often created in muted colors and with clean lines and simple details. This nail art can be worn anywhere, including on more formal occasions. However, Halloween is an expressive celebration, and incorporating a spooky or Halloween-inspired element into your nails will give you a unique approach to what is traditionally considered elegant. One of the best ways to achieve this is to limit color and detail, for example, black and nude nail art that is pretty and will lend itself well to a variety of occasions. With this approach, less is more.


Elegant Halloween Nails


9. Halloween Nail Art

Halloween nail art is exceptionally versatile, and there are many ideas to inspire you. Whether you want bright, colorful nails, designs that represent monsters and ghouls, or you wish to find a way to incorporate your favorite horror film into your nail art, the beauty is you can do it all. You can experiment with different nail shapes and lengths to find the look that best suits your preference and complements your hands. Opt for a different design on each fingernail, or focus the artwork on a feature nail for a more subtle approach; the choice is yours.


Halloween Nail Art


10. Black Halloween Nails

Black nails are ultra stylish and can be created in many different ways. The beauty of this color is its versatility it can be worn by women of all ages and will lend itself well to all designs and nail shapes and lengths. For Halloween, you can keep it simple by painting your nails with a black base coat and adding nail art to a feature nail. Or you can create a dark, moody manicure that is expressive. This can be done by combining black and dark red for a gothic finish or black and white for a classic monochromatic look.


Black Halloween Nails


11. Classy Halloween Nails

Classy nails refer to a manicure that is stylish and sophisticated. You would not typically associate the Halloween theme with being classy. However, you can create nail art that is beautiful and versatile, which will therefore lend itself well to different settings, including more formal ones. The key to this nail art is to keep it simple and understated.


Classy Halloween Nails


12. Halloween Ghost Nails

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than with ghost nail art? These little white spirits can be created to look cute or could have a more sinister appearance. They are also one of the easier spooky designs to do and can be created in various sizes and placed on the nails at angles of your choosing. Ghosts are also symbolic. They can represent life and death and be a reminder to live without regrets. They can also represent rebirth or be seen as a guide or protector.


Halloween Ghost Nails


13. Coffin Halloween Nails

Coffin nails are a versatile shape that is defined by their tapered sides and squared tip, which resembles the shape of a coffin. They are an excellent shape to wear long, but can also be worn short and are great for elongating the fingers. They are also a fantastic option for nail art and will let you get creative with your Halloween designs. The downside to coffin nails is that they can be restrictive.


Coffin Halloween Nails


14. Halloween Stiletto Nails

One of the most popular shapes for Halloween are the stiletto nails. Stilettos are defined by their thin, sharp point and are best when worn long to show off the style. This is a fun and ultra-feminine shape that will lend itself well to the spooky theme, letting you easily transform your nails into witches’ talons or try out detailed nail art. The shape is high maintenance and prone to breakage, so you need to take care of your daily activities.


Halloween Stiletto Nails


15. Halloween Almond Nails

Almond nails are one of the most popular shapes because they are versatile and feminine. They are made to look like the almond nut, with tapered sides and a round peak. They are best created with acrylic nails, which give you more strength and will be less likely to break. The shape can be worn long or short and will lend itself well to different Halloween-inspired nail art.


Halloween Almond Nails


16. Pointy Mountain Peak Nails

Nail art does not have to be detailed to look great, and your Halloween-inspired manicure can be as simple as your favorite color combination. Black is a great choice because it is versatile and chic, and you can add metallics or dark purples to your nails to create a contrast that feels mysterious and magical. The right nail shape is also important, and mountain peak nails are a great choice if you want sharp nails. The mountain peak shape is designed to look like the top of a mountain. It is easier to wear and more versatile than the stiletto because it is slightly curved at the top, and the point is not as sharp. It is also a shape that can be achieved on shorter nails.


Pointy Mountain Peak Nails


17. Short Halloween Nails

Short nails are appealing because they are strong and easy to maintain. You do not need to worry about them breaking or snagging on things the way that longer nails would. There is less versatility with the shape and your nail art because you are limited in space, but you will still be able to get creative with the Halloween theme. A great idea would be to keep it simple and add nail art to one or two nails. This way the nail art will not overwhelm your short nails and instead complement them.


Short Halloween Nails


18. Long Halloween Nails

Long nails are feminine and ultra-stylish. They give you so much versatility with nail art and can be filed in various shapes, making it easy to create a manicure that is best suited to your preference. For Halloween, interesting shapes can make your manicure feel even cooler, and the best options are coffin nails or stilettos. While they are not the most practical nail shapes and can be prone to breakage, they are a great way to get your hands noticed.


Long Halloween Nails


19. Halloween Ombre Nails

Ombre is a brilliant effect that combines two or more colors. The colors fade into each other to create a graduated look, leaving you with a gorgeous manicure. The colors you choose can be anything, and the choice is entirely up to you. You can channel the fall season and be inspired by pumpkins by opting for autumn shades or orange manicures or create a vampy look with dark red and black ombre. You can also add nail art over the ombre nail design finish for a more detailed look.


Halloween Ombre Nails


20. Orange Halloween Nails

Orange is a bright color associated with happiness and optimism. It is also the hue that is favored for Halloween and is easy to incorporate into your nail art. You can mix and match orange with other colors, including black or white, or create a manicure with different shades of orange. Choose saturated shades that demand attention or lighter, muted shades of orange for a more wearable and versatile finish. You can also add nail art of your choosing over an orange base color.


Orange Halloween Nails


21. Black and Orange Halloween Nails

Orange and black are a striking combination because the colors create a brilliant contrast. The black is also an excellent way to tone down the vibrancy of the orange, and the pairing makes for the perfect Halloween nails. You can get creative with how you combine black and orange, depending on how bold you want your look to be. This can include color blocking, French tips, or a more blended appearance like ombre. You can also add nail art that complements the color, like pumpkins or spider webs.


Black And Orange Halloween Nails


22. Black and White Halloween Nails

Black and white is a classic pairing. The monochromatic color scheme mixes and matches everything and is an excellent choice for your Halloween nails because it is easy to wear and exceptionally versatile. Everyone looks good with black and white nails, and you can create the spooky manicure of your dreams, whether it is simple or detailed. From spiderweb and ghosts nail art, or stars and moons, there is an option to suit every preference. You can also get creative with your nail shape, and the longer, the better. Long nails are feminine and are a fantastic way to draw attention to your hands.


Black And White Halloween Nails


23. Pink Halloween Nails

There are classic color schemes that are used for Halloween, but that does not mean you cannot create something different to suit your preference. Pink is an excellent color for your Halloween nails because it is pretty and universally flattering. There is a shade of pink to suit every preference and complement all skin tones, and the color pairs well with neutral hues like white or black. For your pink nails, you can create a nude base coat and add Halloween nail art over it, giving your look a soft, girly finish while still embracing the spooky theme. Pink nails are also associated with love and beauty.


Pink Halloween Nails


24. Pink and Black Halloween Nails

Pink and black are a striking but complementary color combination because the colors contrast each other but also look great together. Experiment with different shades of pink depending on how dramatic you want the finish to be. For example, saturated colors like hot pink will be more noticeable than pastel pink. How you combine the shades is your choice, and it can be as simple as a pink base coat with black nail art, or you could try ombre for a blended effect.


Pink And Black Halloween Nails


25. Purple Halloween Nails

Purple nails are an excellent choice this Halloween. The color is associated with elegance and royalty, but it can also look spooky and create an effortlessly cool and ultra-chic manicure. Embrace spooky, witchcraft-inspired nail art by adding black cat nail art or a cauldron. You can also combine purple with other colors, including dark reds or black, to give your nail art a moody finish.


Purple Halloween Nails


26. Purple and Black Halloween Nails

Purple and black nails are a stunning combination. The colors are contrasting yet complementary and make for an eye-catching manicure. There are many ways to incorporate the colors into your Halloween manicure, including painting a purple base coat and focusing the black on the tips. Go for a modern approach to the French tip manicure or your artwork can be focused toward the ends. This could be anything from spooky houses, graveyards, or ghosts. This is also an excellent way to draw attention to the shape of your nails and will complement pointy styles like the stiletto.


Purple And Black Halloween Nails


27. Purple and Green Halloween Nails

Purple and green are the ideal pairings to create monster-themed nails like Frankenstein. There are many different patterns and nail art you can try depending on how detailed or simple you want your look to be. You can also experiment with different techniques, from blended effects like ombre to glitter or matte nails that will give your nail art a brilliant texture. Purple and green look great together and will create a slight contrast but also feel balanced. This is the perfect choice for someone who loves bright colors and wants to create a manicure that will stand out!


Purple And Green Halloween Nails


28. Red Halloween Nails

Red nails are gorgeous and feminine. The color is associated with seduction and passion, but for Halloween, it can also represent blood. The boldness of red makes it a challenging color to wear, and many women avoid it because of this. However, there are ways to incorporate red into your manicure for a much more subtle finish. This includes using the red for your nail art only and painting your fingernails with a neutral base coat. For contrast, you can use black or let the red pop against a neutral color.


Red Halloween Nails


29. Red and Black Halloween Nails

There are few color pairings as striking as red and black. This is the perfect combination to create sexy, moody nails this Halloween, and your look will be a great way to draw attention to your hands. There are many options to choose from, including abstract nail art that is expressive and can be symbolic. Combine different effects and paint each nail art with contrasting designs for a unique finish. You can also add gems and alternate between matte and glossy polish for a textured appearance. Whatever you decide to do, this is a color combination that will get you noticed.


Red And Black Halloween Nails


30. Green Halloween Nails

Green nails are bold and bright. There are various colors to choose from, from saturated hues like lime green that demand attention to luxurious emerald hues that are associated with wealth and sophistication. This makes it easy to combine several of your favorite greens or choose the color that best suits your preference. For a Halloween-inspired manicure, the green can be the color of slime or be created to look like a monster, and in this case, the bolder and more vibrant the color, the better. It will also contrast well when paired with black. You can also paint your nails a mixture of black and green and create unusual artwork over it of graveyards and mystical symbols.


Green Nails


31. Pastel Halloween Nails

Pastel nails are favored in spring, but that should not stop you from embracing these pretty hues for Halloween. The soft, muted appearance of pastel shades makes them appealing because they are easy to wear and universally flattering. They also mix and match well, letting you combine several pastel colors or pair them with neutral hues. For a romantic and cute manicure, you can create your favorite spooky images in a mix of pastels or paint your nails with a pastel base coat.


Pastel Halloween Nails


32. Blue Halloween Nails

Blue nails are a popular choice. They are symbolic of calmness and tranquility, and there are several shades to choose from, making it easy to find a look that suits your preference and complements your skin tone. For Halloween, the darker the color, the better, which can help you create moody, expressive nails. You can replicate the twilight sky or add stars over your nails to represent midnight. Blue is incredibly versatile and can also look great as the base coat for nail art as it easily mixes and matches with other colors, including neutral hues like black, white, and gold.


Blue Halloween Nails


33. Glow in the Dark Nails

What better way to ensure your nail art stands out than by opting for glow-in-the-dark designs? The special polish can be added to your nails in various ways, letting you get creative with your nail art and personalizing it to suit your preference. Try out everything from blood drips and abstract shapes to stars and moons. The glow-in-the-dark effect will likely last for around half an hour before it needs to be exposed to light again. Take care to prevent your nails from chipping to enjoy your manicure for as long as possible.


Glow In The Dark Nails


34. Clear Halloween Nails

Clear nails are a creative option for your next manicure. They are also incredibly versatile and look great with nail art over them. The see-thru effect is a striking finish for your Halloween nails and can make them look more magical and mysterious, which can be enhanced by the nail art you choose. Clear nails look good short or long but are best suited to pointy shapes which demand attention.


Clear Halloween Nails


35. Matte Black Halloween Nails

Matte nails are an excellent choice for those who want a textural finish. This polish has no gloss and looks flat and smooth, and looks great as the base coat for nail art. It can be created in any color, including black. Matte black can look sophisticated, or you can create it to complement the Halloween theme with spooky designs. You may also wish to mix and match with glossy and matte polish, or add 3D elements to your nail art, like gems, to create a brilliant contrast.


Matte Black Halloween Nails


36. Creepy Halloween Nails

Halloween is the time for scares and is a great way to embrace everything spooky. For a super creepy finish and one that is expressive and fun, you can transform your fingernails into a witch or monster. This look will work best with longer nails, giving you more space to get creative while also making a statement and drawing attention to your hands. This is also a fantastic opportunity to experiment with different nail shapes, and unusual shapes like stiletto and coffin nails will have the best impact.


Creepy Halloween Nails


37. Gothic Halloween Nails

Gothic style is expressive and is often created with dark colors and mixed fabrics, including lace. This can be the inspiration for your Halloween manicure, too. You can create nail art to look like lace, try a mix of black and dark red colors, and choose long, pointy, or unusual shapes to complement your artwork. You can also create a mix-and-match effect by opting for a different design on each fingernail. Embrace your individuality and this creative and mysterious style.


Gothic Halloween Nails


38. Halloween Wedding Nails

Incorporating a Halloween theme into your wedding nails is not for everyone, but for those who are daring and want to celebrate the spooky season, this is your chance to stand out and embrace your individuality. Wedding nails are typically understated and created in muted colors. The French tips manicure is an excellent choice, painting the tips of the nail white and the base coat a clear or light pink shade. For a Halloween approach, you can add nail art to a feature nail. This is a way to draw attention to your ring finger and will highlight your special jewelry.


Halloween Wedding Nails


39. Scary Halloween Nails

What better inspiration for your Halloween nails than creating something super scary by being inspired by your favorite horror film?! There are many to choose from, from classics like IT and Scream to underrated movies that appeal to those who prefer something more unique. The great thing about this theme is that there are many things to choose from, making your nail art appeal to you as an individual and reflecting your thoughts and feelings.


Scary Halloween Nails


40. Spooky Halloween Nails

Spooky is a word used to describe things that can cause fear. This is different for every person, but ghosts, monsters, Halloween characters, and spiders are all possible choices. The appeal of Halloween manicures is there are many options to choose from, or you can combine several. You can also get creative with the colors you use, opting for dark hues to express how you feel and make a comment on your mood.


Spooky Halloween Nails


41. Bloody Halloween Nails

Fans of slasher and horror films may be drawn to the creepy, bloody effect for their Halloween nails. There is no denying that the brilliant combination of red splatter on a neutral base coat will demand attention and will highlight your nail shape. You can cover the entire nail or focus it only on the tips, depending on your preference. Your nails can also be a nod to your favorite movie genre and can be symbolic.


Bloody Halloween Nails


42. Cat Halloween Nails

Cats, particularly black cats, are often associated with Halloween. To some, they represent bad luck and evil, while to others, they are symbolic of mystery, magic, and good fortune. Black cats are also associated with witches and can be a great way to show your interest in white magic; magic that is used for good. If you are a cat lover, this is also a cute way to honor your favorite animal while celebrating Halloween. Add cute cat images to each fingernail or create a silhouette instead. The best part about Halloween manicures is that your creativity is your only restriction.


Cat Halloween Nails


43. Bat Halloween Nails

Bat nails are a cute option for your Halloween manicure. You can opt for a single bat on a feature nail for a minimalistic approach or add multiple on each fingernail. Try out different color combinations, opt for the silhouette of a bat or give it a smiley face, or you can make it look menacing by adding teeth. The beauty of this option is there is so much versatility, allowing you to find the look that best suits your preference and complements your nail shape and length.


Bat Halloween Nails


44. Halloween Devil Nails

The devil is associated with evil and sin, and you can create creepy nails by adding ghoulish nail art. For a more lighthearted approach, you can add a cartoonish devil with a playful grin or spell out the word “Devil.” You can also opt for a more abstract approach, which is more about the feelings associated with it than the imagery itself. Red is the best color to use for the devil, and for a moody finish, you can design it over a black base coat.


Halloween Devil Nails


45. Halloween Pumpkin Nails

The pumpkin is a cute addition to any Halloween nail art. It is also symbolic, representing good fortune and prosperity. It represents the fall season and is a common symbol associated with Halloween. The bright orange hue of the pumpkin is a great way to get your hands noticed and draw attention to your nail shape and length.


Halloween Pumpkin Nails


46. Scream Nails

Scream is one of the most iconic horror slasher films. It has a cult following, it has inspired many other pieces of film and art. Ghostface is also one of the most recognizable characters, with his creepy white mask. If you are a fan of Scream, there is no better inspiration for your Halloween nails. You can include an image of Ghostface, your favorite movie quotes, or simply spell out the word “Scream” by placing a letter on each fingernail.


Scream Nails


47. Halloween Spider Nails

The spider is one of the best symbols to add to your Halloween nail art. It can be created big or small and can look scary or friendly if you prefer to create a cartoon version of the arachnid. The spider is also symbolic, representing balance, wisdom, and mystery, and can be a great way to make a statement. You can add spiders to each fingernail or opt for only one; the choice is yours.


Halloween Spider Nails


48. Halloween Spider Web Nails

The spider web is commonly associated with all things spooky. It can represent neglect and struggle and will let you make a powerful statement with your nail art. Or you can add the spiderweb because you appreciate the visual impact it has, and it is an excellent way to get into the Halloween spirit. You can combine the spiderweb with other details, including the spider, or paint it onto the nail on its own for a beautiful but understated manicure.


Halloween Spider Web Nails (1)


49. Fall Halloween Nails

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons, with the changing leaves and their brilliant colors. Every fall, shades of red, orange, yellow, green, and brown are favored. When it comes to your fall-inspired nails, you can focus on one of these hues or blend all of them for a pretty but subtle nod to Halloween. You can also include pumpkin images and get creative by combining glossy polish with matte or glitter to create a contrast.


Fall Halloween Nails


50. Aesthetic Halloween Nails

Halloween is a celebration that lasts only one day, but the build-up to this day is filled with great excitement. You can embrace the spooky season with a unique manicure days before Oct. 31, and what you choose can be bold and make a statement or be created to lend itself well to various occasions. The right colors and designs are up to you, but focusing on darker shades and limiting your nail art to two colors will make your nail art more versatile.


Aesthetic Halloween Nails


51. Disney Halloween Nails

Several Disney films have a spooky element to them. However, one of the most celebrated animations is Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, which was created by Burton in a development deal with Walt Disney Studios. There are many memorable characters from the film, including the lead, Jack Skelligton, a skeletal zombie, and the bag of bugs, Oogie Boogie.


Disney Halloween Nails


52. Halloween Candy Corn Nails

Candy corn is a favorite Halloween treat. It is a sweet that is created in triangular shapes and three colors, typically white, orange, and yellow. If you love the color combination or the confectionary that makes you think of your childhood or your favorite time of the year, there is no better inspiration for your manicure. It is also a simple but pretty approach to Halloween-inspired nail art. You can create three distinctly separate blocks of color or blend them with an ombre effect. If you want to make your nail art more detailed, you can also benefit from nail art over one nail.


Halloween Candy Corn Nails


53. Glitter Halloween Nails

Glitter nails are the ideal option for anyone who wants to add some sparkle to their life. This shimmery polish is great for creating a textured appearance and will glimmer in the right light. Glitter can be challenging to pull off, though, and too much can appear tacky. Instead of painting each fingernail with glitter polish, limit it to two or three fingernails and find a creative way to add the glitter. This could include focusing it on the tip or base of the nail only.


Glitter Halloween Nails


54. Witch Halloween Nails

Whether you are opting for a cartoonish version of a witch riding a broomstick, or you are incorporating magical and mystical symbols include your nail art, witch Halloween nails are an excellent choice. It is a symbolic choice, too, as witches represent mystery and power. It can also be a symbol of female strength and enlightenment, depending on your interpretation. Get creative with your nail art and find the perfect witchy design that appeals to you.


Witch Halloween Nails


55. Halloween Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are an excellent way to create the manicure of your dreams. They give you versatility with the length and shapes, letting you try out looks that you would not be able to do on your natural nails. They are also strong and durable and lend themselves well to nail art. When created long, there is a lot of space to get creative with your nail art, letting you combine several Halloween-inspired images or experiment with different effects.


Halloween Acrylic Nails


56. Halloween Dip Nails

Dip powder nails are ideal for those who want natural-looking nails that are strong and durable. They can be created in various colors and textures and are a great alternative to acrylics. They have a similar curing process to acrylics and harden with a chemical reaction and will last around three weeks before needing to be touched up. You will always need to get your dip nails done professionally to limit the damage caused by the process.


Halloween Dip Nails


57. Halloween Shellac Nails

Shellac nails refer to a nail process that uses a specially created polish. This polish is ideal for creating durability and giving your nails extra protection while also creating a shiny finish. Shellac polish is semi-permanent and can be long-lasting depending on how you care for your nails. It is chip-resistant and can last for around two to three weeks. It is also great for nail art, including your favorite Halloween theme.


Halloween Shellac Nails


58. Halloween French Dip Nails

French dip nails follow the curved line of your nail and look sophisticated and stylish. The technique can be adapted to suit your preference with various colors. For a Halloween manicure, you may want to embrace colors that are typically associated with the celebration, including shades of orange, red, and black. You can also try out different nail art, combining it with the French dip for a fun and modern approach to the classic look.


Halloween French Dip Nails


59. Halloween Press Ons

Press-on nails are an affordable and fun way to transform your hands. These artificial nails are premade and can be added to your fingernail with glue or adhesive tape. You can shape and file them to your liking afterward, but many press-on nails come with already completed nail art on them, making this an effortless way to try out different looks. You can experiment with multiple styles and colors without having to spend time growing out your nails or more money getting them removed.


Halloween Press Ons


60. Halloween Toe Nail Designs

It is not just your fingernails that will get attention this Halloween but also your toenails. If you plan on wearing open-toed shoes or want to get a spooky manicure but work in a conservative environment, then painting your toes is a great choice. You have less versatility with pedicures because you cannot shape the nails in the same way as fingernails. There is also typically less space for your nail art, which makes toe nail designs best when kept simple and understated.


Halloween Toe Nail Designs


Hallowen Nail Designs FAQs

What are Halloween nail colors?

The colors often used for Halloween are orange, black, white, and red. This will vary depending on the designs you choose, and can also include shades of blue and purple.

How do you do your nails for Halloween?

Halloween is a fun and expressive celebration. There are many ways to create unique nail art, depending on your preference. This could include commonly used symbols like bats, ghosts, vampires, pumpkins, and witches. Or you can get creative with your use of color, embracing bold shades of oranges and reds, or sticking to moody colors like black and dark purple.

How do you make your nails scary?

Making your nails scary for Halloween can be created in several ways, including being inspired by your favorite horror or slasher film character. Scream and IT are great ways to create creepy nail designs. You can also try the blood-spattered effect, or transform your nails to look like witches’ talons or monster claws.

Is it too early for Halloween nails?

If Halloween is your favorite time of the year, then is it ever too early to embrace Halloween-inspired designs? We would think not. However, most people start to create Halloween nails in the middle or end of October.

How do you do ghost nail art?

The simplicity of the ghost shape makes it an appealing choice for nail art and can be created with little effort. You also do not need to concern yourself with the precision that many other designs, for example, spider webs, require. If you need help creating your ghost nail art there are many YouTube tutorials available online to give you a step-by-step guide.


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