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Ever found yourself worrying about the size of your forehead, perhaps after realising you have a ‘five-head’ or owed to the effects of a receding hairline? Having a larger-than-average forehead is nothing to feel insecure about. Whilst there is always the option of covering it up, there are also many great hairstyles that can help you embrace it as a defining asset. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best hairstyles for even the largest of foreheads to get you feeling ready for a trip to the barbers.


1. What Is Considered A Big Forehead Male?

Did you know that foreheads can vary in length, width, and size? There is also a common number and a statistic for men and women. In males, this is 2.8 inches (7.1 cm), and for females, it is 2.4 inches (6.1 cm). Anything above this is considered to be big.

2. Which Cutting Is Best For Big Forehead?

If you plan on booking a hairstylist or a barber make sure to pick out a haircut that suits your age, personal style, and forehead. Most guys tend to stick with short haircuts. Some ideas to consider going for are:

  • Short military haircuts
  • Curly hair worn on the side with a beard
  • Spiky hairstyle looks
  • Fringe or crew cuts
  • Long locks and wavy hairdos

3. What To Do If You Have A Big Forehead?

Guys with big foreheads do have options. You shouldn’t lose hope or courage if you are struggling with hair growth. You can opt for a bald hairdo but with a bushy beard (if you can grow it out), or you can experiment with some other ideas that provide you with just enough coverage. Aim for wavy looks and bangs that you can style with a bit of hair pomade, or opt for high updos to rock the forehead with confidence! Either way it may be, there are always options.

Big Forehead  – The Close Crop

As we said, there’s no need to keep your larger-than-average forehead concealed. Keeping the hair closely cropped at the side creates a nice frame and makes the forehead more proportionate to the face. Having the hair slightly longer at the top creates heights, drawing the eye up past the forehead, as well as disguising a receding hairline or thinning hair.

the close crop
@Josue Ladoo Pilgrim via Unsplash

Symmetrical Horizontal Cut

If you’re after something low maintenance that won’t require excessive styling, opt for this clean and simple look. It’s suited to those who are happy to flaunt their forehead or for showing off a defined jawline.

Shaved Quiff

This is a more unique, contemporary hairstyle; eye-catching enough to draw attention away from the forehead to the top of the head. Have the sides and back closely shaved, keeping the top long. Slick back the hair at the top with gel in the style of a quiff. This requires quite a bit more maintenance as far as hairstyles go, but the results are definitely worth it.

shaved quiff
@Maria Orlova via pexels

Large Forehead – Medium and Dishevelled

For those wanting to keep some length without having the hair hang down over their face or in the eyes, this style is a good alternative. Get hold of some strong gel to arrange the hair standing upwards, keeping it deconstructed and textured at the top. It’s a bold style that frames the forehead nicely. It’s also particularly flattering for round face shapes, with the tall hair creating the illusion of length.

medium and dishevelled
@Andrea Piacquadio via pexels

Long and Layered

For those blessed with long locks, this is an ideal style for framing the face and masking part of the forehead. Try parting the hair in the middle or slightly to the side, with the hair covering the temples. Add shape with layers and a slight upsweep, and you’ve got yourself the perfect man bob.

long and layered
@Karina Carvalho via Unsplash

Fringe with Shaved Side

For those looking for a more kept look than the aforementioned messy alternative, try this ultra-modern style; a novel take on the ‘Caeser Cut’. Either shave the sides or keep them closely cropped, letting the fringe take center stage. Regardless of whether the fringe is long or short, this style looks great, keeping everything looking defined other than the area around the forehead.

fringe with shaved side
@Hamza NOUASRIA via Unsplash

Massive Forehead – Angular Messy Fringe

Probably the most effective way of covering a large forehead whilst achieving an effortlessly cool look. Particularly for wavy, thick hair, try a statement fringe. Asymmetry does a lot to help offset the appearance of large foreheads. Keep it in place with good wax or pomade, and don’t be afraid to embrace the mess and texture for a bedhead look. To avoid irritation, keep it cut just above the eyes (after all, the eyes are the window to the soul).

angular messy fringe
@SAJAD FI via Unsplash

Guess what, girls have big forehead problem too…

Whilst a thick, blunt-cut fringe may seem like the most obvious option for concealing an oversized forehead, it certainly isn’t the only one. Wispier bangs pushed to the side achieve a softer look,  and feel a lot less heavy on the face.  Alternatively, long loose waves in a side parting keep the forehead partially concealed, with a few layers towards the end of the hair adding some extra definition. Statement earrings are another way of drawing attention away from the forehead, without having to make a trip to the salon.

massive forehead haircut
@Javier Reyes via Unsplash

Checklist for haircuts for a big haircut!

  1. If you’re looking to completely cover up your forehead with a fringe, go messy and textured
  2. Go adventurous with your cut: a style like the ‘shaved quiff’ will take attention away from the forehead
  3. Don’t be scared to show off your forehead: a closely cropped haircut does a great job of framing the face and emphasising a strong jawline

Still looking for inspiration, then check out this blog amazing haircuts.

Feature image from Unsplash

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