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The search is over! Here at Curated Mint we’ve put together a list of the 7 best nail clippers to make your grooming desires a reality. Being a well groomed-man is as desirable as ever right now, and maintaining that means looking after even the little things… such as your fingernails and toenails! There is a knack to keeping your nails looking the best; polished and clean cut, and this starts with finding the best nail clipper for you.

Before you go ahead and purchase a nail clipper, you might want to consider what type of nail clipper it is – how comfortable it is will depend on the style of clipper. Also be sure to know if you’re looking specifically for toe, fingernail or a 2in1 clipper. Other factors such as the blade, handle length and material should be considered so conveniently we’ve compiled a list of the best clippers out there to tell you what’s what.

Tweezerman Combo Clipper Set

tweezerman combo clipper set

The Tweezerman Combo Clipper Set is a solid choice if you’re someone who favours simplicity and functionality. The two in one combo set works for both your toenail and fingernail grooming choices. This quality nail clipper set features a large toenail clipper with straight-edged blade which is perfect for thick toenails and fingernail clipper with a curved edge blade. Built from strong steel, this is a quality product that is everything you need for an easy home manicure. Buy it Here

Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper SS-106

seki edge stainless steel fingernail clipper ss-106

The Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper SS-106 is a best seller! A stylish compact design made with stainless steel this nail clipper is perfectly discrete and easy to carry. The lever design makes for a smooth and easy clipping experience, meaning those grubby nails are away with as quick as that! Buy It Here

Wilkinson Sword Toenail Clippers

nail clippers

The Wilkinson Sword Toenail Clipper is the perfect pedicure option for men looking to take grooming to that next step. Toenail scissors may do the job, but for a smooth and comfortable cut, the Wilkinson sword nail clipper is able to get your toenails into a just the right shape. The curved blade and nail catcher make for a clean and hygienic cut. Finished with a chrome coating, the clipper is protected from corrosion meaning this is a great durable option for nail clippings. Buy It Here

Finox Stainless Steel Nail Clipper, 8 cm

finox stainless steel clipper, 8cm

Handcrafted by German artisans, the Finox Stainless Steel Nail Clipper with its small and compact design is ideal for gentlemen who are constantly on the go.  Durability is key with this nail clippers; the high carbon stainless steel design and ergonomically curved feature maximises leverage whilst effectively fitting to the shape of your fingernail. This functional craftmanship will you help you achieve a perfectly square shaped cut. Buy It Here

Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clippers

victorinox swiss army nail clippers

The Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clippers is a classic multifunctional product for keeping your hands looking gorgeous. This particular high-quality product boasts 8 functions including a nail clipper and serrated scissors, which means perfectly mainucred nails and smooth cuts for you.  This item aims to keep your fingernails clean and your hands protected and can go with you wherever you go, is especially ideal for those who love the great outdoors. Buy It Here

JYtop® Best Precision Nail Clipper With Rotating Swivel Head

jytop® best precision nail clipper with rotating swivel head

Oh, what a visually stunning design! This lever style clipper does what it says! You’re sure to get a precise cut that will get your friends asking if you’ve had your nails professionally done with the JYtop® Best Precision Nail Clipper With Rotating Swivel Head. Made from solid steel this premium nail clipper features a swiveling head which will help you reach even those tricky angles to perfect a smooth curved finish to your fingernails or toenails. Buy It Here

Kiya Black Carbon-Steel Nail Clippers

kiya black carbon-steel clippers kiya black carbon-steel clippers

Getting a good feel for your nail clippers is a must in making sure they’re the right ones for you. The Kiya Black Carbon-Steel Clippers have a smooth silky feel to them due to its elegant finish. The small levered functionality of this product paired with its curved edge blade adds to what a comfortable product this is to use. This brilliant Japanese design will aid your quest for smooth nails free from rough and jagged edges. Buy It Here


May your fingernails never be grubby again with the 7 best nail clippers we’ve shortlisted for you. Achieving smoothly shaped fingernails whether square or rounded has never been easier with a strong steel clipper. Feel relaxed when you look down at your nails now with the right nail clipper for you.

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