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Low-maintenance haircuts are something that men gravitate to & love to wear as they age. The older we are – the more time it takes us to do our daily chores & to focus on other simpler tasks. Easy hairstyles & haircuts which allow us to save time are very appealing, and something that everyone will consider at one point. If you are done wearing messy and medium-long haircuts and you want a low-maintenance hairstyle, we have the perfect 8 designs for you.

How Do I Get Low Maintenance Hair?

If you are considering and looking into some short haircuts, as well as low-maintenance haircuts make sure you follow certain rules, such as:

  • Cut your hair – by doing a slick back cut and trying some different styling methods you will end up with a trendy hairstyle.
  • Talk to your barber – often barbers or hairdressers know how to work with textured hair, and how to get it to the ultimate clean & lean state. They also know which hairstyles will suit a certain population better, so make sure you talk to your barber before you commit to one cut in particular.
  • Use the right styling products – some products will speed up the hair growth while others will allow you to keep your cut looking cool while being on a shorter side. The right pomade in your cabinet along with a razor is a must since it will allow you to move & shape your hairdo in your preferred direction.
  • Add A Beard – if you don’t feel like adding effort to your haircut you can at least add some effort when styling your beard. Style it, shave it on the sides, or let it grow curly! Make sure your beard is a bit slicker and emphasized than your short buzz cut.

Top 8 Hairstyles And Low Maintenance Haircuts For Guys

#1: Classic Taper Haircut

classic taper haircut
@Maksim Goncharenok via pexels

One of the most straightforward short hairstyles has got to be a taper haircut. It is a low maintenance hairstyle which guys love to wear for both formal & casual events. This hairdo can be achieved as long as you comb it out on the sides, and use a bit of your favorite hair cream or hair gel to define the top portion.

#2: Buzz Cut

buzz cut
@Graham Hunt via Unsplash

A buzz cut was an often go-to and a solution for men which were in the military. It is hands-down super easy to style, and ideal for guys who don’t feel like growing an inch of hair! You can add and leave just a bit of texture on top, especially if you need something more appropriate for the office. If not, let it stay short and defined.

#3: French Crop

french crop
@Andrea Piacquadio via pexels

When it comes to low maintenance haircuts, french hairstyles can easily take the lead. This crop is stylish and defined on the top portion. If you have bangs or you love to wear a fringe you will love this hairdo. All you have to do is leave some spiky hair on the top portion and let it stay on with just some hair gel or your favorite hairspray.

#4: Crew Cut

crew cut
@Josh Miller via Unsplash

Simple yet effective, a crew cut is a lot like your typical buzzcut. It is very short and done defined with clippers and a razor on the sides, as well as kept a bit longer at the front. Usually, guys who have a smaller head look good with these hairstyles since it adds length & more dimension to their facial structure.

#5: Taper Fade

taper fade
@Apostolos Vamvouras via Unsplash

Haircuts which are like your classic taper (but only a bit more bold) are taper fade haircuts. If you are someone who also loves a skin fade, you will love this cut. It is a lot like your french crop, only with shaved sides. It may take you around 2-3 minutes to style your hair early in the morning, while the styling process itself is pretty simple. Add a bit of gel to the top and you’ll be good to go.

#6: Short Side Parting

short side parting
@Tristan Dixon via Unspash

A short side parting is one of those haircuts which is low maintenance yet ideal for the office since it provides versatility. You can easily move your hair to your preferred side with your fingers and make it as tight as possible. If you are someone who loves to follow trends and you need a day-to-day solution you will love styling your hair short and on the side!

#7: Ivy League

ivy league
@Jeff Tumale via Unsplash

Men’s haircuts can be a bit confusing since some are too hard to maintain, but that’s not the case with the well-known ivy league spiky hair. Ivy league is the ultimate solution for men who need something quick & practical, as well as easy to blow dry. All you have to do is apply some spray to the top and let your hair shine like never before!

#8: Butch Cut

butch cut
@LinkedIn Sales Solutions via Unsplash

A butch cut is usually worn by guys who have tattoos, and who love super short hairstyles. If you are someone who has a rounded or square-shaped head, know that this cut would look good on you! Mens haircuts which are short and this defined usually look the prettiest once matched to a stylish and long beard. If you can grow a beard and you love this short cut, make sure you style it as suggested.

Is Short Hair Low Maintenance?

It can be. If you love shorter hairstyles you can easily style them, as long as you have the right set of products. You will still need your trustworthy shampoo & conditioner, as well as a comb & a pomade or wax gel. However, the shorter your hair is – the less time you will invest styling it. Good news is that you can also style & cut your hair on your own. You can define your sides always with the right clipper attachments. If not, make sure you re-visit your barber every 4 weeks and let them take good care of you.

On That Note

Low maintenance hairstyles and shorter haircuts are something that guys may find appealing. If you are someone who doesn’t like to invest a lot of time into your hair, you will love some of our top 8 suggested haircuts! Just by applying the right product and sweeping it through your hair with your fingers; you’ll be left with the easiest cut there is! Make sure you can spare 2-3 minutes each day and freely ”subscribe” to any of these hairdos!

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