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If you’re lucky enough to have a mum, girlfriend, sister or partner to do your laundry then you can probably stop reading now. If, however, you’ve recently moved out or you’re at university and now have to take care of your own washing then take note as we run through eight of the most common laundry mistakes, plus eight easy ways of rectify them to guarantee your clobber always looks and smells fresh.

But before that…

Know Your Care Labels

1. Dry-clean: Clear circle = you can

2. Bleach: Clear triangle = you can

3. Tumble Dry: Cross = you can’t. One dot = low, two dots = medium, three dots = high

4. Iron: Cross = you can’t. One dot = low, two dots = medium, three dots = high

5. Wash Temperature: One dot = low (40°), two dots = medium (60°), three dots = high (90°)

1. Washing Too Hot

Unless you’ve recently got back from Glastonbury Festival or just completed Tough Mudder you shouldn’t be washing your clothes on the highest program as this will quickly wear them out.

How to avoid:

As a general rule of thumb a  40° cycle will be suitable for 90% of your laundry needs i.e. day-to-day T-shirts, shirts, sweats, jeans, underwear etc.

How To Clean A Tumble Dryer

2. Excessive Tumble-drying

If drying space is at a premium in your house then understandably you’ll want to dry your damp clothes as quick as possible, but it also means that your clothes are at risk of shrinking.

How to avoid:

Make sure you’ve read the care label and you only tumble-dry the garment at the suggested temperature. Alternatively, invest in a clothes horse and allow your clothes to dry naturally.

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3. Washing Everything Together

Factoring in time in to do your laundry is easier said that done, which is often why all dirty clothes tend to get flung in together which can often lead to colour run from one garment to another.

How to avoid:

Wash light coloured clothes separate from dark coloured clothes and if you think there’s a chance of colour run then always throw in a Colour Catcher

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4. Forgetting to Empty Pockets

Whether it’s a pack of chewing gum or your recently upgraded iPhone, neither are items you’d want to accidentally leave in your jeans pocket when you’re gathering up the laundry.

How to avoid:

It goes without saying, but double-checking of all trouser pockets before throwing them in the washing machine will save you the trauma of a having to explain the damage to your insurance company.

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5. Using the Too Much Detergent

There’s a tendency to want to use more detergent that what’s suggested, however this will only result in your clothes still being covered in soap when the cycle comes to an end. Overzealous detergent usage will also wear our your washing machine quicker.

How to avoid:

Washing machines use less water nowadays, plus washing detergents are more concentrated so you don’t have to use as much. Stick to the suggestion on the side of the bottle and don’t go over.

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6. Excessive Dry Cleaning

Much like excessive tumble-drying, excessive dry cleaning – due to the heat and chemicals used in the process – will eventually break down the fabric. In the case of suits, it will often cause them to look shiny – something you definitely don’t want.

How to avoid:

Only dry clean suits every six months. For other items, try airing them out or giving them a brush to remove any dirt or odours wherever possible instead of resorting to dry cleaning.

Help! My closet has been invaded by wire hangers

7. Using Wire Hangers

Wire coat hangers are the work of the devil and are therefore guaranteed to destroy the shape of the shoulders on coats and tailoring over time. Avoid them at all costs.

How to avoid:

Invest in a set of good quality, wooden hangers for hanging coats and tailoring. For shirts, tees, polos and trousers, a set of decent plastic hangers will do the job perfectly.

How often should you wash your jeans

8. Washing Denim Too Soon/Often

Washing denim on a regular basis will cause your jeans to lose their natural indigo colour. And in the case of poor quality jeans, you’ll notice they wear out a lot quicker if you keep machine washing them.

How to avoid:

Generally speaking if you’ve invested in a pair of quality, raw denim jeans it’s advisable that you wear your jeans as often as possible for at least 6 months before washing them. Spot clean any minor stains in the interim or hang them up outside to combat any odours. For a more in-depth raw denim jean washing masterclass, check out the one we made earlier here.

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