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The great thing about hair is that you can style it to compliment your facial features. So in case, you have a prominent forehead, no worries! Because in today’s article, we are bringing you Best Hairstyles for Big Forehead, as well as tips and tricks on how to achieve that hairstyle! Keep on reading to find out more.

What Hairstyle Suits a Big Forehead?

There are many hairstyles that people with big foreheads can use to their advantage. The unique and perfect hairstyle for a prominent forehead doesn’t exist. While there are many hairstyles, the best one for you will depend on your hair texture, the size of your head, and whether you want a long, medium, or short hairstyle. Here are some of our top picks for haircuts for a guy with a big forehead!

Is Long Or Short Hair Better For Big Foreheads?

If you’re feeling insecure about your forehead and you want to try out a hairdo that suits you, just know that there are plenty of options to consider. In the end, you might have the best outcome and experience by getting a longer hairdo. You can go for something that is short in the back but leave wispy or medium-length bangs at the front. This way, you will end up with a hairdo that can be styled per your preference, yet you can use your bangs and push them in your preferred direction to hide the forehead.

How Can I Hide My Tall Forehead?

Some guys opt for military haircuts to fully embrace this look since there’s nothing shameful about it. In fact, oval face shapes can pull off a military cut with ease. But, if you wish to hide your tall forehead you can go for a layered look at the top. Add a bit of clay to style your bangs and to get volume & definition. If you don’t have long bangs you can always hide your forehead with a beanie or a hat if it goes with your style.

8 Hairstyle For Big Forehead Men – You Need To Try!

1. Fringe Forehead Hairstyles

fringe forehead hairstyles
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The Fringe hairstyle has been around for a while and is probably the most popular choice for men with a prominent forehead. The textured longer hair in the front is used to cover some of the foreheads, as well as to add dimension to your face. This hairstyle can be done in so many different ways, and you can choose whether you want to keep it short or medium, or if you don’t want to cut it at all, making it long.

2. Quiff Hairstyle for Big Forehead

quiff hairstyle for big forehead
@cottonbro via pexels

The Quiff hairstyle means you push your hair up at the top. While that may seem like a bit of a weird fit for male face shapes with a big forehead, it can work great! If you leave your hair short in the front around your forehead, then it doesn’t cover anything. It can add more focus to your forehead. A quiff hairstyle, however, gives you balance, making your forehead seem smaller.

3. Textured Big Forehead Hairstyles

textured big forehead hairstyles
@cottonbro via pexels

Not all hairstyles for a big forehead have to be kept simple. This textured big forehead cut is the way to go if you want to achieve the perfect trendy hairstyle. The hair in the front works as bangs to hide some part of your forehead, while the sides are done as a buzz cut for a more modern look. Simple yet highly effective.

4. Pompadour Hairstyles for Guys

pompadour hairstyles for guys
@Yan Krukov via pexels

Pompadour haircuts are not the obvious choice for hiding a big forehead. They go upwards and can be straight or with some texture. These hairstyles are usually medium lengths, and you can find inspiration in them. They work great for guys with big foreheads because of the balance out the head shape. A lot of people choose haircuts like these because of their cool and classic look.

5. Cool Hairstyle for Big Forehead

cool hairstyle for big forehead
@Kampus Production via pexels

A buzz cut on the sides and a messy fringe male haircut in the front will give you the perfect stylish hairstyle for guys with big foreheads. Ideas like this one are great for people who don’t want to hide their entire heads with their hair. Hairstyles like this one are easy to maintain, they look cool and are a fashion statement! Guys who are in their twenties will enjoy and prefer this look the most.

6. Trendy Big Forehead Haircut

trendy big forehead haircut
@Tima Miroshnichenko via pexels

In case you have a big forehead, as well as a long face, then hairstyles like this one will balance out your head. Short at the top and long at the bottom. Short haircuts and a long beard can change up your head shape. A lot of guys like this cut for its simplicity and cool style. It is super easy to maintain, and it can be styled easily.

7. Curly Hairstyles for Guys

curly hairstyles for guys

Another great way to hide a big forehead is by doing a simple curly hairstyle. Hairstyles like this one work great for people who already have curly hair. This cut looks natural and is easy to maintain. So if you don’t want to be spending 20 minutes every morning doing your hair, then this is your match.

8. Slicked Back Hairstyles with Beard

slicked back hairstyles with beard
@Christopher Campbell via Unsplash

Slicked back hairstyles are genuinely the symbol for the gentleman’s’ cut. These hairstyles look pro fine and create a very modern appearance. They work fantastic with a long beard when it comes to covering a big forehead. For hairstyles like this one, be prepared to take out some time from your morning to style them. While they are not that hard to maintain, it does take some time to get it done in the morning.

Having Said All of That,

A big forehead isn’t something to be ashamed of. There are plenty of hairstyles you can do to complement your facial features. We hope you liked our favorite haircut ideas, and maybe you even found inspiration for your next hairstyle! In the end, let us know which hairdo you’ll ask for at your barber, and be prepared to rock a haircut that suits your facial features, as well as your style.

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