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We’ve all been there. You see a pair of trainers or an item of streetwear you’ve had your eye on for a while, find out when they/it drops, and then – sold out. Before you even know it, you didn’t even have the chance to add to cart. Well, there are ways to maximise your success, even with super limited releases, so read on to find out how.

The feeling of disappointment after failing to cop a pair you’ve wanted since they were unveiled can be totally disheartening. It can make you want to give up on sneakers in general, and it can seem like it happens every time. It’s tough getting your hands on super limited sneaker releases, with the huge amount of resellers in the game now, and not to mention the amount of people that use automated “bots” to get their pairs.

But don’t give up just yet, although we can’t successfully cop your sneakers for you, we can let you in on certain well-kept secrets that will drastically increase your chances when it comes to buying limited sneakers.

1. Queue, and Queue From Early

Sometimes doing it old school is the best way. Forget online stores, bots, and cartjacking. There isn’t really a better way of securing whatever it is you’re after than by getting there early, setting up camp and waiting. Sure, it might be cold or rainy, but it all boils down to how bad you want the desired item. If you’re really desperate for the item, the temporary discomfort will be worth it when you have what you want in hand. Just make sure you turn up early enough, otherwise you could still leave disappointed.

2. Use Autofill

When it comes to buying Yeezy’s, Supreme, or Palace online, it’s not just as easy as adding an item to your cart and then it’s reserved for you. The possibility of being “Cartjacked” is always there. What this means is, you’ve added the item to your cart, and whilst you’re entering your payment/delivery details, someone else has checked out faster than you and therefore, they’ve bought the item that was in your cart – leaving you with nothing.

This can be particularly frustrating. One way to avoid this is by using a great feature that Google Chrome has built in – Autofill. This feature saves your payment and delivery details, and with a single click enters all the necessary information in the correct fields. So essentially, allows you to checkout way quicker than if you were doing this manually, therefore avoiding cartjacking.

3. Nike SNKRS App / Adidas Confirmed App

In recent years, the sneaker game has without a doubt changed. One of these changes that’s rather significant is the introduction of certain apps, dedicated to helping you pick up a pair of the latest limited release, relatively stress free. The idea is, the app will open “reservations” for the sneaker at a certain time, and at that time the user must click the “reserve” button as quick as possible. If successful, the user can then pick up their pair from their nearest retailer. It may not make grabbing that elusive pair easier, but it does eliminate the stress of the whole checkout process.

Fans have mixed opinions on these apps, with some claiming that the reservations are “rigged” or “unfairly drawn,” however for the most part they have been a success. Both Nike and Adidas have their own apps dedicated to this process.

4. Use a Page Monitor

A page monitor is another application you may not have heard of, but can come in extremely useful. I’m sure you’re all aware that random restocks are actually pretty common, but have you ever wondered how people manage to cop from them? No, people don’t sit in front of their computers refreshing pages all day long. The application that they’re using will be some form of page monitor. What these do is quite literally in the name – they monitor the webpage for any activity or changes, and then notify the user upon this.

5. Follow the Correct Accounts on Twitter

There’s no doubt that Twitter has changed the sneaker world massively. Nike runs releases that are “TLO” – that’s “Twitter Link Only” for those of you not in the know. Meaning the brand will post a link on their twitter account at a certain time, and the release can be only accessed via this link. Follow high profile people in the sneaker and streetwear world, it’s likely they’ll post hints and clues surrounding releases, or even sometimes an early link.

Also try and find the Twitter accounts of employees of companies, for example PR directors or Brand Ambassadors, these are the sort of people that have information before everyone else, and occasionally they may let it slip.

6. Know the Website Like the Back of Your Hand

So you’ve got autofill, or managed to cut down inputting your details into a timeframe of a few seconds. This is all well and good, but you can’t be making slip-ups of a few seconds because you can’t locate the “add to cart” or “confirm order” button. You must learn the website through and through, and memorise where everything is, including where the product will be on site. If you’ve rehearsed this a few times, it’ll make grabbing that super limited box logo hoodie, or the latest pair of Jordan’s a hell of a lot easier. Just don’t slip up when you’re practicing and actually order that £800 fur coat you added to your cart. We’ve all seen it happen.

7. Check Out Smaller Retailers

Although many releases are kept for bigger retailers only, a lot actually make their way to much smaller, independent businesses. Because so little people are aware of this, even though they have significantly less stock, items tend to sit for much longer. So for example, the Adidas x Raf Simons Ozweego III, which sold out everywhere online almost instantly, was found sitting on shelves in Machine-A (Soho, London) almost three weeks after the release.

It’s all about knowing where to turn next if your initial efforts don’t go as planned. Great examples of smaller retailers include Hanon, Slam City Skates, Footpatrol, or Machine-A. All of these stores receive stock of limited streetwear and sneaker releases fairly frequently.

8. Never Give Up

The key to success is always to keep trying. If at first you don’t succeed, try, and try again. If you read any form of “How To Buy Yeezy’s Online” or “How To Buy Supreme Online” guide, they will all tell you this rule is the most important. Until the item claims “sold out” there’s still stock.

Whether it’s sitting in someone else’s basket whilst they change their mind, or someone is taking too long entering their details, it’s worth staying on the site that little bit longer. Visit other sites stocking the release, try everywhere you can. Don’t accept defeat until it’s 100% confirmed – and even then you can always rely on a random restock. If you let the game beat you before you’ve even started, you’ll never succeed.

8 Ways To Successfully Buy Limited Streetwear and Sneaker Releases

  1. Queueing – Sometimes doing it old school is best. Just queue up and wait, provided you have the time.
  2. Autofill – There are applications that can be used to automatically input delivery and payment details.
  3. Apps – Both Nike and Adidas have dedicated apps to make picking up releases much easier.
  4. Page Monitors – These applications check webpages for restocks and notify you.
  5. Twitter – Follow those in the industry for leaks and the occasional early link.
  6. Know the Website – Knowing your way around the site can improve your checkout speed immensely.
  7. Smaller Retailers – Often small retailers get limited quantities, but are so under the radar most people forget.
  8. Never Give Up – The key is to keep trying, and success will come your way.

On That Note

Both sneaker and streetwear releases can be very stressful and strenuous experiences. It all boils down to there being a limited quantity of stock, and a lot of people wanting the same item. If you’ve ever tried to grab something hyped before, you’ll know what it’s like. We can’t promise that our advice will guarantee that you get what you’re after every single time, but it sure will make it a hell of a lot easier. It’s just a case of maximising your chances in every way possible. Once you know what you’re doing, you should start having some luck when it comes to these sort of product drops, and after a few tries it should, in theory, get easier.

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