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Beards are not for everyone, but a good beard does wonders. Not everyone needs one but something is amazing about a guy with a bald head and a full beard. The right beard with the right hairstyle or even no hair can do amazing things for your look. Short hair is sharp and clean and being accompanied by a slick beard will have you looking amazing and will score all the points with the ladies! There is something about the duo of nice trim and beard that give a suave look.  This list of 101 short hair & beard style ideas is exactly what you’re looking for if you need anything smart, casual, or professional. So take a leap and experiment, with one of these looks. From slick mustaches accompanied by crew cuts to an amazing skin fade, we have it all!

How To Choose A Beard

Facial hair isn’t for everyone. But much like a haircut, once you figure out what you can do then you become curious. When you first start growing facial hair you probably never dreamed of the day you’d be able to style it every way and right now here is your chance. Many factors come into choosing a beard, face shape, hair color, and even what you plan on wearing. Most guys will prefer heavy stubble, while others live for sideburns. In the end, it all comes down to your preference and your texture.

Short Beard Ideas

short beard ideas
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Beards come in a wide variety of different shapes, styles, and sizes. Whilst beards do often alter now and then as the changing ‘trends, the core value of a relationship between a man and his beard often remains the same. So, today I wanted to take a look at the most popular beards you’re likely to see out there in the wild, from a touch of stubble to an amazing full beard-mane,

Beard Grooming

beard grooming

While on your journey to your perfect beard style you will want to keep on top of maintenance. There are various things you should be doing to make sure you stay on top of beard maintenance. Beard Oil, Wax & Balm will be ideal to help you keep your beard looking amazing. One of the 3 will help you keep your hair looking luxurious.

Different Beard Types:

Full Beard

A full beard can come in a wide variety of different shapes. The simplest description of a full beard is when you let your hair grow completely with no real sense of styling. This is just a full growth of facial hair. Long beard styles usually look good on guys who have healthy, thick, and full beard/hairdos.

Corporate Beard

corporate beard
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Men who can naturally grow a fuller beard are good candidates to sport the corporate beard look. With this look trimming and maintenance is key. You don’t want short hair to stick around but will enjoy short sides along with a short haircut.

The Stubble Beard

the stubble beard
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Stubble is the shadow look some of us get a day or two after shaving. This look is professional yet casual making it acceptable for any environment. However, stubble can’t be classed as a beard. It is more the growing process of a beard but does look amazing when executed properly. Usually, it looks fierce and masculine along your jawline, perfect when paired up with a slick back cut.

The Goatee Beard

the goatee beard
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The goatee beard remains as popular as it ever has been. The more common goatee covers the lip line and resembles that of a goat. But over the years have been developed many times. Mostly it is worn and looks the best on oval face types.

The Verdi Beard

The Verdi consists of a full beard with a much more maintained mustache of which the beard wearer often twists the tash’. You definitely would have seen this look around if not on TV. It is clean and cool in its way.

The Bandholz Beard

the bandholz beard
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The bandholz beard has become one of the most chosen beards for men that love beards. If you could grow facial hair fit for competition then this is the look for you. This lumberjack-friendly look is the best way to sport your luscious long beard that you better look after. With a thick mustache & thick beard, this look will turn some heads. It usually looks the best when paired with a handlebar mustache.

short hair & beard style ideas
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Short Hair & Beard Style Ideas

So there you have it. From this list, you will be able to pick an amazing beard style to try out. This list is home to some of the greatest short hair & beard styles of recent years and you should consider one for yourself. Be experimental with your beard trim and try something new.

Top 5 Long Hair & Beard Style Ideas:

  1. Buzzcut with Full Beard
  2. Messi Shortbread
  3. Zayn Malik Beard
  4. Low Fade with Full Beard
  5. Buzzcut with Goatee


What hair looks good with a beard? Pretty much any type. However, it all comes down to your personal preference. Which one design did you like the most from this list? Let us know! The truth is that you can easily rock any design you fancy, just watch out for your beard maintenance. In fact, investing in your grooming tools and beard-growing oils will make a difference. Ask your barber for some touch-ups if you don’t know how to do the look yourself. In the end, a ton of women will find you to be attractive, trust us.

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