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Shaved sides men’s haircuts are modern & stylish, as well as perfect for men who love short hairstyles. You can, surprisingly, do many different hairstyles & explore different sidecut designs. In this article, we will explain how to achieve shaved hairstyles, how to maintain them, and will let you know how to achieve nine different hair designs.

How Do You Shave Hair?

Are you wondering how to shave your head, on your own? This can be a bit tricky, especially if you are a beginner. However, you can shave your head with some proper tools and a steady hand.

Make sure you have these supplies:

How to?

Trim anything with a razor that is longer than 1/4 inches wit your electric clippers. Lubricate your head with warm water and start with shaving. Start at the front and work your way backward. Don’t forget the sides of your head. You’ll need a mirror to glide over & not cut yourself in the back. Use a high-quality razor & try to do a simple haircut before you add some undercut details. Finish off the look with aftershave and add some hair pomade.

Top 9 Different Side Shaved Hairstyles

1. Pompadour Haircut

pompadour haircut
@Nathan Done via Unsplash

Swept-back hair or a shorter pompadour is the perfect side shave style. It looks amazing on guys who are trying to achieve that sophisticated & refined vibe. There is volume mostly on the upper head portion, while the side parts are shaved. Usually, you can go for a #1 on the sides and wear this cut to every day or even formal events. Mostly, men will connect this side shave hairdo with their facial hair.

2. Man Bun Fade

man bun fade
@emre keshavarz via pexels

The man bun fade is for men who want length, but not a lot of volumes. This is a modern side shave that allows you to wear your hair in a bun at all times. You can also go for an undercut detail & get a cool design that will show once you tie up your hair in a man bun. Women love when guys can rock hairstyles that are this unique & when they can pull off a side shave while having a long bun.

3. Side Shaved Haircut Messy Top

side shaved haircut messy top
@Ralph Rabago via pixels

A bit messy on the top and short on the sides is a hairdo that is business-appropriate. Usually, men who love low-maintenance & interesting cuts will enjoy this design. Short haircuts shaved side looks best on men with natural volume + it isn’t too hard to style. If you are into short hairstyles and you love a simple design, you’ll love this solution.

4. Taper Cut With Shaved Sides

taper cut with shaved sides
@Ivan Oboleninov via pexels

A taper cut has a defined edge, and it can look great on medium-length hair. It usually suits guys who have a square-shaped head the best + it is one of those hairstyles that will never go out of style. A side shave on your taper cut is necessary + it will look the best on younger guys who love bolder & attention seeking looks. All you have to do to maintain this medium-long haircut and use a small comb and a pomade. Set all of your hair in place & make sure you wash your hair every 3-4 days. Short and shaved hairstyles don’t need to be washed too often.

5. Side Shaved Hairstyles With Short Hair

side shaved hairstyles with short hair
@Andrea Piacquadio via pexels

A sexy undercut design can add a lot to your look. Shaved hairstyles that have a defined edge look cool on men with oval-shaped heads. This side shave is not too dramatic nor attention-seeking, which makes it wearable for businessmen & guys who love simple hairdos. This can be an awesome hairstyle if you are off to a wedding, and you don’t want to feel too hot when you’re dancing.

6. Mohawk Fade With Shaved Sides

mohawk fade with shaved sides
@Damian Barczak via Unsplash

A mohawk design is for those men who have time to style their hair each day. Women usually adore this hairstyle since it is very voluminous. If you have hair shaved on one side and you are thinking of adding an undercut – go for it! A mohawk will always look good, especially on men who can take care of their hair, and who don’t mind getting cuts every 3-4 weeks. Also, you should have a hair pomade since it is vital in setting your strands in place. A mohawk hair is on a longer side, which is why you should set it, so it doesn’t move throughout the day.

7. Buzz Cut With Side Shaved Hair

buzz cut with side shaved hair
@Graham Hunt via Unsplash

A buzz cut or an undercut is, according to many women, sexy. Not everyone can pull off this short hairstyle, and not everyone will look good with this design. However, if your head is oval & your hair color is on a darker side (black or brown) – there is a huge chance that these haircuts with shaved sides will suit you. Men with blonde hair may end up looking too washed out, so you should stick to this design only if you have black hair.

8. Short Hair With Shaved Side Of Hair

short hair with shaved side of hair
@Hamza NOUASRIA via Unsplash

Men with short hair and an undercut design have one of the easiest & low-maintenance haircuts. If you are someone who loves to shave your hair on the sides, but you like to leave your beard long & noticeable, get this cut! All you need is a bit of beard oil and some lightweight pomade to style these shorter strands.

9. Curly Hair Shaved Sides

curly hair shaved sides
@Zahir Namane via Unsplash

Men with naturally curly texture can have a hard time trying to style & shave long hair. However, if you want to try out something different – try to shave only a little bit only on your sides. Leave the top voluminous and see how others react to it. Usually, women love when guys can pull off unusual cuts, and when they have a lot of definition. You can easily cut this hair short, and you can style it in many different ways. If you are someone who prefers versatile cuts, this one is for you.

Do You Have To Shave Your Whole Head For Brain Surgery?

This question worries plenty of men, especially those who have medium-long hair. No one loves to cut their hair or even do a side shave unexpectedly. For many, this is a bold move, but some doctors & surgeries might not require that you shave off your hair. In fact, in most cases, you will only need to do a side shave of a smaller portion. Of course, this depends on your surgery, but there is probably no reason for you to worry.

On That Note

Now you know how to style short hair & even how to get that side shave undercut detail. Are you ready for a change? Even women nowadays are going for shaved hairstyles due to the practicality of this look. If you want to look casual, cool, yet you don’t want to input a lot of time into your haircut – try out one out of these nine different designs, you won’t regret it!

Feature image from Unsplash

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