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Stop the clock! We know exactly how to get you out of a wrist watch funk.

Japanese watch brands are embedded into global watch royalty and our frame of reference. Chances are if you remember finding your dad’s, uncle’s or other relative’s watch as a child and feeling as if you had found treasure – it was in fact a Japanese born classic.

Brands like Grand Seiko, Citizen and G Shock Casio continue to pioneer watch wearing through technological developmentsmaking solar powered mechanical gadgets the epitome of style. We’ve put together a list of Japanese watch brands to have on your radar to step up your time-telling game.

Why Wear A Japanese Watch?

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Watches from Japan are famous for their exclusive supply but trusted consistency. If they’re not boasting eco drive or being the world’s first quartz watch, they’re rivalling the Swiss with traditional mechanics or zooming ahead with digital arm-candy.

Japanese watches are never too far from reach, even if you’re a first-time wearer. Brands such as Seiko have notably appeared in our favourite films and TV shows, worn for everyday or in the face of danger.

Roger Moore’s James Bond famously sported Seiko watches during the 1970s quartz revolution. The height of charm and sophistication, Moore is still proof that Japan watches are difficult to match when it comes to reliable style. Bond and Seiko are so synonymous that watches with a 007 classic essence continue to be hot items – minus the secret weapons.

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