A Countertop Device by Uvera Can Extend Shelf Life of Food Items

We can’t deny the fact that households generate a great deal of food waste. According to the UN, 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted every year. For this reason, Silicon Valley-backed biotech startup, Uvera has come up with a countertop food storage device to help in cutting down the wastage of food.

Uvera’s mission is to increase the shelf life of food with a natural UVA-B-C container which will consequently cut food waste in homes. This UV LED device uses the latest food preservation technology to tackle the global challenge. It increases the average shelf-life of meats by 33-percent, fruits by 123-percent, and vegetables by 141-percent, the company claims. The longer food shelf-life will reduce grocery trips per month/week and maybe the cost of food.

Professor Dr. Xiaohang Li from KAUST clarifies;

UV LED is the only technology that can emit pathogen-killing UV light while enjoying unparalleled compact size, reliability, and longevity.

The biotech claims that its light-based technology will be able to predict when fresh food will spoil and also extend its shelf life by up to 63-percent on average within only 30-seconds of use of the device.

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The Uvera smart food storage device is compact, portable, user-friendly, and chemical-free. It connects to the companion mobile app that allows users to check the fridge inventory online and also get food spoilage notifications.

Uvera has showcased its IOT smart food storage device at CES 2022.

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