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Normcore styling has become something of a phenomenon amongst many, so we’ve put together a simple guide on how to nail it.

Now, we’re not usually ones to use buzzwords and phrases surrounding fashion but we just have no other way of describing this trend. Normcore styling is basically keeping things very plain and absent of logos, prints and branding. It’s come from a lot of people feeling like there’s been over saturation in fashion and the fast-fashion trend-lead styles becoming less and less appealing to many. So it actually makes it an easy style to pull off as its very stripped back with a neutral colour palette, but to clear any potential worries you may have about achieving this look, we’ve put together a couple of key styles that easy to pull off.

The Colour Palette

how i put together a coherent colour palette

First off, let’s quickly run over what colours we’re looking for in this. You want to stay away from any bold or bright colours and keep it very neutral. Think black, white, grey, navy and sand, with all clothing being very basic – no trend lead pieces or major statements. Again, because of the very neutral tones, it means this is a really easy look to pull off as you’ll have no problems with colour clashing.

Smart Up

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Although this is a very stripped back style, there is scope to smarten it up a notch. Opt for a grey blazer, layered over a grey sweatshirt and teamed with a slim fitting pair of jeans, such as these Edwin beauties and some canvas style trainers. There is also room for some customisation if you want a little more individualism, one clear option being to turn up your jeans or add a classic accessory like a plain watch design.

Dress Down

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For your more casual outfits, the colour palette stays the same but you can give looser fittings a try. You can opt for some brown suede shoes, such as this Vans pair, a straight leg on your trousers and a simple grey sweat. To continue with the looser fitting style, try out a crew neck tee underneath an O neck sweatshirt, it just gives a much more relaxed finish to the whole outfit.

To sum it up, the normcore style (we’re still searching for another name for it) is all about keeping things very simple, neutral and as unbranded as possible. Very easy to style and strangely unique, it’s a look anyone can pull off.

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