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During the 1970’s, Adidas launched a marketing campaign known as Adicolor, and it’s one of the most iconic collections they’ve ever launched. Now, they’re bringing it back for 2018, and looks just as bright and colourful as ever, take a look below.

Many sneakers and collections these days are very much monochromatic, going for a more mature and polished look. However, we all love a bit of colour now and again, and Adidas have clearly got the memo. For 2018, they’re bringing back four sporty hues and from what we’ve seen – they look awesome. Bluebird, Fairway Green, Scarlett Red and Sun Yellow and the colourways we’re referencing, they were first seen in 1983, and have since become instantly recognisable.

adidas adicolor red

adidas adicolor yellow

The collection features many legendary styles, reworked for the modern market with a more refined fit and luxury feel. Vintage T-shirts, tracksuits, and Campus sneakers can all be seen throughout the campaign images. The collection is also totally unisex, which is certainly an interesting selling point, the fit of the pieces move totally beyond gender binaries, and can be styled in a whole manner of different ways. The collection itself gives off great vibes, and is seemingly perfect for the upcoming season.

adidas adicolor green

adidas adicolor blue

If you’re liking the look of the bright and bold Adicolor collection, the good news is that it’s releasing soon – January the 18th to be exact. It’s launching via Adidas’ official webstore, and there should be plenty of stock so nobody will be left disappointed.

Model: Adidas Adicolor Collection
Product Code: N/A
Release Date: January 18th
Buy At: Adidas

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adidas adicolor collection
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adidas adicolor collection
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