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There is no doubt that the Adidas Superstar is one of the most iconic trainer styles from Adidas Originals. However, do you know the history behind the trainers? Keep reading for a brief history into the trainers loved by Run-DMC and Pharrell Williams alike.


  • Coated leather upper
  • Iconic rubber shell toe
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Trefoil logo on heel patch
  • Rubber cup sole
  • Zig-zag edging on the classic three stripes


The Adidas Original Superstar is now one of the most ubiquitous trainer styles on the feet of sneakerheads and casual wearers alike. What may be surprising to you is that these trainers began their life as a basketball trainer. The leather upper and shell-toe design were technological features unheard of when they were released in 1969 – features that ultimately became standard for the sport. The Superstars quickly caught the eye of pro basketball players like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and their influence spread from there.

Superstars made the transition from the court to the street when rap legends Run DMC began to rock them in the early 80’s. The trio wore the trainers different from most, taking out all the laces and pushing the tongue through the shoe. The group wore the Superstar Adidas so religiously that they wrote a rap ode to their trainers, which prompted a million-dollar endorsement deal from Adidas.

A pivotal moment in bringing rap into mainstream culture as well as a formative moment in sneaker culture, it wasn’t long before Adidas Superstar shoes began growing in popularity exponentially.


the Adidas Superstar is one of the most iconic trainer styles in the world and was a key player in the formation of sneaker culture. Given the Adidas Originals trainers’ success, the design hasn’t changed much over the years – you don’t mess with a classic.

These men’s shoes keep the look classic with a coated leather upper and feature all the authentic details, including zigzag edging on the 3-Stripes and the signature rubber shell toe.Details celebrated by basketball players decades ago have also remained integral to the trainers’ design over the years. The Adidas Superstar’s was released in black and white as its original colourway, which remains one of the most commonplace colourway on the street.

The shoe’s minimalist and streamlined aesthetic means countless styling opportunities – people from all walks of life from rap royalty to skateboarders to sneakerheads have all made them their own.


Adidas Originals trainers has been churning out countless iterations of the iconic Superstars in their nearly fifty year run on the market. The Superstar is Adidas Originals’ second best-selling style to date, so it is safe to say there is a variation of this well-loved trainer to suit anyone.

Adidas Superstar All-Black

The Adidas Originals Superstar Weave in colourway Core Black are a fresh take on the classic pair. The weave detailing is an edgy and sporty update a lot of shoes have gone for this season. Moving away from the classic white sole, these trainers opt for a black sole that completes the monotone look.

Adidas Superstar Metal Shell Toe

The Adidas Superstars got a major update this season and feature a metallic shell toe instead of the classic rubber to highlight what catapulted this style into popularity decades ago. This detail was a commercial hit and has been featured in several drops since.

Adidas Superstar x Pharrell Williams Supercolour Pack

This collection was the first of many creative conquest that Adidas Originals and Pharrell share. This drop consisted of over 50 bold monochromatic colourways, which they did with the intention for there to be something for everyone.

How to Style

The Superstar’s casual essence pairs brilliantly with any casual outfit – the options are practically endless here. We suggest going for a street style look with dark jeans, a simple T-shirt, and a bomber jacket to top it all off.

Adidas Superstars – All You Need to Know

  • Key features include its coated leather upper, rubber shell toe, and zig-zag edging on the classic three stripes.
  • This is one of Adidas’ best-selling styles – surprising as they first released them as a basketball shoe.
  • You can style Superstars to fit any vibe you wan to go for..

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