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The Nike Air Jordan brand is famous for its retro re-releases of classic styles and designs. In 2006 Nike teamed up with the hip-hop apparel brand Undefeated to produce a unique retro re-release of the Air Jordan 5. Here’s all you need to know about this classic shoe.

In 1984 something monumental happened that would transform the world of sneakers forever. The NBA basketball player, Michael Jordan, and the sportswear brand Nike decided to collaborate on a pair of basketball shoes that combined sporting ability with fashion style. Little did they know that by today the Air Jordan sneaker franchise would be one of the most iconic and influential trainer brands in the world.

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The Air Jordan 5 is undoubtably one of the most popular and unique of the Air Jordan trainer range. Although it took some inspiration from the Jordan 4, it was more or less an entirely new shoe design. As one of Nike’s most famous and innovative designers, Tinker Hatfield has been the creative driving force behind the majority of the Air Jordan trainers.

The story says that when designing the Air Jordan 5, Hatfield got inspiration from fighter planes from the Second World War. This is something that you can most obviously see in the shark tooth detailing on the midsole.

The original features of the Air Jordan 5 included a light reflective tongue, lace locks, and a translucent sole. Although the sole was initially seen as a unique and interesting feature, over time it turned yellow in the sun. This lead to many complaints about the original trainer. Fortunately, since then Nike have had the opportunity to rectify this on future re-releases of the style.

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Air Jordan 5 (V) Retro Undefeated Olive/Oiled Suede – Flight Strain

In 2000, the Air Jordan 5 received its first retro re-release since it originally dropped in 1990. The colour-way was of Michael Jordan’s high school colours. However, it wasn’t until 2006, when Nike did a second retro re-release of the Air Jordan 5 that the Jordan 5 Olives came into existence.

Keeping in with the military theme that the shoe already possessed from its fighter plane inspiration, the Air Jordan Olive 5 came in a military style khaki green. This was also down in part to the collaboration that Nike did with the hip-hop retailer, Undefeated.

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When the shoe originally dropped in 2006, it sold out more or less instantly, demonstrating the huge popularity of the Air Jordan brand as a whole, and this particular colour-way specifically. The Olive 5s have since remained some of the rarest and most sought after Nike trainers.

In the same year, Nike dropped several other Air Jordan 5 re-releases. These included the LS ‘Grape’ 5s, LS ‘Burgundy’ 5s, the ‘Fire-red’ 5s and the ‘Green-bean’ 5s. Although there were lots of Air Jordan 5 re-releases in 2006, this didn’t stop the Air Jordan 5 Olive from being extremely popular.


  • Olive green uppers.
  • Orange inner lining, laces and jump man logo.
  • Removable velcro patch on tongue, revealing the words “Jordan Rare Air”.
  • Visible Nike Air heel cushion.
  • Light reflective tongue.



Original Release Date

November 11th, 2006.

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