We’re nearly out of things to say about the nylon mesh version of the Air Jordan Futurebut there’s something about this shoe that we’re not quite bored of yet. So we’ll phone in a paragraph.The woven versions trump these more sci-fi looking things, but this one isn’t bad at all. When it’s applied right, 3M makes everything awesome. The success of this shoe indicates that Jordan Brand will be trying to create some more lifestyle spins on the lasts and soles of the other classics, but it’s tough to find a better base than the XI. After all, the XI Low International Exclusive (even though it never seemed very exclusive) is one of the most slept-on Jordan designs of all time, and that excellent carbon fibre aided sole is one of the reasons it’s such a solid shoe. Grey and Volt seem to be getting applied to all kinds of things right now, just like Sport Blue is getting hurled on everything, but on this model, it works pretty well. It seems to glow and it really flashes when those Scotchlite underlays catch the light. Those asymmetric laces still throw us a little though. Not bad at all and in the store on Saturday.

Where to buy a pair of AIR JORDAN FUTURE

air jordan future
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