Amazon’s Smart Home Devices Hit All-Time Low Prices for Black Friday

You’ve probably already seen the many Amazon devices discounted for Black Friday — such as Echo, Fire TV, and Kindle products — but some of the company’s lesser-known smart home devices are seeing discounts today in Amazon’s Black Friday sale. And with prices from just $13, it’s well worth adding some of these nifty gadgets to your smart home setup. 

The most affordable, and most universally useful, device in the sale is Amazon’s first-party smart plug. Whether you’re just getting started with Alexa or you have Echo devices throughout your home, the Amazon Smart Plug is a great buy at just $13 in this sale. It’s normally $25, so you’re saving almost 50% while adding some convenience to dumb appliances around your home. 

Those wanting to take their smart home automation to the next level should consider Amazon’s Smart Thermostat at 30% off. It allows you to control the temperature of your home remotely so you can ensure it’s just right when you’re at home while saving energy when you’re not there. Also discounted is Amazon’s Smart Air Quality Monitor, which returns to its all-time low of $49. It keeps track of five key factors that affect air quality including particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, humidity and temperature. A color-coded LED indicator light will inform you about the air quality of your home, and you can also get alerts via your Echo devices.

One area of your smart home that you may not have spared much of a thought for is your kid’s bedroom. Though young ones certainly love quizzing Alexa, a fully fledged Echo device might be inappropriate for their own space. If so, you can use this sale to save on Amazon‘s kid-friendly Echo Glow smart lamp, down to $17 today. It doesn’t feature a mic or speaker but can be integrated into your existing Alexa-based smart home and provide visual cues for the kiddos, such as time to wake up, a countdown to dinner or a reading timer. 

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