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BAIT are known for their awesome collaborations. Although this one is really upping the game in terms of presentation. They’ve teamed up with Diadora and Transformers to create four limited sneakers that pay homage to 4 well known Transformers characters.

I’m sure you all remember the recent Transformers film series, or the Hasbro toys from your childhood years. Well now, if you’re a sneakerhead and a bit of a geek at the same time, all your dreams are just about to come true. Four limited sneakers are dropping inspired by Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron and Soundwave. The models of choice are two N9000’s, one S8000 and the Aeon.

bait x diadora x transformers group shot

bait x diadora x transformers birdseye

The pack is extremely colourful, features triple branding on the insole and has the logo of each Transformer on the tongue. The most interesting thing about this collaboration is most definitely the presentation. Each sneaker comes in its own limited edition box, featuring original Transformers artwork and continuing the colour scheme of the selected Transformer. To top it all off, inside the box you’ll find a miniature figure of the shoe’s allocated Transformer. Basically, these shoes are a collectors dream.

bait x diadora x transformers boxes

bait x diadora x transformers figures

If you’re looking to get your hands on a pair from this release, they’ll be releasing via BAIT stores and their online store this Saturday the 9th of September. They’re going to be a limited release so be ready and waiting if you want to try your chances at copping a pair.

Model: BAIT x Diadora x Transformers Pack
Product Code:
Release Date: September 9th
Buy At: BAIT

Where to buy a pair of Diadora N9000 Bait Transformers Optimus Prime

Diadora N9000 Bait Transformers Optimus Prime
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