Bauhutte’s Electric Gaming Bed Amplifies an Obsessed Gamer’s Laziness

With over 7,000 languages in the world, hardcore gamers like me are just familiar with one. Move with your right hand and shoot with your left. Southpaw chills, right! In fact, I’ve always dreamt of a world where robots are doing house chores, women are running the world, and men like me are just lazing in our gaming beds, twiddling our thumbs on a controller.

I mean common, who doesn’t like the idea of holding a beer bottle in one hand and a gaming controller in the other. Add a nice and cozy mattress to lay on and it’s a paradise for gamers. You ask for it, and Bauhutte delivers! From time to time, the Japanese gaming furniture company has been introducing gaming peripherals from desks and chairs to an automatic hand massager to assist hardcore gamers. This time around Bauhutte brings out a motorized bed that intends to make you lazier than ever.

Bauhutte BGB-100FA was made in partnership with the Japanese mattress manufacturer Nishikawa.  The bed fits in with Bauhutte’s modular home gaming system which includes a desk, wardrobe, and pantry. In 2020, the company introduced a gaming rig featuring a desk, headboard, bed frame, gaming blanket, and multiple other accessories to elevate your gaming experience to the next level.

They could have stopped right there, but for sloths like us, they had to incorporate two powered mechanisms which enhance the gamer’s torso and don’t force us to bend our muscles. So, all we got to do is wake up from our nap, ideally press a button, and witness the bed rise from sleeping to gaming mode within a few seconds.

With two reclining mechanisms, one at the back and the other at the footrest; the bed offers comfort for sleeping and gaming, except for the toilet, and I won’t be surprised if they add a washroom in their next update.

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Overall, the bed offers adjustments in the back and leg area and the angle of adjustment is 60-degree in the back and 35-degree in the legs providing a comfortable backrest and footrest while eating. The steel bed measures around 78.3-inches and can support up to 200kg of weight. In addition, the user also gets a pouch for the controller, which is clipped to the side frame of the bed.

There is no word on pricing or availability, but I’m sure the gaming bug is just waiting to take this home. 

bauhutte introduces electric gaming bed

Image: Bauhutte

bauhutte electric gaming bed_1

Image: Bauhutte

bauhutte electric gaming bed_4

Image: Bauhutte

bauhutte introduces electric gaming bed for the obsessed gamers

Image: Bauhutte

bauhutte electric gaming bed_5

Image: Bauhutte

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