BeamAR Lamp with AR Projector Turns Table Into Interactive Display

Lighting plays a crucial role in our lives. Sunlight to candles to other forms of artificial lighting, all are responsible for illuminating our homes and form a critical part of interior design. When doing the interiors, it is important thus to choose the correct light source that sets the ambiance and goes with the requirements of your smart homes. BeamAR, a pendant-style lamp with an AR projection mapping function is a good example of the future of lighting fixtures for such a space.

Before we get to the BeamAR, we must understand what projection mapping is? It is a technology that enables surfaces to come alive in a magical way and create psychedelic or simple digital effects. To be precise, it is an art that automatically detects objects in the real world. The technology has been put to use by the Japanese design studio, Shiftall, in the new project that concerns lighting and its perks.

Enter BeamAR with a built-in AR projector. When it’s suspended over a flat surface like a dining table, the BeamAR provides 800 lumens of light and its built-in camera recognizes an object placed underneath. For instance, there are some oranges placed beneath the pendant light, the 200 lumens AR projection unit would recognize them as fruit and display vital information about their origin and benefits on the table.  

Your dining table, coffee table, or any other flat surface can successfully turn into an interactive display with the BeamAR. It is not the first product to explore the potential of AR projection. Most previous attempts, Shiftall claims, are practical in low-light settings. 

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BeamAR pendant lamp, on the other hand, with powerful LEDs onboard can recognize objects and surrounding light to automatically adjust its projection lumination. Once you’re done awing your guest with the projection, BeamAR can restore to a lamp setting automatically.

beamar pendant light by shiftall_1

Image: Shiftall

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