Beckman College Students Design Lounge Chair From Textile Leftovers

Beckmans College of Design is one of the most reputed institutions in Europe that is known for honing skills and creativity of young passionate designers. Two design students from Beckmans College of Design recently collaborated with a Swedish furniture company, Johanson Design, to create a piece of furniture that you would love to bring home.

“As a designer today, you have a lot of responsibility for what you produce, as we live in a world of over-consumption. Our aim for the commodities of the future is creating a product that actively engages the consumer in adaptation and assembly, designer Rebecca Wiik told Homecrux.

Wiik alongside her partner Emil Ahlgren, are two final year design students who have created a lounge chair called SUGAR. The chair is built around a plywood frame and manufactured by Johanson in Markaryd, Sweden. Featuring a wooden body and small multiple pieces of upholstery, the chair can serve as a focal point in any room.

SUGAR lounge chair gets its name after the distinctive padded elements in the seat and backrest. The padded upholstery comes in the shape of sugar cubes and is connected to each side of milled wooden frames. The upholstery was designed using small textile Leftovers from the production of other furniture pieces.

“The aim is to promote conservation instead of waste in a world of technological consumer products with an accelerating complexity. For the future of design, is to value simplicity in the process, to work from a few components and be selective with its materials,” Rebecca notes.

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The chair is inspired by the furniture designs of the sixties and adapts to more modern manufacturing methods. The design team hopes that this furniture piece would soon feature in the lobby of a boutique hotel or a fancy office reception.

sugar lounge chair side

Image: Emil Fagander

sugar lounge chai detail front

Image: Emil Fagander

sugar lounge chai backside

Image: Emil Fagander

sugar lounge chai detail front 2

Image: Emil Fagander