BEDGEAR’s New Body Pillow Features Unique U-Shape Design


bedgear's new body pillow features unique u-shaped design

BEDGEAR, the brand focused on innovative bedding has come up with a new pillow featuring a curved design to support specific sleep needs. The new pillow is named The Body Pillow and is crafted from highly breathable fabric Air-X, which was used by BEDGEAR to create its Flow Performance Pillow collection last year.

This new Performance pillow uses the company’s Air-X breathable mesh fabric to provide maximum airflow and reduce overheating. The pillow is filled with BEDGEAR’s breathable React blend fill of silk-like fibers and comes with zip-off removable and high-efficiency washable covers.

The Body Pillow has a dual-sided cover with Ver-Tex instant-cooling fabric on one side and Air-X fabric on the other for maximum breathability. It is crafted to provide pressure relief that can be helpful for all types of people especially pregnant and post-partum women, as well as male and female athletes to sleep more comfortably.

The Flow Cuddle Curve pillow comes with a soft T-shirt-like grey cover with metallic-silver-colored piping and white mesh sides to provide continuous airflow and create an ideal sleep environment.

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The Air-X 3D-structured fabric creates a cushion of air with spring-like yarns. This allows air to move more rapidly, providing continuous ventilation throughout the night. One side of Flow Cuddle Curve is a patented React® blend fill of consistently cut materials, including silk-like fibers, for softer conforming pressure relief. The other side is filled with a BEDGEAR’s React foam crown for firmer conforming pressure relief. The BEDGEAR Body Pillow with a U-shape design is now priced at $100.

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