Best Halloween Camper Decoration Ideas

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought of it or not but your campervan is a perfect place to celebrate the All Hallows Eve. All you need to do is think of new ways to make it scary and blood-curdling.

I don’t own an RV personally, but I have picturized a list of ideas in my mind on how I will decorate my campervan for Halloween if I ever buy one. You can have a glance at these Halloween Camper Decoration ideas and try to make your RV camper as creepy as possible. Some of these ideas have been tried before while others are downright new. Let’s begin!

Eerie LED Lights

Scary Halloween LED lights for camper
Image: Ontarioparks

Decorate your camper with eerie LED lights that can be strung along your RV roof using hooks. You can even hang them on the doors, tires, windows and rear. Make sure the light strings you bring are in shape of ghosts, bats or jack-o’-lantern – perfect to drop sinister vibes.

Hanging Skeletons

Skeletons for camper decoration
Image: RVshare

Bring some skeletons and blood to your Halloween warming party. Nothing petrifies a man more than blood and bones. While you may want to avoid the red color because it will look super creepy but you can surely string a plastic skeleton in front door of your camper. You can even makes the skeleton sit next to you during the bonfire session and add even more fright to your Halloween decor.

Spider Web Outdoor Decoration

Spider web decoration for RV's during Halloween
Image: Campspot

If you were highly impressed by our spider decoration ideas for home why not festoon your camper with spider webs as well. Spider webs made of nylon rope and sticks can be used to bedizen your RV. They not only add a spooky element to your camper but also make it look downright dreadful.

Hitch Inflatable Monsters

Inflatable Monsters for Halloween Party
Image: Roads Less Traveled

Inflatable Monsters are one of the common items we use to decorate our homes or lawn during Halloween season. However, these inflatables can even be used in a camper via attaching these items to our RV roof. Happy Camping this Halloween folks!

Graveyard Around Your Camper

Campervan decoration with Graveyard
Image: crazyoutdoormama

The next idea I am going to tell you is unique as heck. It is a little difficult to replicate but if you are high on Halloween (not literally), try giving it a shot. Create a graveyard around your camper. Take some plastic tombstones and place them all around your camper. You can add tombstones of haunted dolls and grim reaper to leave passersby terror-struck.

Zombies on the Roof

Zombies and Mummy dummies for your RV decoration
Image: Campersmarts

Talking of passersby, you can spice up your graveyard and your camper by adding dummies of mummy and zombies to it. Also try placing some dummy zombies on the top of the roof to leave more daunting vibes near your camping bonfire.

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Halloween-Themed Pillows for Interior Decor

Boo Pillows for RV Halloween Decoration
Image: The VR Table

One of the best ways to show your Halloween spirit is by decorating your RV interior just like La Mesa RV did. You can decorate your interior with lights but when it comes to living space you need something chic and spooky to cover your sofa with. What better than Boo pillows that you can buy on Etsy for less than $20. These pillows add not-so-spooky flair to your Halloween camper decoration.

Jack-o’-Lantern Decorations

Jack-o-lantern for Halloween camper decoration
Image: TOGO RV

I will begin the Halloween camper decoration from the interior and you can also follow2 the same and adorn your RV with ‘mini campers’ that are carved out of pumpkins. Put LED lights inside them and your jack-o’-lantern is ready to petrify anyone. They are not only successful in scaring people but also add stunning ambience to the space.


Motion activated Halloween Animatronics to buy in 2021
Image: The Horror Dome

In case you have want something techy, try a scary Halloween Animatronics. There is nothing more horrifying than a moving devil screaming at you as soon as you open RV doors. It will scare the heck out of anyone.

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