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Jeans are a fashion staple of every man’s wardrobe – they can work for all outfits for all occasions. However, owning lots of pairs of jeans can become expensive and finding a great pair of jeans for under £50 can be tricky. This is where we come in with our guide to the best men’s jeans you can buy under £50.

They’re a staple item, they’re comfortable and they come in a range of styles, but jeans do have the problem of being kind of pricey when the quality’s good. However, many would argue that a cheap pair just isn’t worth the price tag, so if you want something that’s affordable and won’t fall apart after two weeks, we suggest you listen closely. Gone are the days when a pair would quite literally last you a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a decent pair at a great price. We’re here to show you the best jeans we have for under £50, making them great, inexpensive choices for an impeccable style.

Slim Fit

slim fit jeans

For many of you out there, a pair of slim fitting jeans will probably be the ideal option for you. The skinny jean has gone off of the radar again and the fitted style of slim fit jeans is coming out of the woodworks in full force. If you want to opt for a pair of jeans that are guaranteed to suit every single occasion, a pair of slim fit jeans should be your first point of call. Take a look at our top slim fit jeans under £50 below.

Skinny Fit

men's slim fit jeans with rips sky blue

The skinny fit is either loved or loathed, but whatever your taste, these are a statement pair that can look great with either big boots and a leather jacket or plimsolls and a clean white shirt. How you dress them is up to you – just make sure you can actually walk around and sit down in them first!

The key to buying a great pair of skinnies is to make sure that they are not so tight that you can’t move properly or that your blood stops flowing – it’s never a good look, so avoid it like the plague. You must know what style suits you best so you can avoid any disheartening realisations when you put on a pair of skinnies. They really aren’t for everyone, but worn right, they can look great.

If you like to stick to the skinnier style of jean, fret not. We cater to all of the classic men’s styles, so we’re fully stocked in the skinny jean trend too. Because we know that men still need to physically be able to move in a pair of skinny jeans, we have made sure we design them with a stretch material to allow for complete comfort. These stretch skinny jeans come in a stone wash blue with a button fly and a mid rise, tapered leg fit. Perfect for dressing either up or down, these skinny jeans are a style must-have and the best jeans on a budget.

There is no way we would create our skinny jeans in just a stonewash blue colourway. Black skinny jeans are the next best option over black slim fit jeans, especially when it comes to styling with ease. No matter what you pair with a pair of black skinny jeans, you won’t have to worry about clashing any colours or prints. You can go smart or casual and look effortlessly great every time.

Regular fit

bugatti men’s regular fit nevada d jeans

Now, this is probably one of the most popular fits of jean known to mankind: The regular fit. This fit suits everyone and it’s comfortable, what more could you want? They work great in any colour you like – blue, black or grey, and you can find a pair of regular fit cheap jeans that will be best for you.

This season, wider legged trousers and denim are a massive trend, and they look great with nearly all styles of shoe. Loafers or trainers, take your pick. Either way, you know you’ll be looking good this autumn/ winter and who knows, you may be a regular fit convert by the end of it all. They are the men’s best jeans that you need to check out as soon as possible.

To make sure we have you covered in all areas, we have made sure we nail all three jean styles, including the very ‘in’ dad style straight leg jean. These are bargain jeans considering they are the most popular style you can buy into right now, but once again, we have not compromised on the quality with these cheap jeans for men. We believe that every man should have good quality jeans that he can wear time and time again and never grow out of. This is why we still work with a stretch fabric to make sure your comfort is key so you will never want to step out of them.

One of the best ways to style these jeans is with a sweatshirt or jumper and a pair of trainers. The fit of these jeans demands a slightly more casual look for the ease of wear. However, if you’re feeling daring, you can easily incorporate these stone wash dad jeans into a smarter look. Achieve this by going for a plain white T-shirt (tucked in) with a grey blazer layered over the top. Add a belt to divide the look up and wear either a pair of clean white trainers or some black loafers with it.

Fianlly, we have the straight leg dad jeans in black. These are a bit easier to adapt into many different style because, well, black jeans always are. Again, wear them with a T-shirt and bomber jacket for a casual style or vamp them up with a shirt and blazer to impress. With the slim thighs and tapered leg in the stretch black material, you don’t need to look any further for the best cheap jeans men can buy.

On That Note

Who said that great quality jeans had to cost you an arm and two legs (pun intended)? We have a wide selection of own brand and other good jeans brands that offer high-quality denim jeans at an affordable price, often well under £50. From skinny jeans which you can dress up or dad style jeans which you can dress down, we have styles, colours and fits to suit everybody’s wardrobe needs. You can use these jeans with your already existing style, and if treat them right, you’ll be wearing them for years to come.

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