Best Prime Day Ring Doorbell Deals: October Sales Event

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The two most popular shopping events of the year are Prime Day and Black Friday, and Amazon is now presenting us with the Prime Early Access Sale, a shopping event that’s sandwiched right between the two. It will be taking place on October 11 and October 12, and this is great news for anyone who missed out on the first round of 2022 Prime Day deals, and anyone looking to add a Ring Doorbell to their smart home setup. Amazon is promising huge discounts with the sales event, and with Ring being an Amazon-owned brand, it’s a near certainty we’ll be seeing huge Prime Day Ring Doorbell deals.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, the Prime Early Access Sale will be a great time to kick off your holiday shopping. Not only do we expect huge Ring Doorbell discounts but many of the best smart home devices are likely to see sales. But the Ring Doorbell lineup is at the top of many holiday shopping wishlists, and we’re already starting to see some early Prime Early Access Sale discounts turning up. Read onward for more details on those, and for more information on how best to navigate the Prime Early Access Sale with Black Friday not long after it.

Today’s best Prime Day Ring Doorbell deals

Ring Video Doorbell Wired — $40, was $65

Ring Video Doorbell Wired mounted on a brick wall.

Ring Doorbell’s are extremely popular devices for the smart home, and the Ring Video Doorbell Wired leads the way in simplicity and ease of use. Wi-Fi connectivity allows it to connect to your home network and easily sync your doorbell with your smartphone or tablet, giving you full control of the Ring Video Doorbell Wired from anywhere you’re able to take your mobile device. Wi-Fi connectivity also allows you to receive alerts, accept a live video feed from the doorbell, and talk to your visitor from your smartphone or tablet.

The Ring Video Doorbell Wired makes for easy installation, and even so, if it’s a process that often gives you trouble, have no fear in purchasing, as our guide on how to install a Ring Video Doorbell is ready to help with the installation process. In addition to its easy installation, the Ring Video Doorbell Wired brings ease and convenience to your smart home, boasting a 1080p camera and two-way talk for interaction with people at your door.

Advanced motion detection and real-time alerts sent straight to your smartphone are also part of the Ring Video Doorbell Wired package, allowing you to always know if there’s a package arriving, if a friend has stopped by, or if there’s something taking place on your property that you need to be concerned about. If you need more details about how the Ring Video Doorbell Wired integrates into your smart home, take a look at our guide on how a Ring Video Doorbell works.

Ring Video Doorbell — $70, was $100

Ring Video Doorbell installed next to a white entry door.

Like all of the best video doorbells, the Ring Video Doorbell has an impressive 1080p camera. This camera, however, also has a 155-degree field of view, giving you a wider field of view and allowing you to see more of what’s going on outside your home. The Ring Video Doorbell also has two-way talk, allowing you to hear and speak to people at your front door from your smartphone or tablet.

A great added feature of the Ring Video Doorbell is customizable motion control settings, which allow you to set focus on the areas you most want to protect. The Ring Video Doorbell also offers great night vision features, which keeps an eye on things even while you sleep. It provides real-time notifications when someone is at your door, and it even has a built-in battery backup, so you can rest assured all features of the Ring Video Doorbell stay functioning, even during power outages.

This built-in, rechargeable battery is one of the most favorable features of the Ring Video Doorbell, as opposed to the Ring Video Doorbell Wired. It allows the Ring Video Doorbell to work even in power outages, and it can give you some peace of mind even during bad weather and other events that can cause your home to lose power. The Ring Video Doorbell is smart, secure, and an amazing piece of tech for the smart home.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 — $200

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 installed near a door.

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is closer to the top of the Ring Doorbell model lineup, but it still manages to produces a lot of value because of its relative affordability. It has a 1080p camera that lets you see, hear, and speak to anyone from your phone, tablet, or PC, as it’s able to connect to your smart devices for ultimate access, mobility, and convenience. It does this with dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, making it a device that can keep up with the speed of your life.

Improved motion detection, privacy zones, and audio privacy are all upgraded over the previous generation of the Ring Video Doorbell 3, and it can even send you notification when anyone presses your doorbell or triggers your built-in motion sensors. Like the Ring Video Doorbell, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 is powered by a rechargeable battery pack, ensuring it continues to function during power outages.

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is easy to set up and connect to your Wi-Fi network, and once connected, you use Alexa to hear announcements on a compatible Echo device when your doorbell is pressed and see a live view of your camera if you have an Echo device with a screen. You can even talk to visitors with a simple voice command. One of the more modern and feature -ich video doorbell options, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 is a great tech addition to any smart home setup.

Should you shop these Prime Day Ring Doorbell deals or wait until Black Friday?

Black Friday is traditionally the best time of the year to purchase a Ring Doorbell, but this second Prime Day sales event makes for some new opportunities. The Prime Early Access Sale brings with it the chance to score a major Ring Doorbell discount with the ability to do so at zero risk of missing out on a better deal. This event takes place a little more than a month before Black Friday, which means Black Friday falls within the return window of anything you purchase during the Prime Early Access Sale. In other words, you can make a purchase during the Amazon event, and if a better deal turns up on Black Friday, you can easily return it. You can even get ahead of other shoppers with our Ring Video Doorbell buying guide.

Black Friday is still expected to be a day full of massive discounts, so it’s still something you should take seriously in landing the best deal on a Ring Doorbell. However, it’s so popular that inventories often run out and long shipping times start to pop up. With the Prime Early Access Sale taking place in October, Black Friday now makes for a good insurance policy, as you’ll be able to purchase a Ring Doorbell early just in case Black Friday doesn’t have a better deal coming. It’s best to get your shopping done early anyhow, and shopping during the Prime Early Access Sale will ensure you land both a Ring Doorbell and a discount before the frenzy of Black Friday arrives. If a better deal turns up on Black Friday, you can re-evaluate your purchase at that point.

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