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Sunglasses are a mainstay in menswear, so check out this guide on the best sunglasses for men and you’ll be stylish in the sun in no time. It really is easier than it looks, and no-one wants to get caught in blinding sunlight without a pair of shades.


Summer sunglasses can heighten a look in no time at all and be a classic and stylish way to accessorise any outfit. However, personal taste also plays a big part. As there are so many different styles and shapes out there to choose from, you can be bombarded and not know what you’re doing.

They’re not just for summer, in fact, they can be a year round accessory that you can wear to lift a look. For those odd days in autumn and winter when the sun does like to show its face a little bit (my favourite kind of day), we need a pair of shades to protect our eyes. These days like to catch us off guard, so it’s alway best to keep a pair of sunnies on you at all times. You’ll thank me when you’re prepared for the sun, trust me.

Men’s Sunglasses Styles

Round Sunglasses

Round frames have been around longer than you’d first think, and are once of the most popular sunglasses styles. Dating back to the 1920s, round frames were one of the first shapes that we saw in the sunglasses world. If you look back at photos from that decade onwards you can see the world’s wealthy sporting a pair of round frames. Taking influence from Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby with those classic round framed sunglasses.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban has championed the Wayfarer shape and other brands such as Oakley and Persol cottoned on and created their own, unique version of the classic staple. The Wayfarer has been around since the mid-1950s where their popularity was at its peak. They fell out of mainstream use in the 70s and 80s until an endorsement deal catapulted them back on people’s faces.


The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is steeped in notoriety and the classic feel and look to these sunglasses make them a wardrobe must-have. Getting them in a classic black ensures the versatility of these sunnies and we all remember Tom Cruise in Risky Business sporting a pair of these sunglasses in that famous scene.

A Persol pair is a great alternative to the Ray-Ban style. Adding something a little different to your look, tortoiseshell sunnies are going to be the best accessory you could own for spring/summer. Persol is an Italian brand that has been going for almost one hundred years and I think they’ve had enough time to hone their particular craft.

Barton Perreira is a brand that knows its stuff when it comes to sunglasses. Mixing old and new styles to create modern and timeless sunglasses that everyone can wear. Their almost translucent frames add detail and make for a very interesting pair of sunglasses, almost blending in with your face rather than standing out.

Aviator Sunglasses

The aviator frames rose to notoriety when the pilots during the second world war needed something to protect their eyes from the sun’s glare. Ray-Ban was commissioned to create these sunglasses which were made with polarised lenses so that the pilots could see what they were doing.

These days the aviator frame has been made a cult classic in the film Top Gun and been loved by dozens of adoring celebrity fans. It’s true what they say, you can’t beat the classics, and to this day Ray-Ban does some of the best polarised sunglasses around.

top gun mens sunglasses

You can’t beat the originals, and a Ray-Ban pair will have you falling in love with this style of sunglasses. Lightweight and iconic, there’s not a lot more to say about these other than they’re perfect no matter what the season and outfit.

Persol has their own version of the classic aviator frame. A black pair with a thicker frame and slightly different shape make for a nice change when it comes to the aviator frames. These frames would sit wider on your face meaning they will add a lot more detail than a thinner framed pair. Hints of silver on the side offer a hint of detail and colour to further accentuate these brilliant shades.

Best Cheap Sunglasses for Men

Let’s face it, if you’re living in the UK, chances are you’re not getting to see a whole lot of sun. This being the case, maybe it’s wiser to opt for a pair that’s a little more budget friendly than the lovely Persol’s we all wish we could have.

Below, we’ve selected three pairs in different styles that’ll see you through the sunshine without breaking the bank.

While technically they can be considered a retro style, we’ve seen many modern designers offer their take on this now contemporary silhouette.

men's sunglasses

Best Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men

Ah, Ray-Ban. Not only one of the best sunglasses brands, they’re possibly seen as the pinnacle of stylish, everyday sunglasses. Most people who own a pair with let you know just how durable these are. They’re built to last, and they’re built to look good.

The iconic foldable club master sunglasses need no introduction. Popularised by Ray-Ban in the 1950’s, this style has stood the test of time providing wearers with a classic, sophisticated flourish to any outfit.

Apart from the aviator, no other style is as recognised or as replicated as Ray-Ban’s 2140. The simple design is stylish, durable and a great option for your everyday pair. However, aviators are probably the most globally recognised sunglasses you can think of. Designed for U.S. pilots in 1937, since then, they’ve been donned by some of the most iconic musicians and actors the world.

Best Aviator Sunglasses for Men

The Aviator is easily one of the most iconic sunglasses styles of all time. Created by Ray-Ban to protect the eyes of US pilots in the 1930s, the American company still produces the best aviator sunglasses for men on the market.

There’s not much variation it styles when it comes to the style, with the finish on the frame, the transparency of the glass and the level of tint being the biggest differences in characteristics between each one. A timeless classic that’ll never see you out of style.

Best Polarised Sunglasses for Men

Created with practicality in mind, polarised sunglasses reduce glare reflection allowing wearers to see with ease in strong sunlight, and on surfaces that would otherwise be too harsh on the naked eye.

Most decent trendy sunglasses these days contain polarised lenses for added practicality and versatility. With polarised lenses available in every style of sunglasses, the options for personalisation are endless.

smart sunglasses style

The Best Sunglasses for Men

  • Best Sunglasses for Round Face: Larger shapes such as wayfarers or aviators.
  • Best Sunglasses for an Oval Face: Every style will work well for oval shape faces.
  • Best Sunglasses for Oblong Face: Round or soft Square styles to balance the contours in your face.
  • Best Sunglasses for Square Face: Oval or softer edged rectangle shapes.
  • Best Sunglasses for Diamond Face: Light coloured rectangle styles will work best.

best sunglasses for men 2

On That Note

Sunglasses are personal, whether you’re into a round frame, wayfarer or an aviator pair, you can find a pair of shades to suit you. For a retro look, why not try a pair of round framed sunglasses – stylish, sleek and classic they will never go out of style adding to their timeless effect. If you’re more into a modern pair of sunnies, then why not try a classic Wayfarer. Championed by Ray-Ban in the mid-1950s they are favourites of celebrities and us normal folk alike. Go for a classic black pair with your suit to create a stylish and modern look. Or, if you’re more into the aviators, then you can’t go wrong – again, championed by Ray-Ban they stem from practicality to fashion (like most of the best things).

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