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Boxers vs briefs is a popular debate in the male underwear world with many factors to consider. A life essential decision that has proven to leave men hovering in the underwear aisle clueless.

Underwear is an essential item that is the foundation of your style. Uncomfortable, ill-fitting boxers or briefs can leave you squirming in your seat all day and let’s face it, when it comes to the all important intimate moment you need to impress.

Pairs with holes, discolouring, or that are too tight or too loose just won’t cut it, leaving you red faced and uncomfortable for the day. Don’t neglect your underwear drawer, and invest time to make the right decision. Don’t fret though, it’s not difficult and we’ve prepared the ultimate male underwear guide to avoid that awkward, uncomfortable moment, and to allow you choose wisely.

Different Types of Underwear

Men’s underwear has seen a shift in recent years with the department expanding considerably. Stores and online websites are stocked with a variety of styles to cater for guys needs, physiques and shapes. But what’s better, boxers of briefs? The two sided debate has evolved into a battle of seven teams, all sharing the same interest of supporting the modern gent. Take a look at the variety of styles available to make a wise choice on the underwear front.


The boxer shape is loose-fitting, providing no support, yet is a lot more breathable than the other underwear types. An open fly allows for an easy exit route and are extremely comfortable to wear. The boxer leg can vary from a relaxed or tailored fit but are traditionally long cut. The loose fit requires a more relaxed, baggy trouser whereas the slimmer fit can be worn under more fitted trousers.

When to wear: A style that can be worn everyday, but only for casual sports due to the lack of support.


The majority of guys own a pair of briefs as they are comfortable and can be worn under any type of clothing. Briefs cover your backside and package, yet expose the upper thigh and inside of the leg. It’s the perfect style for offering support, lift and keeping everything neatly in one place.

For those who prefer to avoid excess fabric the brief is a much better option to the alternative styles. Brief underwear is available in low, medium or high rise depending on preference.

When to wear: An everyday essential that can worn for casual or formal events, or for moderate sports.


A successful collaboration of the brief and boxer – the hint is in the name! The underwear type fits like a brief yet is longer, covering the third of your thigh. It’s a great pair to avoid chaffing during workouts, and also offers support and a full coverage.

When to wear: Again, perfect for everyday use and moderate sporting activities.


The trunk fit can easily be mistaken for a boxer brief as the style is very similar. The difference includes a shorter leg and a closer fit with less fabric. Trunks are less likely to ride up the leg, and create a more square appearance, becoming a popular choice for the men.

When to wear: A favourite for dressing up for nights out as well as a staple everyday item.


A similar construction to the thong in terms of coverage, yet the two straps offer backside support. The pouch, which can be fitted with a cup for added protection is connected to two leg bands that lie either side of the upper thigh and attach between the legs to the underside of the pouch.

This type of underwear is chosen for high-impact sports due to its protection element. The style usually lifts the package up and away from the body for a cooler and dryer option.

When to wear: The jockstrap is perfect for rigorous sports due to extra support and protection compared to other styles.

How to Guarantee Comfort

The ultimate question is – what shape or type is the most comfortable for your physique? Riding up or falling out is uncomfortable and could lead to an embarrassing situation that, lets face it, nobody wants to live through. A supportive, well fitting pair will ensure that you feel confident in your decision, without the risk of becoming irritated or uncomfortable.

To ensure that you pick the right underwear style for you, test out a few different types to get a feel for the shape and fit. Some will work better for you than others, and you can eliminate these from the race to find the winning pair. You might find that you prefer a few styles depending on the fit of clothing, or need a different type to accommodate your sports hobby.

Unfortunately, most retailers do not allow returns on underwear unless the garment remains in the same condition and is tried on over existing clothing – so follow the guidelines to avoid forking out a fortune trialling each style.

The Importance of Underwear Fabrics

With the boxers or briefs lying next to your skin covering such an intimate area, the fabric of the underwear is highly significant. Itchy, rough material needs to be avoided at all costs by choosing a soft, breathable fabric such as cotton. Most retailers stock underwear that is kind to your skin, yet before buying feel the fabric first to be sure.

Higher quality brands will most likely use material that is kind to your skin and lasts a long time. Spending more on your underwear collection is wise as they are an essential part of your wardrobe and needs to feel just right against your skin.

Half the world does not know the joys of wearing cotton underwear.

Phil Gramm, Politician

Are You Wearing the Right Size Underwear?

Choosing the correct size is also important to provide the support and fit that a guy needs. A pair that is too tight is inevitably going to be uncomfortable, especially when it’s digging into your thigh or failing to cover your derriere. Equally a boxer or trunk that is too big will leave you with no support and a baggy, unattractive look.

Knowing your exact size is a great place to start. Most brands use a size guide of XS to XXL, with waist measurements for men to follow. Measure your waist and choose the size that you fall into for a snug fit.

Men want the same thing from their underwear that they want from women; a little bit of support, and a little bit of freedom.

Jerry Seinfeld, Actor

Check out the below chart to find out what size is appropriate for your measurement.

What Colour Underwear Would You Prefer?

Do you prefer wearing a bold colour boxer, or would you rather opt for a more subtle shade? Whether you choose boxers or briefs, each style is available in a plethora of colours and patterns, making your underwear drawer full of personality. With the male underwear industry choosing to offer a selection that is bright, colourful and design led – it’s difficult to resist!

A fun and unique collection of underwear is worth a try. Why not opt for a safe black option at the office and a more daring choice out of hours?

What Is Your Body Shape?

The male form varies between different individuals, with some physiques sporting a very muscular, broad stature, others rocking a slim, tall frame and so on and so forth. Therefore, it’s important to choose your underwear depending on your build, as some styles will fit slightly better than others.

Guys with smaller thighs may opt for a brief, as a loose fitting boxer may swamp their smaller frame. Fuller, thicker thighs may prefer the loose fit boxer for comfort and to avoid chaffing. Believe it or not body shape is a vital part of choosing the correct underwear and definitely should be taken into consideration.

Who Are You Trying to Impress?

We’ve all seen the Calvin Klein ads with the bulging biceps, muscular thighs and six packs – a tough act to follow for the fellas, with many hoping to look the part for the ladies. However, let’s get realistic. Women understand that the Justin Bieber ad was heavily photoshopped, and a lean, trim physique will more than suffice.

Wearing a style of underwear that fits correctly and flatters is much more important and is bound to impress at the most crucial time. Focus on wearing a type of boxers or briefs that’s comfortable yet appealing, rather than trying to emulate an unrealistic perception – are you with me?

Does the Brand Matter?

To many guys rocking a branded pair of boxers with the waistband showing above their jeans is an important factor when choosing their briefs. Most labels have the brand name stitched into the elastic waistband catching onto the trend.

Some guys prefer to show off a top label in the underwear industry with the likes of Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss being the front runners. Many feel that more expensive brands add a cooler edge to their style with many lads solely buying one brand alone.

I love Calvin Klein underwear. That’s the only kind of underwear I wear. I own more pairs of Calvin Klein underwear than I can count. At any given time, I probably have 50 to 60 pairs on deck. I travel with an entire suitcase and t-shirts, and they’re all Calvin Klein.

Trey Songz, Hip-Hop Artist

Your Quick Guide to Boxers Vs Briefs

  1. Get clued up on the styles of male underwear out there.
  2. Test out the different types to find out what works best for you in terms of support, comfort and protection.
  3. Check that the fabric is soft to avoid chaffing before buying your boxers or briefs.
  4. Measure your waist to guarantee that you choose the correct size.
  5. Consider the brand, price and colour to ensure that you are ready to impress.
  6. Take your body shape into consideration when choosing sides.

On That Note

The debate of boxers vs briefs is a lot more complicated than first appears. The decision all depends on support, protection, comfort, fabric, size, brand and body shape to truly find a sole winner in your quest. There are a wider scope of styles to choose from, which provides more options for the modern gent. Why not have a selection of styles in your underwear drawer to suit all occasions? We dare you.

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