Bucket Stool by Pedersen+Lennard for Shabby Chic Allure

Trust me, I would have thought it to be a trash container had I not seen the tag of Pedersen+Lennard on this bucket stool. The brand is creating a name for itself in South Africa with the design world keeping a keen eye on their latest creations. The design studio has created bucket stools that every middle-class folk would love to have in their home.

Bucket Stool by Pedersen+Lennard is a handmade recycled steel bucket seat. The bucket stool features a galvanized and powder-coated bucket with varnished legs. It is poised on birch ply legs and has an upholstered seat to offer you comfort. It is available in multiple color combinations ranging from red, ivory to dusty green.

If you somehow feel this won’t fit your living area try keeping them in your entrance or garage where they will be a great help while you wash your car or fix your door lock.

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We have seen some really fancy stools in the past that are elegant in design, great in texture and very comfortable to sit on. However, the only shortcoming is the price tag which may be acting as a hurdle in buying them. Well, this is not the case with Bucket Stool as it will cost you around $129, which is not that much considering the Cape Town-based studio is renowned for making items that will boggle your mind.

Bucket Stool

Image: Pedersen+Lennard

Bucket Stool

Image: Pedersen+Lennard

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