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Are you conscious of the stretch marks and scars on your body? Then go ahead and find out the answer to if you can tattoo over stretch marks!

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Stretch marks and the associated scars start to form when we grow up or gain some extra fat.

Stretch marks mostly show up as thin white lines over our shoulder, knee, hips or waist and over our belly. Pregnant women get more stretch marks when they carry the baby inside their bodies.

Even though stretch marks are completely natural and normal, many women and men still feel self-conscious about them. As a result, they often use make up or concealer to hide their stretch marks. However, those are temporary solutions and do not conceal the stretch marks for a long time. A lot of people are also unhappy with the visible scar tissue that can be spotted on their skin. A very simple solution for hiding stretch marks and scar tissue can be to get a cover-up tattoo. A cover-up tattoo is a tattoo that is specifically designed for hiding any older tattoo or stretch marks and scars according to a person’s wishes.

Thus, if you want to conceal your stretch marks, go ahead and look at these fantastic ideas for a cover up tattoo!

Awesome Ideas For Stretch Marks Covering Tattoos

awesome ideas for stretch marks covering tattoos
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Stretch marks are a completely natural part of our body which comes and goes as our body changes weight, shape and size. The fine lines and scar tissues are found in every human being. However, a lot of people feel conscious about their stretch marks and want to conceal it as best as they can. So if you have been asking, “Can you tattoo over scars and stretch marks?” then you will find that the answer is yes. Under the hands of an expert tattoo artist, you can easily conceal your stretch marks with a wonderful tattoo design on top of it. Once the tattoo is fully healed, people will not even be able to recognize that you ever had scars or stretch marks over the same area.

Ideas For Small Cover Up Tattoos To Hide Your Stretch Marks

ideas for small cover up tattoos to hide your stretch marks
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Most cover up tattoos are usually quite large and encompass a large stretch of our bodies. However, some people may also decide to get a tattoo to conceal a small area where there are scars or stretch marks. So you need to talk to your tattoo artist before tattooing and let them know about the particular shape of the tattoo you want. This will help the tattoo artist in developing a tattoo design to hide such skin condition easily. A fully healed cover up tattoo will completely disguise the stretch marks and scars that you were trying to conceal as the artist will create a new and awesome design in the same place.

Designs For Tattoo Over Stretch Marks

designs for tattoo over stretch marks
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If you have ever thought, “Can you tattoo over stretch marks on stomach?” then the answer will be a resounding yes. If you are insecure about the stretch marks on your stomach, you can ask a tattoo artist to simply tattoo over it in order to conceal it. The tattoo artist can use black ink over the area or even an ink of the same color as your skin tone in order to make the skin look just like it did earlier.

Sometimes, people also need cover up tattoos in order to conceal their older or more faded tattoos. In these situations, they opt to completely cover up that tattoo with ink rather than go through the painful process of tattoo removal with the help of a laser. If you are also looking for cover up tattoos to hide your previous tattoo, here are the best blast over tattoo ideas!

Lovely Floral Tattoo Designs For Covering Stretch Marks

lovely floral tattoo designs for covering stretch marks
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If you plan on concealing the fresh stretch marks on your stomach after pregnancy, then you will find that you need to get a huge tattoo that encompasses a large area. It might be difficult to find a great pregnancy stretch mark tattoo cover-up that will cover up all those new stretch marks. However, you can always use floral motifs for these situations. You just need to ask your tattoo artist to draw up some huge flowers like roses, marigold, or sunflowers and to use that design to make the perfect cover up tattoo!

Skin Tone Tattoo Designs For Concealing Stretch Marks

skin tone tattoo designs for concealing stretch marks
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Sometimes, people don’t want to cover their stretch marks with black ink but prefer to return to the state it was before the marks formed on the skin. For those people, tattoo artists have created an amazing process of nano color infusion by which they can get their stretch marks tattooed with a color that matches their own skin complexion. Thus, the tattoo artists fill in the white lines with the same color and the white or purple stretch marks cannot be seen anymore! These tattoos are perfect for people who want to get rid of their tiger stripes on the back of their knees or on their hips. The skin colored ink will restore those parts of your body to natural skin tone and will make it look like healthy skin again! If the color fades after getting a tattoo, you can always go back and get touch ups with the ink of the same color. So you can bid goodbye to the fine lines of silvery white color thanks to a good artist.

Gorgeous Tattoos That Cover Damaged Skin And Scars

gorgeous tattoos that cover damaged skin and scars
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If you have ever wondered, “Can you get a tattoo over stretch marks?”, then the answer is yes. tattoos cover stretch marks regardless of where the stretch marks are situated on our body. A lot of women often feel conscious of the scar tissue and stretch marks they get after weight gain due to pregnancy. It is becoming increasingly popular for them to also get tattooed once their skin heals completely. Therefore, you will find a number of awesome designs for stretch mark stomach tattoos for females to choose from.

If you think you need to look at some more cover up tattoo designs, take a look at these awesome cover up tattoo ideas for your next tattoo appointment.

Great Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Concealing Raised Stretch Marks

great shoulder tattoo designs for concealing raised stretch marks
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A lot of people, especially women, feel conscious about wearing tank tops or sleeveless shirts because of the stretch marks they have in that region. People who undergo a lot of weight loss also exhibit stretch marks in these regions. If you find yourself asking, “Can you tattoo over stretch marks on arms?” then the short answer is yes, you can. A lot of cover up stretch mark stomach tattoos for females are made especially with the aim of hiding the marks on the shoulder region.

Designs For Colorful Tattoo Over Stretch Marks

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If you decide to get a new tattoo design on top of healed scars or over the stretch marks on your arms, you can definitely choose a colorful design. A colorful tattoo will look amazing once the tattoo heals and has time to settle into the skin. You can also research about a great tattoo shop near you where the artists are proficient in tattooing over stretch marks. Therefore, if you are ever insecure about your skin condition in your upper arms, stomach or hips – you can easily hide or conceal it with bright and colorful tattoo ink.

Elaborate Tattoo Designs For Covering Scars And Stretch Marks

elaborate tattoo designs for covering scars and stretch marks
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If you have a lot of scarring or marks on your back, ou can definitely think about getting a tattoo to cover it once it will heal. Like the photo above, you can also think about getting a large and complex design tattooed on your back. However, it will be a time-consuming and costly process and you will have to be careful during the healing process. You have to keep the area hydrated as a general rule with antibacterial ointment so you don’t end up damaging the skin even further. You should also listen to the professional advice your tattoo artist will provide before you get a tattoo.

Geometrical Tattoo Designs For Covering Up Stretch Marks

geometrical tattoo designs for covering up stretch marks
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If you want an unconventional design for tattooing over stretch marks, you can choose geometrical patterns. These abstract, symmetrical figures look really pretty and also occupy a lot of space. Consequently, the tattoo ink will easily cover the large stretch marks on your body.

A lot of people around the world have reported that they felt much more comfortable and confident once their stretch marks or scars were no longer visible. They gained this confidence by working on the skin surface and covering them up with awesome tattoos. If you also feel the need to conceal some of your marks and spots and were curious if you can tattoo over stretch marks, you definitely have the answer now!

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