How to Get Rid of Slugs in your Garden

1 slugs in garden are destructive

One of the most commonly found pests, slugs in garden and allotment areas can do significant amounts of damage in a surprisingly short amount of time. Capable of wiping out a collection of young flowers or vegetables in a night, they are often described as the gardener’s worst nightmare. Keeping …

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Ultimate Guide to Growing Burning Bush

growing burning bush

Growing Burning Bush: An attractive ornamental plant, burning bush is a deciduous shrub native to Asia. Popular in North American landscapes for its dense multi-stemmed appearance, the common name of these slow growing shrubs is inspired by the red flame-like appearance of its foliage during the fall months. While the …

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Gardens Are Attractive

gardens are attractive

Gardens are attractive nest sites for bumblebees for many reasons. The diversity of garden features and trees will provide a source of food needed by the queen and broods. Large gardens with hedges, trees, flower beds, fruit trees and vegetable gardens are good sites for bumblebees for they are a …

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Why Your Hydroponic System May Need A Bubbler

hydroponic system

Hydroponic System May Need A Bubbler: If you are new to hydroponic gardening, you may be confused by all the different kinds of available systems. There is a dry, gel, Ruffle, Ebb and Flow, and every other system that you can think of. What you may not know is that …

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Rose Gardening Tips

rose gardening tips

Rose Gardening Tips: When it comes to having a beautiful rose garden, it is important to plan. While browsing the local nursery, you should be able to select a variety of roses that will grow well in your climate. This means that it is better to check what types of roses …

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Intensive Gardening – Planning Your Bedroom

intensive gardening

Intensive Gardening – Planning Your Bedroom Intensive gardening is simply treating your garden so that you fill it with plants, flowers, and shrubs, all in close-coupled. This helps you create a relaxing garden, with many plants share the same attention and consist of the same proportion. Making an individual focus …

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