Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot is a tease. These other robots are real

boston dynamics' spot robot

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot. Stephen Shankland/CNET Tesla CEO Elon Musk spun up his attention machine last week’s, pulling the wraps off a humanoid robot that uses artificial intelligence to take over mundane tasks for people. The Tesla Bot, he says, will sport autopilot cameras and an information display instead of …

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Smart home tech still isn’t smart — now what?

tobin richardson

“Smart home” tech isn’t all that smart — and it’s still too hard to install and have it interoperate across brands. Those pain points are major contributors to the fact that barely one-third of US households with broadband internet have one smart home device 11 years after the category was …

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Best smart home tech for your dorm

Small, smart home devices can easily upgrade your dorm room when you head back to school. Take, for example, the $35 Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker.  The Echo Dot, which is powered by the Alexa voice-activated digital assistant, does everything the full-size Echo does for half the price: Control other …

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