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Easily one of the most iconic sneaker collaborations of recent years, Converse x Comme Des Garçons continues to sell out – but where did it all start? Read on for everything you need to know about this fashion forward collaboration.

High fashion and high-street is often a mixture that can go one of two ways – disastrously or iconic. Thankfully, in the case of Converse x Comme Des Garçons, the latter was the case.

Partially due to their incredible versatility and comfort, they’ve quickly become one of the most popular collaborations the past few years, with fashion fanatics and regular guys alike hoovering them up each and every time a new batch drops. With a few different silhouettes, and several colourways to choose from – there’s something for everyone.

Converse x Comme Des Garcon street style all variations


  • Use the Chuck Taylor shoe construction.
  • Available in low and high-top variables and both black and white base colours
  • Commes des Garçon aspect of the shoe is displayed and recognised with their iconic heart and eyes logo.


Designed by Filip Pagowski himself, the Converse x Comme Des Garçons collaboration started all the way back in 2009 when the two iconic brands met to design a series of 4 different styles. When initially creating the world renowned collaboration – Converse reached into their archive to pick out a Chuck Taylor silhouette first used in the 1950s for US military.

The first drop consisted of a white and black option in either high top or oxford styles and was a complete success. Featuring the brand’s unmistakable heart logo, they quickly became a favourite of fashion editors and street style stars alike. Since this initial collab, the brands have reunited on several occasions since to create more colourways and styles – with each drop being just as successful as the last. Originally released in 2009, the trainers are priced at £100.

like boys converse


Comme Des Garçons, is a Japanese fashion label which translates to mean ‘Like Boys’ in French, and is based in both Tokyo and Paris. Confusing right? But, anyway, the brand has had a major success, especially with their collaboration with Converse. The signature Comme Des Garçons ‘Play’ logo consists of a red heart with two eyes, this features on all the converse collaborations in many different ways. All styles are available in both black or white and hi-top or low-top making them desirable to a wide range of people.


Like Boys Play Converse

Available in both black and white, these signature converse are a bloggers and celeb fave. The classic converse style has the Comme Des Garçons logo on the side. This is the simplest trainer from the collaboration and is a key piece for any Converse collector (if there is such thing). These can be styled with a wide range of outfits but keep it casual and stick to either slim fit jeans or trousers with a basic tee or opened up shirt.

Converse x Comme Des Garcon white street style

Converse Pro

Continuing with the iconic collaboration between Converse and Comme des Garçons, a limited edition design was brought out which had a lot more heart to it. The shoe is covered with the heart logo in either red, black or white depending on the canvas colour of the trainer. Commes des Garçons Converse in white have either red or black hearts and the black trainers have red or white hearts. Available in both hi-top and low-top styled Converse, this design gives you plenty of colour and shoe options to choose from.

This design is a lot more busy than the ‘Play’ design but if you really want to stand out and get your shoes noticed, these are the ones for you. Wear them with a simple outfit and keep the colours to a minimum and let the shoes do all the talking.


Commes Des Garçons Converse Polka Dot

If all over hearts seem a bit much for you, one last design has been made between Commes des Garçons and Converse. A polka dot version of the hi-top and low-top Chuck Taylor trainer has been created. The shoe is covered in contrast black or white polka dots depending on the converse canvas colour and has, of course, the iconic heard CDG logo on the outside of the shoe, overlapping any polka dots. This again is a very bright shoe and your outfit should compliment it. Stick to blacks and whites on the bottom half of the outfit and make sure the shoes are the main attraction.

Commes des Garcons converse polka dot white hi-top

How To Style

Styling converse has a real 90’s feel to it, blue straight cut jeans and a pattern shirt shouts Marty Mcfly vibes. Or if you’re more of a Danny Zuko kind of guy, a leather jacket and black jeans will give you the effortlessly cool look. Styling Converse Commes des Garçon is no different, a pair of straight cut jeans or trousers will do the trick. If you’re wearing high-tops keep the trousers just above the ankle as this will help show off the trainers.

mens cropped trouseres white t shirt converse

When it comes to the low-tops, no matter what Commes des Garçon style you choose, these can be worn with a pair of black jeans and white tee if you want to keep it simple. However, converse are a trainer that can be worn well with trousers as this gives off the 90’s style even more. Partner your converse with tan, brown or black trousers and a plain T-shirt. This is a very smart casual Converse look as the trousers add some smartness to the outfit.

Converse x Comme Des Garçons

  • The collaboration use the Chuck Taylor Converse shoe construction.
  • Iconic Commes des Garçons heart is featured on all styles in one way or another.
  • The shoes are available in both low-top or high-top variables.

converse white commes des garcon high tops mens

On That Note

Converse have had many collaborations, but the Commes des Garçon style is definitely up there as one of the best. The Play edition is by far the most commonly seen pair of Converse collaborations, and unless you have been living under a rock, these are an all time favourite. The limited edition pro and polka dot designs are a style staple and if you’re a fan of both Converse and Commes des Garçon this collaboration is one to invest in.

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