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Growing a beard is one thing – maintaining it is something else entirely.

Beards are notorious for being a bit of a wild animalmaking it all the more important for them to be groomed and managed with a close eye. Taming it to grow the way you want is a key step in seeking full-bearded glory, with products stepping in to offer a much needed hand of support.

For the best way to tackle your beard growth and health, look no further than beard oil. Providing health benefits as well as keeping hair soft and moisturised, it’s always effective in making sure your beard remains as full, soft and tame as possible. In addition to this, oils with coconut in them are considered the best of the best, preferred by many to keep control of their facial hair.

We’ve compiled a list of the best coconut beard oils around to start your journey to full beard health.

Why Choose Coconut Oil?

Image Credit:  Men’s Hairstyles Today via Pinterest

Before you begin any beard care, it’s important to bear in mind that there’s more than one type of coconut oil available. Virgin coconut oil is the raw real deal, with the end product being free from processing, being able to keep more of its original benefits locked in. Refined coconut oil, on the other hand, tends to have been a lot more thoroughly processed, leaving it as something more akin to cooking oil.

We know that skin products in general are highly praised if they contain coconut oil in them, and it turns out many of these health benefits are present in beard oil too. Many have to deal with the facial hair nightmare of ‘beard dandruff’ (a.k.a ‘beardruff’), and coconut oil in beard related products helps to fight any flakiness and keep skin from drying out.

Using coconut oil for your beard acts as an antibacterial defence, preventing any future buildups or irritation on the skin. Seeping through the beard and into the skin itself, coconut oil has the ability to deeply hydrate and moisturise to coast each and every hair follicle.

The benefits of coconut oil don’t stop there – if you can consistently apply this oil for the beard, there’s a greater chance of accelerated beard growth, too. Coconut oil is also supposedly the best to achieve the greatest beard shine, surpassing other oils such as argan and jojoba oil.

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