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No man’s outfit would be complete without some stylish extras adding the finishing touches. Whether they have a practical purpose, or are just for looks, here’s how to wear some essential men’s accessories.

Accessories are a tricky thing to master, especially with all the options that are available out there. However, you don’t need a wide variety to nail your look, and we’ve come a long way since gentlemen walked around with top hats and ceremonial swords. There are only a few key pieces that you will need on a day-to-day basis to complete your outfits.

Also, the type of extras you wear can depend on the season and what you’re doing. For instance, you’re probably not going to wear a woolly hat in the middle of summer, and unless you’re a celebrity, probably shouldn’t wear shades in winter. Here’s when and how to wear them.

Men’s Bags

Men’s backpacks

If you’re looking for something practical to carry your items in, then a rucksack is for you. Arguably the most versatile bag design, whether you have to go to work or the gym – a stylish backpack allows you to hold everything you need, whilst also being comfortable and stylish.

Although you may not think it, a bag is an extremely important part of a man’s wardrobe. It’s pretty hard to think of a time when you won’t need something to carry your things in. This is especially true when you’re going to work. Although the morning commute is a cold and tiresome task, a useful bag is the perfect companion.

Men’s Rucksack Outfit

When you’re travelling to work during the cold months it’s a good idea to layer your outfit. Layering is great because it helps you stay warm on a crisp winter day whilst also maintaining a stylish look. Why don’t you try wearing a stone coloured jumper over the top of your shirt. Jumper and shirt combos are a perfect way to stay neat as well as warm. Finish it with a dark overcoat for your outer layer to add some extra formality in the office.

On your bottom half, combine your outfit with some dark navy or black chinos. Depending on the dress code in your office, wearing some white leather shoes is a clean way to finish this outfit off. However, wear some black shoes if you want your style to remain professional.

During the winter you will generally wear dark and monochrome colour combinations. Therefore, when choosing a rucksack for work it’s a good idea to stick to this rule, this one in grey, £84.90, is perfect.

Men’s Weekend Bag

Going on a weekend break anytime soon? If you’re jetting off to Europe for a couple of days then you’re going to need a spacious and practical bag for all your luggage. Whereas a proper suitcase might be a bit extreme, there are plenty of mid-size bags out there for this specific purpose.

Herschel produce a great holdall style weekend bag that would be perfect for any short trips on a plane. With up to 39 litres worth of space, the Novel Weekend Bag, £79.90, has more than enough room for a couple of days worth of clothes. In addition to this, it also comes with a built-in shoe compartment, making it easier for you to take multiple pairs of footwear. The removable shoulder strap and hand grips means that you can alternate between how you want to carry your luggage.

Men’s Weekend Bag Outfit

When on a long journey you want to be comfortable, especially if you’ve got a heavy men’s holdall to carry around with you. As the popularity for men’s sportswear clothing continues to increase it’s easier than ever to wear comfortable and stylish clothes. Jogger bottoms are not only extremely cosy to wear, they are also very stylish, making them perfect for travelling in.

If you want to keep you outfit from becoming too casual then combine your trousers with a light Oxford shirt. However, you could easily wear a T-shirt and hoodie if it’s cold. Finish the look off with some casual trainers like these grey ones, £69.90, for an understated style. Pairing this outfit with a holdall weekend bag will be all you need for your trip away. Now all you have to worry about is spending money

Men’s Watches

In today’s modern world many people don’t see the need for a traditional wrist watch. What’s the point in having a watch when you can just look at your smart phone? Well, other than a watch being extremely stylish and looking good in many different outfits, it can still be a very practical accessory. Your watch won’t run out of battery as quickly as your phone will.

A good timepiece is a man’s best friend. It will make sure you are on time for meetings, as well as allowing you to express who you are to the world. A watch will show the people around you a little of who you are whilst also showing that you have a great sense of style and a decent eye for detail.

Men’s Gold Watches

Out of all the styles you can find, gold is definitely up there with the most luxurious. Although gold watches are traditionally more flashy and loud, this is no longer the case. In the past you would probably only wear a gold watch with a suit or tuxedo. However, with the resurgence in vintage clothing, retro gold watch brands like Casio have become increasingly popular in a casual style.

Men’s Gold Watch Outfit

For an excellent street style look try wearing a plain black T-shirt with some black shorts. This may seem rather simple and unexciting, but when you add a pair of plain white sports socks and some old school Vans into the mix, you’ll start to see the potential this subtle outfit has.

Wearing a classic pair of Vans with some white sports socks is a fashion trend that has definitely stuck around. Although you could just as easily wear this look with a pair of black or grey skinny jeans, the shorts and sock combination is a great way to add some extra detail. Just be careful to make sure it’s not too cold outside.

If you didn’t know already, gold and black are an excellent colour combination, which contrast in a way that can create a perfect balance within your look. Wearing a retro gold watch with this look is therefore a great way to give a flare of detail to your outfit. Not only does this watch come with a detailed digital display, but it also contains a stopwatch, an alarm and a backlight. As well as being water-resistant, this is an extremely practical watch that is also very fashionable.

Sunglasses for Men

Going on holiday this summer? Whether you’re sunning it up in the Maldives, or slumming it at Glasto, you’re going to need a good pair of sunglasses to see you through. Although all the accessories on this list have got a practical purpose, a pair of shades is particularly useful during the summer.

If you live in the UK then you will know more than most just how unpredictable and disappointing the weather can sometimes be. What is meant to be 30-degree heats can quickly change into a monsoon. However, owning some glasses is still a necessity for when the sun does show, or if you’re going away.

Although there are many different places to get sunglasses, this is arguably the accessory where it’s most worth spending a bit more money. You could get a cheap £10 pair of sunnies from Primark, however, these probably won’t last you very long, and may not have proper UV protection for your eyes. Instead, investing in a designer brand, despite costing a bit more, will definitely serve you well in the long run.

Men’s Ray Ban Sunglasses

The joy of sunglasses is that you can wear them with more or less anything and they will still look good. Obviously, if you buy a pair of extremely bright or colourful shades then there is the chance that they will clash. However, because you want them to be versatile, it’s a good idea to stick with plain shades of black or brown.

For a smart casual outfit why don’t you wear your sunnies with a light stone washed denim jacket. The light nature of a denim jacket means they are good for spring and summer. Combine this with a pair of black skinny jeans. Despite what you may hear about wearing double denim, if you wear it correctly, it can be a great look. You just have to be careful that the items of clothing are in different shades of denim. So, blue and black is fine.

To add some more formal detail wear a pair of black suede desert boots. The combination of the boot style with the suede material makes this piece of men’s footwear the ultimate smart casual shoe. You can dress them up or down to bring a subtle element of style to any outfit, including this one. Finally, finish the look with some round black sunglasses, £124.90.

Men’s Hats

The great thing about hats is the huge variety of styles and designs that are on offer. The number of hats around means that, unlike sunglasses, it’s possible to have one for every season or occasion. Whether you need a beanie to keep your head warm during winter, or a snapback to get that ultimate skater look, there’s a hat out there for everyone.

Beanie Hats

Arguably one of the most versatile hats around, the beanie is the ultimate winter headgear. The beanie was unfortunately adopted by goth teenagers a few years ago, and although you have to be careful to avoid looking like a school boy, they can be extremely stylish. An easy way to avoid this issue is by not wearing the slouch style that became popular due to celebrities like David Beckham. Instead, stick to a hipster or fisherman hat design.

As the hipster look shows no sign of disappearing, the fisherman style beanie has become more and more popular. Although it may not keep your ears particularly warm, it still looks great. Why don’t you try wearing a black T-shirt with a bomber jacket on top? Add a pair of skinny black jeans to create uniformity within the look and to stop you from having an all black outfit, finish it off with some tan Chelsea boots and a maroon beanie.

Quick Guide to Essential Men’s Accessories and How to Wear Them

  • Think about what you need your accessories for.
  • Choose a bag for your needs. A backpack for work is great.
  • Watches are practical and stylish. Think about your style and what you need it for before buying.
  • Invest in some good quality sunglasses. Ray Ban is a classic and reliable brand.
  • Hats are seasonal. Wear a hipster beanie in winter and a snapback in summer.

On That Note

You should realise by now just how important accessories are for a man’s outfit. A good accessory is more than just an extra element to your outfit, it’s an integral part of your style. Whether you need some sunglasses for your holiday, or a bobble hat for your head in the winter, there is an accessory out there for everyone. Experiment with some different looks and find some that suit you.

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