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Haircuts can make or break one’s style. Plus, hair grooming and styling should keep up with how quickly one’s hair grows. The upside is that you can try as many hairstyles as possible and change each haircut as soon as the hair gets too long. In today’s article, we are bringing you quick tips on the Quiff hairstyle, as well as our Nine Favorite Quiff Haircut Ideas. Keep on reading to find out more!

What Is A Quiff

You have probably seen a quiff hairstyle at least once in your life, but you may not have known what it is called. At its most basic form, the quiff hairstyle can be described with a short back, and side cut with a signature swept front and top. The hair at the top is styled in a way that it is left as the longest part. The front of this kind of haircut is often kept longer than the rest to make it perfect for quiff hairstyles. In short, the first and perhaps the most crucial tip in rocking the modern quiff is to keep the front length long! And yes, there are many types of quiff hairstyles to try!

To date, there are various ways to wear hair quiff. When one finally succeeds in maintaining the front length of their haircuts, they can play around with the sides of the quiff for varying hair looks and personalities. The modern quiff hairstyle still features the textured quiff signature of long front hair, but it can now include traditional scissor or razor side cuts, and even faded styles. Great news for men who have thinning hair on their crowns, a quiff haircut will be able to help you cover this area.

What To Tell Your Barber

Barbers who have been in the business for a long would know what to do with one’s hair when asked for a quiff. But ultimately, your barber would consider your hair type. For example, curly hair works well for quiffs, as it gives the hairstylist enough starting volume to work with. Existing haircuts are also taken into consideration. If one has a mohawk, a mid fade, or taper cuts, the barber can suggest how to proceed with the intended quiff. For those people who would like to try a different style, all they have to do is tell their barber which type of quiff they want. 

1. The Classic Quiff Haircut

everything you need to know about quiff haircuts curated
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The fool-proof way to get a quiff haircut is by asking your barber to keep four or five inches of hair on the top of your head. Wavy-haired men will find it easier to style their hair into a quiff hairstyle, but if you have naturally straight hair, worry not about new hair products such as pomade or hair wax. You may use your hand or comb to style your front hair upwards to your classic quiff.

2. Modern Quiff Hairstyle

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Meanwhile, modern quiff hairstyles still feature the signature volume of the quiff but are more flexible regarding the side cuts. You can get the barber to do a subtle shave or a bit of a fade on the sides to reflect any personal touch on the haircuts. Various quiff hairstyles are also ideal for the university and the office, as long as it is brushed and done with the right styling product. With a modern hairstyle like this one, we are sure you will be getting all of the compliments!

3. Short Quiff Haircut

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Another type of quiff is often seen on stars with short haircuts like Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron. These type of hairstyles have shorter side cuts and is relatively shorter than the classic quiff. The short quiff on Hollywood celebrities is often tight and more made up, but a short quiff for everyday style can be more laid back and unkempt. This is a great hairstyle in case you don’t feel like growing out your hair and if you like keeping your style casual.

4. Classic Quiff with Undercut

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Undercut hairstyles are surprisingly easy to pair with other types of haircuts. For this quiff hairstyle, the hair can be cut short and shaven with another street style favorite, the undercut. The disconnected undercut on the side can even be styled with other patterns like thunder shapes and even words. Soften the undercut with a swept quiff. This type of hairstyle is popular among soccer players, and it is a fashion statement.

5. Textured Quiff

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If you’re reppin’ the thin sideburns or beard, you may add more volume to the look by either cutting the sides of your hair a bit shorter to add more hair to the look or by using more products to make the crown look fuller. Experiment with a fuller, thicker, textured quiff by using more pomade. A textured quiff is a great way to go if you don’t have time to do your hair in the morning and like a more natural look.

6. Rockabilly Quiff Haircut

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The age of Rock n Roll cemented the quiff as a choice rockstar hairstyle. Take cues from the likes of Elvis Presley and to contemporary superstars like Bruno Mars to bring forth the quiff to hairstyle stardom. This Rockabilly quiff haircut can be described as greasier and glossier, perfect for the man who likes a rocking statement.

7. Swept Quiff

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A quiff hairstyle can be styled to look as close to its dapper potential as the swept quiff. It is also a textured quiff with a more structured shape. Brush through the crown and keep the quiff strongly held throughout the day with your pomade. This hairstyle is great for people who like fresh haircuts and have time to style their hair in the morning.

8. Taper Fade

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The taper fade haircuts are also a cool mix to the classic quiff haircut. While the typical quiff hairstyle has side hair, which is usually just shorter than the top of the hair, this particular hairstyle leaves little hair to form a faded aesthetic on the side. This is more of a modern quiff haircut and is probably more suitable for people who need to look fresh in their day-to-day lives.

9. Messy Quiff Haircut

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Perhaps the most manageable way for everyday hair styling is the messy quiff hairstyle. Use bare hands or effortlessly run a comb to pull the hair up in a relaxed quiff. This quiff hairstyle is popular among men who are into casual, effortless style. With hairstyles like these, there is no worrying about styling your hair in the morning.

Having Said All of That

The quiff haircut is probably one of the more modern hairstyles of today. You can see it on actors, soccer players and regular people around you. It is super easy to style and is also very versatile. You can keep it short and simple, or longer and out there; the choice is yours. We hope you liked our tips and tricks on quiff hairstyles, and maybe you even found inspiration for your next haircut!

Need More Inspiration

1. Simple High Updo Texture

quiff haircut

A cool hairdo such as this one will look amazing on younger guys. Give it a go if you are in your 20s.

2. Long Hair Pompadour Cut

quiff haircut

Style this look with your favorite pomade for daily wear.

3. Men’s Quiff Hairstyles With A Low Faux Hawk

quiff haircut

Combine your cool quiff with a modern and full beard.

4. Cool Modern High Fade Haircut

quiff haircut
Everything You Need to Know About Quiff Haircuts | Curated Mint 133

A modern updo such as this one is a must-do for guys in their 30s.

5. Long Hair Quiff

quiff haircut

Longer hair quiff styled in a long and loose slick-back way is great for formal events.

6. Medium-length Hair Quiff Undercut

quiff haircut
Everything You Need to Know About Quiff Haircuts | Curated Mint 134

A quiff paired along with a cool detail line will work well for different events.

7. Longer Hair Updo Locks

quiff haircut

High updo faux hawk such as this one is high-maintenance, so heads up before giving it a go.

8. Short Hair Pompadour Look

quiff haircut

Cool short pompadour that you will like for fancy night-outs.

9. Long Hairdo Cool Trend

quiff haircut

Hairdo such as this one can take you quite some time to get and grow to this length, so heads up.

10. Long Wavy Strands

quiff haircut

Long wavy and modern, this sleek cut is for guys who want a low-key transformation.

11. High Up Flat Top

quiff haircut

High up top with cool clean lines that you’re going to like for fancy & party night-outs.

12. Messy Long Variations Of Hair

quiff haircut

Cool and modern, this quiff is for those who like chic and modern looks.

13. Trendy Blow-drying Faux Hawk

quiff haircut

Combine your hairdo with a stylish beard to get a ton of compliments on your look.

14. Wavy Hair Long Cut

quiff haircut

Heads up since this haircut can be quite time-consuming to grow.

15. Blonde Faux Hawk

quiff haircut

Style this faux hawk if you’re a fan of longer looks and if you want a trendy design.

16. Dark Brown Long Quiff

quiff haircut

Cool wispy pompadour that has that quiff element that you’re going to like if you fancy unique mix-and-match cuts.

17. Defined Cool Pompadour

quiff haircut

Style this updo with your favorite pomade to get this trendy and slick back cut.

18. Icy Blonde High Up Cut

quiff haircut

Brush your hair up and long to get this modern design for day-to-day wear.

19. Best Quiff Hairstyles Brown Cut

quiff haircut

Guys who like low-maintenance cuts and want a trendy beard that will go well with your look, this is it.

20. Simple Short Faux Hawk

quiff haircut

The best part about this haircut is that you don’t have to cut it too often.

21. Long & Messy Light Brown Hairstyle

quiff haircut

Men who are in their 20s tend to go for this look the most often.

22. Black Cool Men’s Hairstyles

quiff haircut

Try this cut out and wear it to both formal and informal events.

23. Short Black Hairdo

quiff haircut

If you prefer low-maintenance looks and also want a cool beard this duo will suit you.

24. Long Black Pompadour

quiff haircut

Push your hair backward and style it with your small tooth comb to get sleek and elegant strands.

25. Pompadour Hair With A Fade

quiff haircut
Everything You Need to Know About Quiff Haircuts | Curated Mint 135

Blonde guys will like this cool blonde duo. Style it with your favorite hair-care products.

26. Cool Black Pompadour

quiff haircut

Push your hair backward and go for a swept back cut for night-outs.

27. High Black Top Cut

quiff haircut

This cool black high top can be worn by any age group. Heads up since it is a high-maintenance cut.

28. Brown Hair Quiff Cut

quiff haircut

Fun & wild – this cool cut will look good on mature guys.

29. Curly Quiff For Thin Hair

quiff haircut

Add your favorite cream and go for a messy quiff.

30. James Dean Faux Hawk

quiff haircut

If you are into cool edgy looks this is for you.

31. Long Swept Back Cut

quiff haircut

Cool wispy quiff – a must-do by trendy guys.

32. High Faux Hawk With A Fade

quiff haircut

Add a cool fade detail if you like new fashionable cuts.

33. Black Cut With A Fade

quiff haircut

Black cut that you’re going to like for night-outs.

34. Short Brown Updo

quiff haircut

Get your hair cut every 2-3 weeks to maintain this design.

35. High Top Black Hairstyle

quiff haircut

Just a bit of pomade will make all the difference.

36. Black Long Quiff

quiff haircut

Brush out your hairdo and style with your favorite gel for day & night.

37. Blonde Faux Hawk Cut

quiff haircut

You can try an icy white faux hawk and style for your stylish moments.

38. Long Black Hair Quiff Look

quiff haircut

Long black and voluminous, this design is for younger guys.

39. Black High Top

quiff haircut

High-quality and stylish, this design is for guys who like a fancy glamorous look.

40. Stylish Quiff Cut

quiff haircut

Black and stylish, this design is for most younger men.

41. Simple Quiff For Thin Hair

quiff haircut

Try out a faux hawk for night-outs and clubbing.

42. Faux Hawk With A Fade

quiff haircut

Cut your hair regularly to maintain this design.

43. Voluminous Quiff Hairdo

quiff haircut

A cool fade detail that you’re going to like for your quiff hairdo.

44. Brown Hair With A Fade

quiff haircut

Messy and voluminous, this hairdo is a real deal.

45. Brown Quiff Updo

quiff haircut

Short and low-cut, this is for your low-maintenanc cut.

46. Long Quiff Top

quiff haircut

High pompadour that is stylish and great for any age group.

47. Brown Faux Hawk Look

quiff haircut

Great quiff for any time and any wear.

48. High Up Top Quiff

quiff haircut

High top that will look great for formal night-outs.

49. Long Faux Hawk Black Cut

quiff haircut

Try this cut for stylish moments and fully trust your barber.

50. Long Stylish Quiff

quiff haircut

Guys who like cool cuts will want this trendy quiff.

51. Blonde Quiff Hairdo

quiff haircut

Fun & messy, this is the perfect day-to-day look.

52. Long Pompadour Quiff Swept Round Brush Look

quiff haircut

Cool pomp for most young men.

53. Sleek Updo Quiff

quiff haircut

Cut your hair every 5 weeks to maintain this design.

54. Quiff Cut With A Full Beard

quiff haircut

Long beard that will look elegant when paired with the right quiff.

55. Cool Quiff Hairstyle

quiff haircut

Workaholic guys will love this cut.

56. Faux Hawk With A Fade Detail

quiff haircut

Try this one out if you’re picky with your updos.

57. Curly Side Part Quiff Look

quiff haircut

A bit of curl to your quiff will look trendy.

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