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When summer comes along sometimes you need something a little less restrictive. We’re here to help with five ways to wear a short sleeved shirt this summer.

The short sleeved shirt has gone through some tough times. Picked as the number one choice of clothing by geography teachers and IT- technicians over the world, it now has a slightly uncertain reputation in the fashion world.

Now though the short-sleeved shirt has been seen gracing the catwalks at every catwalk from those at London Fashion Week Men’s to Paris Fashion Week, with the likes of Dior Homme and Louis Vuitton proposing that it is now one of the must-have menswear wardrobe staples. That said, we’re here to change that though, and show you that short sleeved shirts can belong in your wardrobe and in a stylish ensemble. Men’s summer fashion is at the peak of its game and short-sleeved shirts are one of the reasons why. Read on to find out how you can slip one easily into your wardrobe.

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It’s not too hard to pull off a casual look with a short sleeved shirt, mainly because its general appearance lacks a formal vibe. What you pair it with is important though, and if not done correctly you’re just going to look miss-matched. We recommend trying a light coloured shirt, perhaps a pale blue one with pinstripes, and match it with a comfortable slim fit pair of jeans.

For summer, jeans probably aren’t on the agenda for you and so we suggest keeping your bottoms understated and slipping on a pair of black shorts. To finish off, then just slip on some plimsolls or box fresh Converse trainers to finish the effortlessly stylish look. With this you’ll be on the borderline between looking slightly smart with the shirt, but still wholly casual with the shorts and trainers.

mens short sleeved shirt the idle man summer


We just showed you how to easily achieve a casual look with a short sleeve shirt, but it’s not too difficult to switch it up and create a smarter outfit as well. Instead of jeans go for straight leg chinos in a neutral colour, and preferably black, making sure that the colour of your shirt doesn’t differ too much from it. We suggest a lighter coloured shirt, perhaps with a slight pattern to it, but nothing too bold as this will deter away from the formality of it. Then pair with loafers, brogues or smart lace up boots if the weathers cold. Men trying to achieve a smart casual look on a daily basis could also go down this route, switching out formal shoes for trainers.

On another note, if you’re trying to achieve a formal look with a short-sleeved shirt, please never try to wear a tie. This is an absolute no-go and fact of the matter is this will leave you looking ridiculous.

chris pine short sleeved shirt mens


Sometimes layering up an unbuttoned shirt with a T-shirt can add some more dimension to your outfit and allow you to experiment with colour, texture and pattern. Literally leave the shirt completely unbuttoned and slip a white T-shirt on underneath. You can even try mixing a patterned shirt with a plain T-shirt to make the print less bold, and to create a more casual look.

This is a look favoured by skaters, as it allows free will in the arms and seeing as the skater look is a major trend at the moment, we recommend following suit.

short sleeved shirt cuban collar mens


You don’t have to go for just plain or check shirts when you’re putting together an outfit, and a well fitted patterned shirt, paired correctly, can work with just as effectively. You can go with a simplistic monochrome look and pair up a black pair of jeans with boots and a graphic print shirt.

On another note a Hawaiian shirt is also an option and the Hawaiian print has been seen at a lot of the major shows for Spring/Summer 2018. Again, with a Hawaiian print shirt you should allow the shirt to do the talking and leave the rest of your outfit pretty muted. If you don’t do this you run the risk of going from stylish to tragic as too many prints and patterns can look pretty terrible.

man wearing hawaiian shirt


The work wear style has grown in popularity over the years and takes inspiration from traditional american work clothes. Brands everywhere from Norse Projects and Dickies to Universal Works are leading the way with this and have really brought it away from factories and right into mainstream menswear. just take a walk through Soho or Shoreditch and you’ll be sure to spot someone repping the look.

A resurgence in workwear styles basically means we’re talking raw denim, heavy walking boots, and of course a short sleeved shirt to finish the look. Try to make sure your shirt is made from a slightly more heavy duty material so it goes with the rural look, and keep it to a dark tonal colour. Workwear style is one of the more ‘manly’ styles you could adopt and so keep things neutral and tonal, rather than colourful and brash.

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Five Ways to Wear a Short Sleeve Shirt In Summer

  • Short-sleeved shirts can be worn casually with just a pair of shorts or light-wash jeans – an easy way to achieve a relaxed look.
  • Alternatively smarten up your look by pairing a short-sleeved shirt with a pair of slim-fit chinos or tailored trousers. This is a look favoured by the likes of Chris Pine, Oliver Cheshire and Ryan Gosling.
  • Go for a skater vibe with an unbuttoned short-sleeved shirt over a white T-shirt – serious laid-back Californian vibes.
  • Patterned shirts are among the most common short-sleeved styles – Hawaiian shirts will see you through the summer.
  • The popularity of workwear has led to stiffer short-sleeved shirts taking centre stage in menswear and can be worn easily with a pair Dickies trousers.

man wearing short sleeved shirt and shorts

On That Note

A short-sleeved shirt is a summer staple. Whether you wear it formally with a pair of tailored trousers or wear one casually with a pair of Dickies trousers, you’ll be thankful you went for a short-sleeved one when the summer warmth hits.

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