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David Gandy, Dolce & Gabbana’s favourite model since 2007 rocks suits like nobody else. We’ve created this guide to show you ways how you can pull off a well tailored suit too!

In an industry dominated by thin androgynous men, David’s masculine physique set a completely new standard for male models in 2007. David Gandy, 36, is still one of the world’s most famous, in-demand models today.

How to Dress Like David Gandy

Not only this charming Brit has a very successful modelling career, he’s gained a great reputation for his personal style. Gandy is a fashion commentator, he began writing a blog for British Vogue in 2011, he designed his own range of underwear, lounge-wear and swimwear for Marks & Spencer, Jennifer Lopez chose him to play her love interest in her music video and he also has his own fitness app!

Another great passion of mine is interiors and design. If you see me on one of my very, very frequent plane journeys, I will have one of these magazines in my bag or in my hand

– David Gandy

david gandy stylish fashion model suit


Six Steps To A Tailor Made Suit

You probably don’t have as high disposable income as David Gandy, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Every man needs at least one high-quality suit – be it for business or special occasions. Where do you think it’s the best to buy your new perfect suit? Majority of men decide to go to high-end boutiques and purchase a very expensive suit because they like the brand. These suits are great but the chances are that they won’t fit you perfectly and your tailor will have to make some alterations. Believe it or not, getting a tailor made suit that is truly a great fit for you may be cheaper.

  1. Find A Good Tailor

There are tailors, and then there is Thom Sweeney. Thom and Luke make suits for some of the most stylish men in London. I can comfortably say that they are the best tailors in London right now.

– David Gandy

david gandy in a suit streetstyle


First of all, you need to find a reputable tailor. It doesn’t necessarily have to be David Gandy’s favourite modern tailoring house Thom Sweeney. Even if you’re a big fan of Gandy, we believe that the decision will also depend on your budget. Trustworthy tailors can usually be found in department stores or high-end shopping districts. Don’t forget to ask your friends, family and business colleagues for recommendations too. As we’ve already mentioned, every man needs a great suit and you might be surprised for what occasion your friend needed his!

  1. Choose The Right Fabric

The next step after finding a reputable tailor is to choose a suitable fabric. Grades range from 80s to 180s and higher fabric grade means higher quality. Good-quality brands like Boss and Zegna use fabrics with a grade of 100s or 110s. Keep in mind that you’re not going to pay for a brand name if you’ve decided to have your suit tailor made, therefore, look for a grade of 110s or above. This should make your suit both durable and stylish.

suit fabric tailor made 110s 100s

PHOTO CREDIT: Jasper Littman

  1. Measure For Fitting

Your tailor will take all the required measurements. This is also a reason why choosing a reputable tailor was our number one suggestion. All good tailors should know exactly what they’re doing and it’s probably best to let them do their job, however, don’t be afraid to make some suggestions about the fit – you should know your body the best after all. We’ve listed seven things for you to know about a perfect suit fit and you can find them all in the following section of this article.

  1. The Style Of The Suit

Do you know which one is your favourite David Gandy suit? Is it going to be a three-piece suit? What about David Gandy double breasted suits? What’s your preference? You can bring a picture of David Gandy wearing one of his tailor made suits to your tailor for an inspiration. You should also discuss what suit style will be the best option for your body type with your tailor.

David Gandy Double-Breasted Suits Style

Three-piece suits are back in vogue! These effortlessly stylish and contemporary suits will definitely help you stand out from the crowd no matter where you go. A slim fit shirt will complete the look.

david gandy male model three piece suit

PHOTO CREDIT: The Confused Dasher

Do you want to know how to dress like David Gandy? If this is your first time getting a suit, you should probably skip this part because our next suggestion can easily result in a big fashion faux pas. Gandy likes to add a playful twist to his three-piece suits by mixing and matching the items. To be able to achieve this David Gandy style, you’ll need to put a lot of thought into colours and materials. Gandy usually matched cotton and tweed and he likes to wear dark-coloured trousers and lighter waistcoat and jacket.

Double Breasted Suit In Style Of David Gandy

David Gandy suits come in various styles. Some may consider double breasted suit a slightly more formal than the single breasted option. Double breasted suit jackets as we know them today originated from pea coats. These jackets have been here for a very long time now and if you decide for this style of a suit, you should definitely aim for its more contemporary version. Modern double breasted suits can help you both flatter your physique and make a fashion statement. It’s important to remember that your double breasted jacket needs to be done up unless seated.

Gandy is also a big fan of double breasted suits and you can often see him rock one of these in many different colours.

david gandy double breasted suit


  1. Personalisation

One of many great things about tailored suits is that you can add personal touches to make your suit look absolutely unique. You can choose the type of pockets and buttons you want. These personalised touches are simple but will make you and your suit stand out.

  1. Final Fitting

At the final stage, you tailor will ask you to try on the suit and he’ll check every detail to make sure your suit fits you perfectly. Don’t hesitate to ask for little adjustments because you don’t only want to look good in the suit but also feel comfortable while wearing it.

How A Suit Should Fit

Why don’t we start with a video for a change? Check out an easy guide below to find out what we mean when we say that a suit needs to be a perfect fit!

There are a few things to remember when shopping for a suit/ having it tailor made. To make it easier for you, we listed the most important things below.

Before we start, you should be looking for a good fit in your natural stance. That means standing up straight with your arms relaxed at your side. You should also be wearing the kind of shoes you plan to wear with your suit. Always try on suits or have your body measured in your natural posture.

david gandy in a suit street style


  1. Well-Fitted Shoulder

The most important thing to keep in mind is that a well-fitted shoulder lies flat.

Make sure that the seam on top of your shoulder is the same length as the bone under it. In addition, the seam should meet the sleeve of the suit right where your arm and your shoulder meet.

It’s important to remember that shoulders are one of the hardest parts of a suit jacket to adjust after it’s been made. Chances are that your reputable tailor won’t let an ill-fitted shoulder happen, but make sure he gets it right. Post-purchase alterations are very difficult so it’s important to get it right the first time.

Never let upper arm wrinkles or top rumpling happen. The key to achieving David Gandy’s effortlessly looking style is that everything has to fit perfectly.

For those of you who decided to give looking for a perfectly fitting suit in a store one last chance, you should know that if you notice shoulder divots or upper arm wrinkles, you need to get a smaller size. A bunching on top of your shoulders means that the jacket is too large in shoulders. You should try a slimmer fit because your shoulders aren’t probably big enough to fill the jacket.

shoulder tailor made suit jacket

PHOTO CREDIT: The Art Of Manliness

  1. The Seat

A good fit in the seat equals a smooth drape. Horizontal wrinkles just under the buttocks or U-shaped sags on the backs of the thighs indicate a bad fit. It shouldn’t be very difficult for your tailor to make the seat tighter if you lose some weight. However, it’s more complicated to make the fit looser.

  1. The Jacket Closure

You should always have your jacked buttoned when you’re standing. Therefore, you should always check how the jacket fits you when it’s buttoned. Once again, there shouldn’t be any wrinkles and the button should close without strain. Don’t worry too much about a little bit of an opening at the bottom of your suit jacket.

  1. The Sleeve Length

A general old-fashioned rule is to keep half an inch of the shirt cuff visible beyond the jacket cuff. Make sure that there is at least a small band of shirt cuff visible.

  1. Jacket Length

Natural stance is important when making sure that your tailor gets you suit jacket length right. The hem of your jacket should end around the middle of your hand. A great fit should end at the point where a man’s butt starts to curve back inward.

tailor made suit jacket length

PHOTO CREDIT: The Art Of Manliness

  1. Jacket Collar

Your jacket collar should rest against your shirt collar and your shirt collar should rest against your neck. There shouldn’t be any big gaps or wrinkles on the back.

  1. Trouser Break

The top of your shoe stops your trouser cuff from falling to its full length – this causes a small wrinkle which is called the trouser break. Don’t be surprised when your tailor keeps the trouser fall a bit longer in the back than in front.

David Gandy Marks & Spencer Suit

Gandy modelled Marks & Spencer 2014’s spring collection. The collection included classic grey suits and casual coral-coloured knit. The collaboration between M&S and David Gandy was so successful that M&S decided to work with Gandy again. To this day, David Gandy has designed his own range of underwear, lounge-wear and swimwear for the brand.

T-Shirt And Suit Combination

If you have a flat stomach, tuck your plain T-shirt in while wearing it with your suit jacket. This is definitely one of the best David Gandy summer looks. Wearing a T-shirt and suit combination will help you create a stylish smart-casual look. Gandy T-shirts are usually white, black, grey or navy blue. You can keep the suit unbuttoned.

david gandy plain t shirt and suit jacket


Your Quick Guide To Getting A Tailored Suit Like David Gandy

We’ve created this quick guide to highlight the key points for you to keep in mind when getting a tailored suit like our favourite British model David Gandy. We believe there are a few steps to a perfect tailor made suit. First and probably the most important step is to find a very good tailor. We’ve found trustworthy tailors in department stores or high-end shopping districts. Once you’ve found a reputable tailor, it’s important to find a suitable fabric.

Remember to look for a grade of 110s or above. You need to decide on the style of you new suit. David Gandy is a big fan of both double breasted suits and three-piece suits. Three-piece suits are more in vogue at the moment, but a modern take on a double breasted suit will make you stand out from the crowd as well. You can ask your tailor to personalise your suit jacket with pockets and buttons of your choice. Don’t hesitate to ask for little adjustments during the final fitting.

  • You should be looking for a good fit in your natural stance.
  • There shouldn’t be any wrinkles on your suit. Wrinkles and sags indicate a bad fit in the seat.
  • Well-fitted shoulder lies flat and your jacket collar should rest against your shirt collar.
  • Don’t forget to have your jacked buttoned when you’re standing.
  • You should keep half an inch of the shirt cuff visible beyond the jacket cuff.
  • The hem of your jacket should end around the middle of your hand.
  • Tailors tend to keep the trouser fall a bit longer in the back than in front.
  • David Gandy hasn’t designed a suit yet, however he designed his own range of underwear, lounge-wear and swimwear from M&S.
  • Plain T-shirt and suit combination is Gandy’s favourite summer look. You can easily pull it off too!

On That Note…

If you’ve never managed to find the perfect fit in stores, you might consider getting your suit tailor made. However, you should know that once you go tailor made, there is no going back.

David Gandy has been a style icon for a good few years now. We hope his effortlessly stylish outfits inspired you to get yourself a well tailored suit as well!

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