Goz Rugs by Kengo Kuma are Handwoven From Organic Wool and Wood

When we talk about the Milan Furniture Fair, we think of chairs, tables, desks, dressers, and cupboards, but sideline rugs that also mark their presence at the grandest furniture show on Earth. Had it been some other rug, I, or any other writer for that matter would have surely skipped over it. But, the Goz is no ordinary rug! What makes it extraordinary is not just its design but the brand value of the designer.

Kengo Kuma is the name behind the Goz rug that’s on show at the Salone del Mobile 2022. It is completely handmade and crafted from organic materials. Designed for Gan, the Spanish rug specialist, the motive behind crafting this rug is to encourage the design’s social and environmental commitment.

While I weave the web of words for Homecrux, the artist has intertwined wool and wood together in an intricate circular pattern. The amalgamation of wood and wool through an innovative weaving technique has been used to create three distinct rugs.

Named Kiri, Ame, and Tsuchi, these rugs not only celebrate the organic raw materials but also encourage the environmental and social sustainability of design. The names of the rugs are derived from Japanese words for fog, rain, and soil, respectively.

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Handcrafted in India, the rug collection maintains the essence of Kengo Kuma and pays ode to designers of India who have put their hard work into completing the project. Overall, these rugs look beautiful on the floor and are soothing to the eyes.

The rustic appeal of these rugs is a suitable addition to any modern or contemporary home as they blend in any interior flawlessly. We do not have an update on the pricing and availability of these sustainably viable rugs but we will keep you posted as and when we hear something in this regard.

goz rug collection by kengo kuma
Image: Gan
goz rug collection by kengo kuma
Image: Gan

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