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When you think of gambling, glamour and partying hard all night, Las Vegas is always the first destination you think of. But maybe you’ve been there and done that – and you wouldn’t be alone. If you’re looking for a new den of sin to explore, or just somewhere with a bit less neon, you’ll find Sin City doesn’t hold all the cards. If you are looking for a gambling holiday in the US, here are 4 other places you can hit the slots, get the dice rolling and win or lose a fortune.

Atlantic City

Home of the classic HBO series Boardwalk Empire, Atlantic City was the epitome of the sleazy speakeasies, gambling dens and gangster battles that tell the story of Prohibition-era America. Yet by the early 1970s, the resort had become rundown and abandoned. Fortunately, the city surged back to life in 1976 when New Jersey legalised gambling. It is now a world-class gaming destination and it is no surprise that AC is also known as the “Las Vegas of the East”. The resort now has 13 high-end casinos with thousands of table games and slot machines, all located on the famous Boardwalk, with views of the Atlantic Ocean. Top casinos include Caesars, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Bally’s and Borgata, and when you’re done gambling, take a walk to the Jersey Shore beaches to catch some rays or hit the vibrant oceanfront bars.

New Orleans

Gambling in the ‘Big Easy’ started way back in the 18th Century on Mississippi riverboats, and it is still a fantastic gaming destination today. There are 5 major casinos in the area and you can get your gambling fix with over 4,500 slot and video poker games to choose from. Table game enthusiasts can enjoy over 120 games, including poker, roulette, blackjack and craps. Away from the casinos there is so much to do in New Orleans. The city is a fabulous melting pot of cultures and influences – French, English, Creole, Italian and Vietnamese. The world-famous French Quarter is packed with cool and lively bars and you’ll also find Harrah’s Casino nearby. The Big Easy is fantastic all year round, but if you go around February or March you can experience the incredible Mardi Gras, a two week celebration known worldwide for its parades, processions and parties. If Jazz is your thing then don’t miss the Jazz Fest that takes place each April.

Biloxi, Mississippi

Gaming in Biloxi is booming: home to 11 casinos, it’s now challenging Atlantic City as the pre-eminent US gambling destination outside Nevada. Biloxi can offer 410 table games, and over 11,000 slot and video gaming machines. If poker is your passion, there are a plethora of options on offer at 44 tables: Texas Hold’em, No Limit Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, you name it, they’ve got it. The bigger resorts not only offer the best gambling experiences but you’ll find all the facilities you would expect; beautiful spas, luxurious rooms and top-class dining. Most casinos are on the waterfront of the stunning Gulf Coast, where you’ll find white-sand beaches, gorgeous sunsets and splendid local seafood. The city also boasts great golf courses, while history buffs should check out the Beauvoir Estate, home of the former President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis.


If you want the feel of Vegas but don’t want the desert heat and the bustle, Reno in Nevada may be for you. Known as the ‘Biggest Little City in The World’, while it is not as famous as its big brother in the south of Nevada, it is still one hell of a place to gamble. There are 20 casinos in Reno, and until Sin City erupted in the 50s and 60s, it was the heavyweight champion of US gaming destinations. It has everything a gambler would need and if you want an anything-goes atmosphere, you can find it in Reno. The vibe is way more laid-back though – it is easy to feel rushed in Vegas and the feel is never really casual. Many say the Reno casinos are way friendlier with superior hospitality too. You’ll definitely find cheaper hotel packages, so if you’re after the best bits of Vegas but don’t have the budget, Reno will fit the bill. There are plenty of other nightlife options on offer too, from bars and restaurants to great shows. Beautiful Lake Tahoe is nearby, and if you go in winter, you’ll find top-class skiing.

Final Thoughts

Gaming in the US doesn’t begin and end with Sin City; there are many other destinations where you’ll find great casinos, superb entertainment, wonderful hotels and all the excitement and fun of a Vegas holiday. Before you decide where to go, head over to American Casino Guide. You’ll find everything you need to know about the land-based and online casino scene in the US. Whether you are an expert gambler or a novice, you’ll love the reviews, tips and strategies to help you pick the best casinos for you and get the winnings flowing.

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