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Haircut terms can be challenging to understand & remember. The beauty industry is constantly changing, and keeping up with all the newest trends is super demanding. Nowadays it seems like everyone is coming up with new bleaching, cutting or hair-braiding trends. However, check out our guide & find your perfect hair inspiration in our article! We will talk about all the modern & popular haircuts that you can pick out for your everyday activities. Also, you will learn a lot about proper hair cutting & will actually gain the confidence to ask for the coolest haircut the next time you are at the salon!

Haircut Terminology

When it comes to different hairstyles you should know that every barber will have a different & unique cutting technique as well as approach. However, all barbers will always follow the same terms, as well as the same terminology, such as:

  • A Blocked Neckline: This is a super straight line that is cut across your natural neckline. Once done the cut will give out an appearance of a wider neck.
  • Rounded Neckline: It has rounded corners which give out an illusion of fuller hairline.
  • Tapered Neckline: This cut will give out an illusion of a slimmer neck since it gradually shortens and fades along with the head.
  • Choppy: If you ask for a choppy cut your hairdresser will give you different lengths & an asymmetrical (but more voluminous) cut. They cut this hair at 45 degrees (since this is how they were taught in school) and will give you texture in a heartbeat.
  • Disorder: Your barber will trim your ends with a razor and will give you defined & stylish razored haircut along the entire head. They won’t use scissors but will make your hair lie flat with ease.
  • Thinned Out: Thinning your hair out is the easiest to do with scissors. Barbers will thin your hair out if you have voluminous locks that you can’t tame down.
  • Arches: This means a specific space between your hairline and your ears which can be left with a high arch, or with a natural arch. The high arch will leave a lot of space behind your ears, while the natural cut neatens up your hairline.
  • Sideburns: Everyone knows what sideburns are at this point, and you should have a strong opinion on how to style them or if you truly want them. Some barbers will connect them with your beard, others will trim them out, and you can shave them off completely once you get tired of having them.

Haircut Numbers: What Is A Number 3 Haircut?

You’ve probably heard guys walk into the salon and ask for a ”number two haircut please”, while you are still here trying to figure out the difference between a crew cut & buzz cut. You are not alone, many guys struggle with their hair styling.

When it comes to the hair terminology, you should know that these numbers actually represent the guard on the clipper. You can use these clippers on your own at home, or at a salon. Your clippers can be marked with numbers from 0-8, and this is what they mean:

  • Number Zero: This means that no guard is attached to your clippers. The head will end up with a defined shave and there is little to no hair left behind.
  • Number One: Your hair will be around 1/8″ long. This means that you will end up with just a bit of hair on your preferred side.
  • Number Two: Your hair is 1/4″ long. This means that your hair is twice the length of the #1 cut, but is still considered as shorter hair.
  • Number Three: Your hair will end up with 3/8″. If your hair is slow-growing you should get the #3 hair guard.
  • Number Four: Your hair is 1/2″ long. This length is considered as both long & short, depending on the rest of your voluminous or flat top.
  • Numbers Five and Six: Hair is generally 5/8″-6/8″ long. Once cut your hair will need special guards since these 5 & 6 are used for tapering your hair.
  • Numbers Seven and Eight: Hair is 7/8″-1″ long. This is also the last & most length that you can achieve with a pair of clippers without reaching for a pair of clippers or scissors.

What Do You Say To The Barber? How Do I Tell My Barber To Cut My Hair?

Once you’ve brushed, washed, and have booked yourself an appointment with your favorite hairstylist, it is time to think of all the hairstyle options and lengths that you can go for. Remember the following things when choosing your haircuts:

  • Get yourself a hair inspo – you should look into some haircuts online and find the perfect short hair, or any taper hair cut ideas that your favorite celebrities have been wearing. Come to the salon with the inspo pic and make the process a whole lot easier (PS: make sure you have reasonable expectations)
  • Make sure you are well aware of the inches that you want cut – some barbers can do hair thinning even when you don’t ask them to, while others will give you the perfect haircut of your dreams! However, make sure you ask them to cut only inches that you actually want removed.
  • Ask for their opinion – some barbers are way better when it comes to hairstyling than others. You should talk the process through with your hairdresser & ask them what would look the prettiest on you. Be open for a pompadour, fringe, bangs, as well as some textured styles. You two should come up with a mutual decision and the perfect cut pt your preference.

Hair Cutting Techniques

You don’t need to know the names of every hair cut. Quite frankly, there are over 60 different cuts that you can go for! Also, some barbers may feel like you’re trying to outsmart them, which can get onto their nerves. However, you should know some terms, such as:

  • Point Cutting: This technique is usually done over your ends and will remove the bulk from your hair. If you need layers, texture & more movement you will love this short man haircut.
  • Edging: The barber will curve out your ends and will sort your hair behind your ears as well as over your neckline. You will end up with a sharp line and some serious grooming.
  • Club Cutting: This is a standard technique which will allow your barber to give you the classic volume, as well as a blunt cut. They will remove inch by inch and will give you the perfect day-to-day cut.
  • Scissor Over Comb: This technique will allow for your barber to give you a defined, shaved & soft skin cut. This technique is very popular in the summer and is a go-to for many stylists.
  • Clipper Over Comb: If your hair is naturally thick & voluminous you should even it out. The best way to create your perfect cut is to use a technique for an even cut.

What If I Don’t Know What Suits Me?

Nowadays there are many cuts that you can choose. Some men prefer a short haircut, others love a fade haircut, and some will settle with an undercut. Also, if you want a stylish yet voluminous hairdo from start to finish you will want curly hair. There are many hair fade or crew cut designs that you can go for. However, it is essential to know the right hair terminology & to choose something that you & your barber agree on.

Some guys with dark black hair will look prettier with a taper cut, others will love fade hair, but you should choose something that you will wear for everyday events, and not something that only suits some formal gatherings.

On That Note

Search for your perfect haircut and make sure you know all of our previously mentioned & explained terms. Also, why not bring a photo with you to the salon when you’re trying to find your perfect haircut? Hair terminology shouldn’t frighten you, but you should look into some options. Know the basics; and be ready to choose between short layers, a skin fade, buzz cut, or simply do thinning every 3-4 weeks! After reading through our guide you will definitely find your ideal cut, just make sure you get regular cuts & you’ll love the outcome each & every time.

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