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If you’re of a certain age and entering the online dating game, chances are you’re going to come into contact with a single mom or two. Engaging in a relationship with a single mom can, of course, be just as fun as dating any other singleton. However, there is the added twist of them having a son or daughter to look after at the same time.

Single moms have a massive responsibility on their hands that is likely to infringe on a lot of their personal time. Dating a single mom may be fraught with limitations, but it’s worth pulling through for as they can turn out to be worth the effort if you’ve never built a relationship with a single mom before. In that case, you’re probably feeling the pressure to make the extra effort to ensure both you and her are comfortable with the arrangement.

Where to Meet Single Moms

The go-to place to meet single moms, for many, is to visit a single moms dating site. Single moms don’t have much time to get out on the dating scene, so the best place to find the biggest number of single parents is probably the online dating platforms. Dating online is flexible for single moms and can work around their busy schedules.

If you’re heading out with the intent of finding single moms to start dating, you may find it difficult to find them. There’s no guarantee a single mom will have the time to hang around bars and nightclubs, and even then – how can you tell if they’re a single mom or not?

Some recommended places to find single moms are supermarkets, parks, or any other place where moms regularly go – but are any of these places convenient for you to hang around at? It’s best to either set up an online dating account or otherwise wish for luck to bring you a single mom by chance!

According to Wikipedia, moms make up 80% of the entire single parent demographic – so there’s definitely plenty of them out there!

Tip 1 – Make a Father Figure Out of Yourself

If you want the single mom to fall in love with you, you will need to pull your weight with your child or children. Even though the kid is not yours, you’re going to need to act like it is! There’s no point in starting a relationship with a single mom if you are unwilling to spend time with their kids too.

Building a good relationship with her son or daughter is a simple way to strengthen the relationship and make the relationship more appealing in her mind. If she can see that the connection is working, and the son or daughter is not too upset about having this new father figure around, chances are you’ve made the biggest step towards strengthening the relationship.

Be proactive as possible: make sure to ask about the child regularly; arrange dates that center around the kid, such as the cinema; and bring toys and food to prove that you are thinking about them.

If you’re taking this relationship seriously, you’re going to need to mature up and prepare yourself for family life, as your end goal is likely to move in with her and the child.

To make yourself out to be the responsible father you are, you’re going to need to start dressing more maturely.

Tip 2 – Never Complain About Her Busy Schedule

If she has to cancel something due to the child, don’t let yourself down by complaining! Understand that the kid will get in the way, but the best way to deal with that is to prove that you are a responsible parent, willing to take on more responsibility with the child.

You knew what you were getting yourself in for when you started dating her. If you want to date this single mom long-term, you’re going to have to get used to the fact that things will not be as smooth sailing as normal relationships.

Things will come up unexpectedly, and you won’t have the freedom to take her out on dates all the time. Still, you will have time to prove that you are committed to entering into her and her child’s life as a father figure, willing to sacrifice certain aspects of the relationship to ensure its strength and stability.


Dating a single parent is far from easy, and you’re likely to encounter all kinds of pitfalls and drawbacks that you didn’t see coming. The main thing is to grow a stable relationship at this stage and look forward to the freedom you’ll enjoy later on – once the kid has grown up a little bit! Single mom dating should be reserved for those serious about dating, with long-term expectations for the relationship.

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