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If you’re like the majority of men living in the UK, you probably don’t own a wide selection of summer suits; not because you’re unprepared, just that the need for a lightweight linen suit isn’t high on your priority list. If you’re wondering how to approach the summer wedding season in style, read on for more.

Men’s Summer Wedding Suit Inspiration

Whether it’s a tropical beach wedding in the exotic Mauritius Islands or a classic country affair in the Cotswolds, as you begin to approach the latter half of your twenties, the summer wedding invites begin to appear in increasingly frequent numbers.

With summer being the most popular time of year for a wedding, it’s always worth having a couple of quality lightweight men’s summer suits for weddings abroad at your disposal. We’d advise picking up slight variations in each – one designed for some real heat and another for when it’s a little closer to the ‘British summer’ we all know so well: mild, with a high chance of rain.

Men’s Suits for Summer City Weddings

Let’s face it, if you’re attending a wedding in the UK (be it summer or not) the likelihood is that you’re not going to be sweating in temperatures anywhere north of 30 degrees. Bearing this in mind, there’s little point in massively considering material composition as it’s not really needed for a temperate British summer wedding.

The best men’s suits for weddings at home don’t have to be overcomplicated. You’re in the city and will likely be off somewhere reputable, so keep things smart and traditional in a dress suit. Our pick? Go for a navy suit. You just can’t go wrong as they’re one of the best wedding suits around. Paired perfectly with a light pink shirt or the addition of a pink tie, you’ll be looking as stylish as ever.

Men’s Suits for  Summer Country Weddings

British country weddings are becoming increasingly popular with kitsch barn creations and Pinterest-inspired mini-festivals among some of the most popular for the young, millennial and betrothed. While a typical navy or black suit would work just as well, the marginally more casual settings allow for a little more flexibility.

Why not try a bright beige or sand suit instead? With a beige linen suit or a sand suit, formality is maintained while the brighter colour of the suit makes for a more laid back finish. That being said, try not to wear one of these on a rainy day. The combination of a light suit, rain and country mud won’t go down well.

Best Men’s Suits for Weddings Abroad

Men’s Suits for Summer Beach Weddings are a rare, but worthy investment. Getting married abroad may be the dream location for some people, but if you’re not dressed properly you can end up being that one guest who is spending more time tipping sand out of his shoe than complimenting the bride. For a beach wedding, it’s obviously important to stay cool while still looking smart, but to do this, you need to have the right balance.

Men’s linen suits for beach weddings are ideal. Arguably the best summer men’s suits or the best cheap suits for men around, linen will keep you cool and fresh in the heat. Linen suits also have a clean, smart texture that makes it a good choice for formal wear, so you won’t look out of place at the wedding in any way. There are a lot of contributing factors when it comes to deciding on suitable footwear, but anything from espadrilles to loafers will be fine in most cases.

Men’s Suits for Summer City Weddings

Last up – and possibly the most tricky of the lot – is finding a suit for a summer wedding in a foreign city. While the formality levels are the same as any city wedding back home, the heat will be beating down so the battle to keep cool is well and truly on.

We’d advise that you ensure your suit is 100% cotton composition as this will allow for maximum breathability. Linen is also worth considering, but it can be tricky to find one that maintains the same level of formality. Another way of keeping yourself cool is to add a little sun protection in the form of a hat or some sunglasses.

Things to Consider when Buying a Summer Wedding Suit

The Venue

First things first, where is the summer wedding going to be held? If the answer is somewhere exotic, the joyous occasion demands lightweight, breathable fabrics, so remember to give your dark wool suits a miss. The beauty of a classic breathable white linen or cotton suit is that it’s extremely comfortable yet classy at the same time.

Another thing to consider with regards to the location is if there are any legal restrictions on what you can wear in public. For example, Dubai has a dress code based on respect for their culture and religion so there are certain rules such as men not being allowed to wear shorts above the knee – be sure to check this out.

The Time

The time of the wedding is just as important as the location. If it is in the evening, it may be a bit chillier, so you need to take this into consideration while planning what suit to buy. And, vice versa – if it is going to be held during the day, you will be facing the hottest hours of sunshine, so a lightweight suit is a must. Warm feet mean sweaty feet, and sweaty feet is never good, especially at a wedding. Keep your feet cool by choosing lightweight shoes made from breathable materials like suede.

The Weather

If the wedding is being held somewhere like Thailand, be prepared for the likeliness of humidity, whereas with somewhere like the Caribbean it may be drier and breezier. The best advice to give for this would be to research the average temperatures before you start to think about what type of suit you want. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup suit which you can take along with you, just in case.

How to Choose a Summer Wedding Suit

  • As with most summer dressing, the secret lies in choosing the right materials for the correct fit. With suiting, cotton or linen will be your best options.
  • For a city weddingwe always favour the blue suit. Don’t be shy to go without a tie if it’s going to be too hot.
  • For a country weddingtry to avoid wearing a beige or light coloured suit, especially if there’s a chance of rain.
  • For a beach weddinga linen suit is your best bet. Try to wear open toe shoes so that you don’t get sand everywhere.
  • Think about everything from the time and the venue of the wedding and what the weather will be like.

On That Note

This whole summer wedding suit business can be really enjoyable, and unlike weddings in cooler climates where the standard dark wool suits are customary, this can be a chance for you to show off your personality. Remember, when choosing and styling your perfect summer suit or lightweight suit for weddings abroad, it’s important to be aware of the exact location, weather and dress code. If you’re not the star of the show, rather than attempting to steal attention away from the bride and groom, you want to look dapper and well-dressed, as well as understated and above all comfortable. After all, social etiquette and good manners are fundamental components of the modern gentleman. Check out our best summer suits for men.

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