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Italians know how to wear a suit, and trust us when we say they do it well. Check out this guide on the best men’s Italian fashion to get style ideas and develop your own version of some of the most stylish men in the world.

It’s fair to say that the Italians know how to dress. For decades they have been the style leaders amongst us all, setting some of the world’s biggest trends and styling them out with their own individual flare.

Many of us are familiar with Pitti Uomo, the four-day trade show that takes place in the beautiful Florence, where brands and designers showcase their latest collections for the buyer’s of the fashion world to have a look at. Pitti always brings out some of the most stylish street style images that we have seen, and we thought we’d give you a little guide on how to dress the Italian way – an Italian Job, if I do say so myself.

Italian Style History

The Italians simply know how to dress, and I can only wonder how some of them do it. Italy is a nation that prides itself on being one of the most fashionable, and the different regions within Italy all have their own take on it; a north and south divide. For instance, the Sicilians channel their heritage of the working classes and fishing communities, and designers such as Dolce & Gabbana channel this through their designs of dark tailoring and prints which feature heavily in their collections.

Since 1972 Pitti Uomo has drawn in some of the most fashionable men on the planet to the bi-annual event. As trends come and go, the men of Pitti always seem to capture the classic style that Italy is known for.

Classic Tailoring

Men’s Italian clothing orbits around the suit. The one you can always rely on with the Italians is that they are well tailored up to the nines. Men in Italy seem to know how to get it when it comes to a well-tailored look.

A well-tailored suit is always going to look good no matter what the season is, so, take a little influence from the Italians as they can take a bog standard suit and give it their own little flare to make it their own.

One key trend that we keep seeing amongst the Italian tailoring is a beige or stone coloured suit. Beige is such a versatile colour, especially when we move into spring/summer, as it is the epitome of the seasons’ style and colour pallet. Try wearing this suit with a blue shirt as these colours really work well together. Teamed them with a pair of brown brogues for that smarter appearance and Italian edge. Make this look your own by adding a pocket square – make sure that the pocket square is the same colour as your shirt so that it ties the whole look together with ease.

Colour Scheme

When it comes to colour schemes for the Italians, we keep seeing the same ones occurring. They stick to a minimal pallet allowing them to really hone their style and stick to what they know. Loud colour and pattern seem to be no-go areas as they like to style classic colours and styles. Here are some of the colours that the Italians love to go by.


A classic colour works no matter what the season. Navy plays a massive role in the Italian style. Classic and versatile, it doesn’t get much better than that. To steal this style, go for an all navy suit, or, match a navy blazer with a pair of grey tailored trousers.


Black is a classic colour! No matter what season or where you are in the world, black has the ability to take you from day right through to the evening as its versatility is what makes it such a great colour. When wearing all black, try to mix up the textures, for example, if you’re wearing black jeans and a black T-shirt, bulk it up with a detailed leather jacket. Wear an all-black look for the ultimate in understated style and casualness.


Grey is an all-around favourite shade and it has become a leading colour within the menswear world. Taking us all year round, grey works during the summer and winter seasons. It’s a mutual colour that works wonders for a monochrome look. The colour is easy to style, and even easier to pull off.


Probably a staple item of clothing for any man, the blazer has seen its fair share of remakes and models over the years. The Italians, however, like to mix things up a little bit by reworking the shape and style of the classic blazer. The Italians know how to work a blazer no matter what the season.

A classically cut and slim-fitting blazer makes for the perfect accompaniment to your everyday wardrobe. Team it with a black roll-neck jumper and a pair of more formal shoes, such as brogues or loafers, and you can have a smart outfit perfect for work or the evening.

A blazer is a perfect wardrobe essential when it comes to the warmer months. Worn with a pair of flannel trousers, a white button shirt and a pair of tasselled loafers, you can have a different and stylish look this, and every season.

Italian Street Style


The key to Italian men’s fashion is accessorising. Do it well but try not to go overboard. A lot of men make this mistake when they choose to add a little something to their outfit, and it can come across like they’re trying to re-live their youth or have raided their teenage son’s wardrobe. This is a look we want to avoid lads. Take a tip from the Italians – they know their style and what works for them and they know how to wear it. Don’t go overboard with pattern and colour, keep it simple and keep it stylish.


A scarf is a great way of introducing colour and texture to your look. They can be tied a number of different ways to tie them, so check out our Six Ways To Tie Your Scarf piece to know how to knot properly. The colour of your scarf doesn’t necessarily matter, as it can be totally separate from your look – this adds colour and detail rather than blending in with your outfit.


Many men don’t like or feel the need to wear a watch, but if you do like to wear something on your wrist then a bracelet may be the way forward for you. The Italians like to add their own twist to their looks and bracelets have become normal for men to wear. We’re not suggesting you go all out – the minimal pieces are usually the best. Less is more.

It’s up to you how many you like to slap on your wrist, but personally, we think that one or two maximum is perfectly sufficient to get some colour and detail across. Some of you are gold people and others are silver, but you can add texture and detail to your look with your bracelet, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive one at that either.

Pocket Squares

A pocket square is a classic and timeless way to add detail to your look. Simply folding a colourful or detailed pocket square into your top pocket adds no end of style to your outfit, and it draws the eye to it making people focus on your look.

If you’re wearing a tie with your look then try and match the pocket square to your tie, as this will tie the whole look together (pun intended). If not, then the world of pocket squares is your oyster as you can go as loud and as colourful as you like.


The Italians are known for showing off a little more than we are, in a good way of course. Subtlety isn’t a word that’s best described for the Italians and that’s why I love them. A certain essence of ‘who cares’ is what makes them so confident in their own style.

A watch is a very personal thing. It shows off an unbelievable amount of personality and practicality in one small timepiece. The Italians, however, like to show off their wrist candy with large and sometimes blingy watches. However, the great thing about this is that they always stick to classic and timeless designs, but just a little bigger is all.

For a classic look to your wrist wear then why not try a silver watch? A classic silver watch will be one very versatile accessory for this season and every other. Try wearing it with a black slim fit suit and a black roll neck jumper for a classic and stylish edge. It’s perfect for this season and a great transitional look from work to the evening.

If you’re after something a little different then why not try a watch with a black face. The black face will make it a little different from the rest; still keeping its classic roots yet giving you extra detail and edge to your look.

The Best Men’s Italian Fashion

  • Make sure that your suits and colour schemes are on point. Go for classic shades of black, navy, grey and beige suits to nail this style.
  • Navy, cream, black and grey are your go-to colours. A crisp white shirt will go with every suit you want to wear.
  • Pay attention to accessories such as scarves and more importantly, watches. Even wearing men’s bracelets will give your outfit more detail.
  • When it comes to shoesagain, stick to classics. Oxfords, brogues and loafers in black are a must-have for every man.

On That Note

The Italians know how to dress, and we take a few tips and tricks from them. We love it when someone can make an outfit their own with a few simple tweaks and you can clearly see that with Italian street style. Colour plays a massive role in the Italian way of dressing. Although the colours are more subtle and subdued, they can still make an impact. Navy, for instance, can be worn casually or formally – it can work no matter what the situation. Cream may not be a colour that you’d first go for, but hear me out. When the summer heat likes to be at its highest, nothing will be better than a lighter suit to keep you cool. Accessorising may not be every man’s go-to when it comes to dressing, but it’s a great way to introduce colour and texture to your look. Try adding a scarf or a bracelet for something a little different, or you can keep it classic with a timeless watch. Either way, the choice is yours, but if you do get stuck for inspiration, just take a look at what the Italians are doing – they seem to have it cracked.

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