How to DIY Bike Rack From Old Bicycle Frame

Cycling is often preferred over other transportation modes by any health-conscious person. The growing awareness about environmental issues has also made many of us go for bicycles; however, finding the right storage solution for your bicycle indoors in small homes or apartments can be a challenging task.

If you are looking for a sleek and affordable way to store your bike indoors, then wall-mounted bike racks are the best solution for you. But instead of spending extra dollars on expensive bike storage units, you can make your own bike rack using an old bicycle frame, as the Instructables user Raitis Gocentas did. The project will require metal tools and moderate DIY experience.

He has used retired stainless steel bikes rescued from his friends for the project. The creative process started by removing the paint from a bike frame and cutting it into the main hanger element. The top tube of a bike rack is flattened into a curvy hook on which the bike is hung.

All the parts cut from old bike frames are brilliantly fixed onto a solid wood base that mounts on the wall. The hook is then covered with clear vinyl so that it doesn’t scratch the bike.

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It is a strong yet stylish bike rack with enough capacity to hold the weight of small or large bikes. It looks interesting even when there is no bike suspended over it.

This DIY wall-mounted bike rack will make your ride an element of your home décor besides being a conveyance. All those lazy commuters who don’t want to get their hands dirty can buy a variety of readymade wall bike racks from Amazon.

But if you are a DIY enthusiast, then you can follow the detailed instructions of the project on Instructables. You can also get inspired by our huge list of bike storage ideas for small spaces.

diy bike storage rack for wall mount using old bike frame_2
Image: Instructables/Raitis
diy bike storage rack for wall mount using old bike frame_2
Image: Instructables/Raitis

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