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You’ve been dropping all your best lines on your latest Tinder match and after a few weeks of text tennis you’re finally meeting up. But whether you’re planning a stroll along the Thames followed by a few quiet drinks in a swanky bar, or wiping the floor with her at bowling and then gazing into her eyes while you both devour burgers, getting your outfit right should be your number one priority.

So to help you with any clothing conundrums you might be facing ahead of your first date, we’re going to break down the various aspects of an ideal outfit with some suggestions to hopefully suit all eventualities.

1. Grooming

Before you even start thinking about putting on clothes it’s imperative to nail your grooming routine. This means your teeth – and tongue – should be brushed, your finger nails should be clean, you hair should be washed and your beard should be shaved or tidied. This isn’t the time to attempt wet shaving if you haven’t before; an unsightly red raw face isn’t what you want her to be drawn to when she first lays eyes on you. The same goes for cologne: don’t over do it; a couple of sprays on your neck and chest is more than enough.

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2. Jackets

Whether you’re dating in the height of summer or in the middle of the bleak mid-winter, a jacket is an excellent and easy way to bring an outfit together, while showing your date you know what you’re doing in the clothing department. It’s also ideal for those moments when your date gets ‘chilly’ and you lend your coat, leaving you shivering to death in just a shirt.

If your date leans more towards the casual side, an understated leather or wool bomber jacket is a great choice, while a wool pea coat is your best bet if it’s more of a formal affair. Buy Here

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3. Tops

Whatever you do, don’t consider reaching for that garish floral shirt at the back of your wardrobe. A first date – or any date for that matter – is not the time to showcase your most outlandish attire. For the top half of your first date outfit you want to keep things simple, classic and understated. We’re not saying dress yourself from head-to-toe in grey and navy, but we’re not suggesting you sport a neon yellow polo shirt either, as you’ll just end up looking like an enormous tennis ball. Not a good look – even during Wimbledon.

Instead, go with a fail-safe light blue Oxford shirt, which can be worn buttoned up to the top with slim fit dark denim jeans or a pair to tailored trousers if you’re going for a slap up meal. Alternatively, loosely layer the Oxford shirt over a grey T-shirt and throw on some rolled up navy chinos if the first date activities are more casual. Buy Here

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4. Trousers

Like finger nails and shoes, trousers are another thing that girls will often take note of – so it’s worth getting them right. Generally speaking, as long as they’re dark and slim fitting you can’t go far wrong. If jeans are suitable attire for your date, go for a slim fit pair in raw indigo and they’ll look slick with practically anything you team with them. Alternatively, a pair of navy slim fit chinos are a timeless option when worn with a simple sweat and some fresh canvas trainers. Buy Here

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5. Footwear

As we’ve mentioned already, men’s shoes are a big deal for the opposite sex. We’re not sure what it is, but getting them wrong could start you off on a bad foot – literally. If there’s one thing to remember with footwear – and with all aspects of your first date outfit, for that matter – is to keep it classic. Depending on the formality of your date, either a pair of desert boots, brogue boots, loafers, or clean and simple canvas trainers are all guaranteed winners. Buy Here

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6. Accessories

Less is always more on the first date – especially when it comes to accessories. Aside from a good quality brown or black leather wallet, the only other accessory you should really consider sporting is a decent watch. Opt for something timeless and elegant with a simple face and strap. Stay clear of flashy rings, necklaces and bracelets as you’ll find your date spends more time looking at them and less time listening to you. Buy Here

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