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Want to know how to dress like one of the worlds best male models? Then check out this guide on how to dress like David Gandy for all you need to know.

Ah, David Gandy, a model that burst onto the scene in 2007 in a Dolce & Gabanna advert and hasn’t left the fashion world since. As a man who personifies the word dapper and is never caught looking scruffy or ill-dressed, he’s someone that many men are now modelling their outfits on.

He’s a man that knows his own style and how to pull it off with enviable ease. He’s a lover of a classic, well tailored suit and simply stylish pieces.

The Three-Piece Suit, With a Twist

Rather than opting for a three-piece suit that’s all in the same colour, Gandy gives his a distinguished edge by mixing and matching the items. However, this is no mean feat and isn’t something to be taken lightly. Achieving this look requires great consideration as to what materials, colours and tones to pair up.

As a rule, always try to match the same types of materials, like tweeds and cottons and when using a bold colour for one of the items use lighter colours like beige or grey to complement this. Think black trouser, white waistcoat and grey tweed jacket.

Brown, Brown and more Brown

Gandy has recently been seen sporting a rather handsome brown suede bomber jacket. A classic and modern piece to have in your wardrobe at all times, it emulates style and a sort of gentlemanly air. We have a cracking brown suede bomber jacket, giving you a classic and stylish look this season without fail.

A Refined Leather Jacket for a Gentleman

Leather jackets aren’t just something to be thrown on when you can’t be bothered to think of an outfit; instead they can be an incredibly powerful accessory that can finish your look perfectly. Just make sure the jacket fits your body shape and hugs you in all the right places; that way you can wear it as an alternative to a blazer or underneath another coat.

Choose a jacket that complements you, whether this is a trendy biker jacket or a fashionable bomber jacket. Schott is an American brand that have perfected the art of making a cracking leather jacket – why not try their classic Perfecto biker jacket for an all round classic look.

david gandy leather jacket outfit collage

Hats Off to Gandy

Another way David Gandy gives his outfit (casual or smart) an iconic twist is by adding headwear, such as a trilby or flat cap. Never would he lower himself to a baseball cap but with the use of these smarter hats he gives a finishing touch to both suits and casual attire, like jeans and a leather jacket. They ooze sophistication and are even better if you’re having a bad hair day!

david gandy hat outfit grid

Tuck it in lads!

We appreciate that David Gandy has had to work hard to get that washboard stomach, but if you’re fortunate enough to have a slim and trim figure like him, then tucking in your shirt is a must. By tucking in a plain t-shirt, Gandy achieves a smart-casual look that just gives so much more scope for your wardrobe.

Choosing black, white and grey t-shirts with either smart trousers or jeans and a high quality blazer, he looks ready to do anything, from going to the races to wining and dining his lucky lady.

And On That Note

Well, we can certainly all learn something from David Gandy, he’s a man who has his finger on the pulse when it comes to his style. He knows what suits him and sticks with it, however, he isn’t afraid of experimenting every now and then.

Go for a classic three piece suit in grey or black to really emulate this very stylish model. The fit is key whenever you’re buying something like a suit, as you don’t want it to be too tight, nor do you want it to be too baggy. The important thing to do is get measured and you’ll be emulating the model in no time.

The great thing about Gandy is that he knows how to keep it casual. Pairing a simple tee and jeans is the way forward for most men, so it won’t be tricky pulling off this look in no time at all.

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